Demo Foil Drive Assist Gen2 Slim

This unit has been used 2 times for demo and is in like-new condition.  We can send photos upon request.  email or call us directly for more information. The Foil...

This unit has been used 2 times for demo and is in like-new condition.  We can send photos upon request.  email or call us directly for more information. 

The Foil Drive Assist Slim is perfectly suited to those just looking for an extra boost to get on foil or to ride smaller boards and foils. The Assist Slim is not suitable for prolongated periods of motor assisted riding, it simply provides the boost to get up on foil and ride more. Advanced Surf and Downwind riders will love the low profile and weight but will need to be very disciplined on the throttle usage. Wing foilers simple do not need the run time usually and will also appreciate the low profile and weight. 

We have all version 2 pods in stock for the most part so just contact us and let us know what pod you want us to include with your kit.

The Foil Drive Slim Endurance Battery is the larger SLIM battery with 241 Wh capacity. The Endurance Battery is great for those who're wanting to lengthen their runtime with the Assist Slim, however due to the lower voltage this battery doesn't not provide the same level of thrust and over all ride experience as the Slim Performance Battery.

The Slim Endurance Battery is the only Gen 2 battery that runs on a 28 V system, this means you must use the 28V Standard Charger 4A with this battery.

As with all Gen 2 Foil Drive batteries, the Slim Endurance Battery is certified IP68 rated for increased protection and peace of mind against water and dust.

The single power plug contains larger connectors that provide power to the Foil Drive unit and smaller connectors for charging the battery. The included dust cap provides extra protection during storage & transport.

Only compatible with Foil Drive Assist Slim.

Slim Endurance Battery will be available early 2024.

The kit includes everything you need to turn your existing foil and board into an electric assisted foiling machine! 

Simply choose your desired:

If you are looking for an integrated mast with your Assist Slim see these listings

  • Assist Slim x Project Cedrus Integrated Mast
  • Assist Slim x AXIS Integrated Mast

Max Thrust: 25.5kg (56.2lbs)
Weight Range: 2.3-2.8 (5.0-6.1lbs)
Dimensions with Longer C Battery: L510 x W250 x H35mm
Dimensions with Short D Battery: L415 x W250 x H50mm
App compatibility: Foil Drive app, Android and IOS

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