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Slingshot Surf Sleeve Classic

The Houston Kiteboarding Team Says: These Slingshot board bags are AWESOME!! Surf Sleeve Classic Padded surf board bag designed for classic surfboard shapes.  The tail end is collapsible, held closed...
North KiteboardingSurf Boards

North Cross Surf Board

FINS SOLD SEPERATELY    Skate the Surf A smooth carving, super comfortable all-round freeride board that blends the line effortlessly between surf and strapless freestyle. Lively and responsive, with effortless...
$1,099.00 $879.00
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Slingshot Burner Surfboard V1 2023

Versatility / Freeride / Surf Package Includes: Burner XR V1 board FCSII Reactor Tri-Fin set up Looking for a board that has a playful fun feel and can optimize any...
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Slingshot Impact V1 Surfboard 2023

Carve / Performance / Surf Package Includes: Impact XR V1 board FCSII Reactor Tri-Fin set up Our new Impact kite surfboard is a full-power, pedal-to-the-metal board, built to shred a...
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North Charge Kite Surfboard - 2022

2022 North Charge Kite Surfboard PERFORMANCE SURF **Fins are sold separately** Includes: Board with EVA Deckpad, Leash Attachment Loop Sizes: 5'5" / 5'7" / 5'9" / 5'11" A fast, dedicated...
$1,149.00 $919.00
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2022 North Hexcel Coremat Fins

Includes: 3 Fins, Fin Key, 6 Grub Screws Sizes: M, L Lightweight hexagonal-core thruster fins are designed to maintain the flex characteristics of a glass fin with optimum strength to...
DuotoneSurf Boards

2022 Duotone Fish SLS Kite-Surfboard

The Fish SLS has quickly become one of our best-selling boards - everyone who rides it falls in love. Designed by Duotone shaper Sky Solbach, the board is designed to...
NobileSplit Travel Twin Tip Kiteboards

Nobile Infinity Split Surf 5'6" 2021

Redesigned, improved, lighter, stiffer, tougher, and yet still retaining the magic qualities that everyone loves about this high-performance wave board! The Nobile Split Connection (NSC) system allows for ease of...
Bags and TravelSurf Boards

Mystic Star Surf Bag

Material PVC coated 420D Polyester Feature 4mm padding Feature Expandable fin compartment Feature Reinforced fin areas Feature Basic shoulder strap (detachable) Feature Carry handles
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Slingshot Celero FR Surf Board 2019

CLASSIC ROCK The Celero FR is like your favorite pair of jeans - comfortable, reliable and versatile. They never go out of style, never let you down and you trust...
$899.00 $549.00
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Slingshot Mixer XR 5'8" DS

Only available for drop ship  Call (281) 508-6485 for more questions  
$1,109.99 $575.00
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2023 North Cross Surfboard

2023 North Cross Surfboard Your one-board quiver. Light and fast with an immediate edgy and responsive feel, the Cross lets you drive effortlessly upwind, carve a tight turn or smack...
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2023 North Charge Surfboard

2023 North Charge Surfboard **North Fins are sold separately** From North: Developed for surfing. Engineered for kitesurfing. Smooth and powerful down the line, turning hard in the pocket and releasing...
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2023 Slingshot Burner XR V1

Burner XR V1 board FCSII Reactor Tri-Fin set up Looking for a board that has a playful fun feel and can optimize any condition? Introducing the all new Burner. The...
$1,233.00 $1,109.00

2022 F-One Shadow Surf Board

The SHADOW offers the most authentic surfboard feeling possible, from small to big waves. Highly reactive wave specialist Agile and direct Incredibly balanced and intuitive Perfect mix of speed and...
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Soft Surfboard EZ-Slider 8.0"

EZ-Slider Soft Surfboard, FSE Series. The 8ft FSE Foamie Soft Surfboard is a Classic LongBoard Shape. Dims 8’ x 21.5” x 3” Weigh 13.4lbs, Vol. 80lts.  Designed for novice riders up to...