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Houston Kiteboarding is one of the largest kiteboarding and hydrofoiling schools and retailers in the USA.  We love anything wind-powered and everything involving hydrofoils including, kite, wake, windsurf, and surfing hydrofoils as well as efoils.

Born out of a passion for watersports starting in 1999 we have been committed to excellent customer service and the best lessons in the business.  We are professionals dedicated to getting you riding and getting you riding better.  From your first minutes on a trainer kite to those amazing few seconds of your first ride, the crew at Houston Kiteboarding will be there making sure you're learning safe, effective techniques. And we're pretty sure you'll be having fun while you're doing it...

If you're already riding that's great! Give us a call and we'll meet you out at the beach or at our store. With a great core group of local riders, you'll find yourself amongst them in no time. With the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, flat water and consistent winds as your backdrop, there are no bad days. Bring the family down, there's plenty to do at all our shops.  Riding goes on here all year round. Winters do bring cooler temperatures but the north fronts rolling through more than make up with wind what they take from the heat index.

Houston Kiteboarding is unmatched in experience and expertise when it comes to kiteboarding, and if the last 13 years have been any indication, the sport is only going to continue to grow. Let us know if there's something you're looking for that you don't see on our site, or feel free to call us if you've got any questions. We truly appreciate all of the customers that have supported us over the years, and we look forward to seeing you on the water!

Directions to our store

Houston Kiteboarding
524 9th Ave N
Texas City, TX 77590
Call 281-508-6485 for Houston kiteboarding lessons

Frequently Asked Kiteboarding Questions

Welcome to Houston Kiteboarding. We have been in kiteboarding since the beginning. We can help you sort through the hype and get you on the gear that will get you riding the fastest and easiest. Kiteboarding has come a long way, but doesn't need to be complicated. We are experts in Cabrinha, Flexifoil, Slingshot, Ozone, Flysurfer, RRD, Elevate, Duotone, Core, North, Ocean Rodeo, and Liquid Force. We know harnesses like the Ocean Rodeo Session or the new Mystic Waist harnesses, as well as a full line of Dakine and Cabrinha harnesses. We also are dry-suit experts, don't let the cold weather hold you back when the wind is blowing get out and get wet! We have all the new kites and boards in-stock and carry one of the largest inventories in the nation.

What do you need to kiteboard?
All you need for kiteboarding is a complete kite, a complete board, and a harness. Complete kite means it includes the kite, control bar, lines, pump, a bag to carry it all, and little accessories like an owner's manual and a repair kit. Complete board means it includes fins, footstraps, footpads, and a grab handle.

Sometimes you see kites priced as "kite only" in case you already have a control bar and lines. It is usually best to buy a kite complete with the manufacturer's recommended control bar. This makes sure that the bar is the right size and that all of the Kite safety features built into the bar and kite will work properly together. Another reason is simply for convenience. It is nice to have a bar for each kite you own so you don't have to disconnect a bar from one kite to hook it to another. With a couple simple tricks, you can leave your bar and lines connected to your kite to make setup quicker and maximize your riding time.

What accessories do you need?
A floatation vest is highly recommended for comfort and safety. Floatation helps you when you are getting started in the water, getting going again after crashing, or taking a rest to adjust anything. It beats having to tread water while trying to relaunch your kite. A float vest also gives impact protection when you crash hard. Some thinner more streamlined vests are called impact vests. They are thinner and more form fitting than floatation vests or life jackets but give less floatation and ironically less impact protection. A helmet is another highly recommended accessory that can save your life or at least reduce your head injuries if you hit your head on a hard object. A board leash can be a convenience but can also add risk of the board hitting you as it tags along right behind you during a crash. A leash is not really necessary, because with proper bodydragging technique, you can drag yourself upwind to retrieve your board. A windmeter is a useful tool to prevent putting up your kite in more wind than you can safely handle. There are expensive electronic ones on the market, but we prefer simple $20 ones because they work just as well, don't need batteries, and are the most durable.

What types of kites are used for kiteboarding?
The 4-line inflatable kite has been the standard for several years now. Kiteboarding started with two-line inflatable kites which could be converted to 4-line, and then dedicated 4-line kites became the standard. 5-line kites are just a 4-line kite with an extra line to help relaunching. A 5th line can be added to any kite. Some kites have special design features which let the kite relaunch well without the addition of an extra line.

