Lift Foil's High Aspect 170 Front Wing Only

Lift Foil's High Aspect 170 Front Wing Only Lead Times from LIFT are one to three weeks. We keep this wing in stock! Houston Kiteboarding Thoughts:The 170 high aspect has...

Lift Foil's High Aspect 170 Front Wing Only

Lead Times from LIFT are one to three weeks. We keep this wing in stock!

Houston Kiteboarding Thoughts:
The 170 high aspect has been on of our shop favorites for prone surfing and wing foiling in the surf.  It is a great wing for riders looking to pump and maximum efficiency.  The 120, 170, 200 high aspect can be split up by rider weight.  If you're under 150lbs the 120 is the most efficient pumping and surfing wing, if you're between 150-175lbs the 170 high aspect is best.  Over 175lbs go with the 200 high aspect or the 250 high aspect if you're 200lbs+.  There is some wiggle room on these numbers and everything is dependent on skill.  If you down size outside the weight range what you will feel is more speed (for bigger waves) and more dynamic stability.  Same if you go bigger than you need, it will be slower (smaller waves) and less stable.  You can always call us for advice on these...we know them all and have everything in stock.  The Lift High Aspect are our FAVORITE high performance wings on the cannot go wrong with Lift. 

What Lift Has to Say:


If you are looking for the best efficiency of any wing on the market with that signature Lift speed and maneuverability, look no further. Our High Aspect lineup has made its mark on foil riders of all kinds – surf, sail, wake, and eFoil. Lift's High Aspect Series front wings are ultra-tuned for performance, so we encourage entry-level riders to start with the Surf Series front wing lineup.

The 170 High Aspect Front Wing is the little brother of the 200 High Aspect, but with more speed and more efficiency. This wing demands a little bit of practice, but will be your absolute favorite for all disciplines. It’s fast, it turns, and it pumps as if you had a motor below your board (also available).

For eFoiling, the 170 High Aspect Front Wing offers top efficiency and runs pretty quick. It certainly takes some practice, but is extremely gratifying when you become familiar with it. Definitely a shop favorite.

The 170 High Aspect Front Wing comes with our premium wing bag, for protection and easy transport. Back wings sold separately.


  • Aspect Ratio: 8.1
  • Surface Area: 170 in2 / 1095 cm2
  • Wingspan: 37"

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