Fact vs. Fiction

Q: Can you go upwind?
A: Yes we can. You will too after a bit of practice. Once your riding progresses to the point where you can smoothly ride across the water without losing your edge and slipping sideways, all it takes is having enough kite power and a big enough board. A common mistake is trying to ride a wakeboard.

Q: Can I use a wakeboard?
A: A wakeboard will ride fine for an experienced rider, but is too small to learn on and just won't go upwind well. For learning, you really need a bigger board. Besides being easier to learn on, you will need a bigger board for light wind no matter how experienced you become. So you never outgrow a bigger board.

Q: How much wind do you need?
A: 10mph is enough to ride and do little jumps. With experience, you can ride in a little less wind, but it is easier and more fun with better winds. Twelve to twenty is ideal. With a high-performance light-wind kite and big board you can still stay upwind and cruise in about 8mph. 6 mph is probably the lightest possible wind to ride in. Any less than that and kites just fall out of the sky.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: With our package deals, you can get a complete top-quality kite and board setup for under $1200. The most you can spend for the newest, highest performance gear is $2400.

Q: What does "complete" kite mean?
A: It means the kite plus the control bar and lines, pump, bag, and repair kit. Some places try to give the impression of low prices by advertising the 'kite only' price, and make you buy everything else you need separately.

Q: And what makes a board 'complete'?
A: A complete board includes footpads, footstraps, fins, and grab handle.

Return Policy
Returns & Exchanges

Return Policy:

We believe in offering the Very Best ...Value, Quality and Selection. You may return unused items for exchange or store credit at any time. If a customer wishes to recieve a cash refund for the product purchased a 25% restocking fee will be applied. Please include a copy of the receipt along with the unused product and original packaging. Any items deemed defective by our return center can only be returned or exchanged within 30 days from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to not accept used items within this time period based on the item's condition. For any item purchased through the Internet please follow the Return or Exchange directions below.

To Return or Exchange an item by Mail:

1. Using the invoice you received with your item, indicate on the quantity and reason for each return item next to the item listing. Also indicate exchange or additional order items.

2. Box the item securely. The original invoice is required. Enclose the invoice plus all original packaging and accessories.

3. Address your package by using the return address on your original packaging.

4. We will issue a store credit for the cost of the item and the sales tax, if applicable. Shipping charges are not refundable, and shipping will be charged for the new items(s) sent.

Special & Custom Order Items:

You may change or cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it. After 24 hours, production of your custom order begins, so we cannot make changes. Changes or cancellations cannot be made on "rush" orders because production starts immediately.

Other Return Information

Special & Custom Order Items: If we made an error on your order we will fix the order immediately at no charge to you. If you made an error in your order, unfortunately we cannot issue a return or refund because we are unable to recover our cost on special order items. We do our best to minimize the chance for errors by helping you collect the necessary information to process your order.

Problems With Your Order

I Didn't Get All Of My Items - If items are shipped seperately by us on muli-item purchases, you will not incur additional shipping charges for the split shipment. The invoice enclosed with your order indicates which items shipped. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.

My Order Didn't Arrive - Orders shipped through Federal Express or UPS can be tracked. To access tracking information about your order go to Track My Order. For orders shipped through United States Postal Service or through Freight, please allow up to ten business days for your order to arrive.

An Item Is Damaged or Defective - Your satisfaction is our number one priority and if an item does not meet your expectations, simply return it to us. You can mail most items back by using the return address on the invoice enclosed with your order. You will be refunded for the cost of the item and sales tax if applicable. 

Ordering Information 

Order by Phone, E-Mail, or Internet. 281-508-6485, sales@houstonkiteboarding.com
Payment methods: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, Novus credit cards; check or money order payable in US funds, and PayPal. 

We take great care to ensure the accuracy of all information online. We reserve the right to make corrections if an error does occur. 

Customer Service

Please email us or call 281-508-6485 for service information on your order.

Delivery Outside the 48 Contiguous States 

Call 281-508-6485 anytime for delivery charge information to Alaska, Hawaii and international shipments. 
All applicable duties and taxes will be paid by the package recipient of international shipments. 
Bongo international shipping service, get your own US shipping address to cut shipping costs in half. Click below for more information 

Need It NOW! Delivery Service

For next business day delivery, call 281-508-6485 or email sales@houstonkiteboarding.com anytime for information based on your service needs and product selection. We will make every effort to satisfy your delivery requests. 

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