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Hats/HelmetsKiteboarding Accessories

WIP Water Protection - Gust Evo Polarized Sunglasses - Forward

WIP Water Protection Gust Evo Polarized Sunglasses  What HKC has to say:  These sunglasses are both stylish and cover your face well from the sun. They come with a built in...
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Forward WIP Sunglasses - Gust Aero Polarized Sunglasses Black with White Logo - Large

Core KiteboardingKiteboarding Accessories


THE NO STRAIN KITE PUMP WITH UNIQUE SAND GUARD FILTER The CORE Pump 2.0 is re-invented! Although our shiny new black pump features a longer barrel, ergonomic hand grips, a...
Kiteboarding AccessoriesWIP Water Protection - Forward

WIP Water Protection - Hydration Bag 1.5 liters - Forward

Stay well hydrated without losing performance!  This item allows you to insert inside your vest's upper back 1.5L in an optimized Camelpack. A neoprene cover, which locks with velcro, protects the water bag....
Kiteboarding AccessoriesRide Engine

Ride Engine Freestyle Kite Leash Black

When you need a longer, freestyle-length leash in order to swap the bar, spin the body, or unhook for freedom, the RE Freestyle Kite Leash has you securely covered. Features...
Kiteboarding AccessoriesRide Engine

Ride Engine Short Kite Leash Black

When you are more focused on racing down the next section of the wave, perfecting your 360 tack on a foil or just have no interest in unhooked maneuvers, you...
FoilMountKiteboard Accessories

G10 40mm Kiteboard Fins set of 4 with hardware

These are new 40mm G10 kiteboarding fins.  The mounting bolts are M6 and 1.5" from bolt center to center.
Kiteboarding Accessories

North Short Kiteboarding Leash Replacement

Simple, clean and compact Ideal for hooked-in riding, the standard sized leash is included with all Navigator Control Systems. Featuring a premium quality non-abrasive elasticized webbing outer and neoprene cover...
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Mystic Kite Leash Short

Mystic Kite Leash Short   Description   A shorter safety leash designed for freeride and wave performance – for riders who aren't unhooking, this leash won't get in your way...
KiteboardingKiteboarding Accessories

Dakine Kite Leash Shorty

Dakine Kite Leash Shorty. Short leash with standard push away release. If you like minimal and functional, this is the leash for you. Clean, simple, and easy to use if...
Bar PartsKiteboarding Accessories

North Standard Freeride Loop With Finger

  Included with Control System North offers five Toolless Harness Loops, each ideally suited to a different style of riding. The Standard Freeride Loop (included with the Control System) is...
CanoesEfoil Accessories

Ride Engine Expedition Tie Down Narrow

Do your travel plans include planes, vans, trucks, cars, boats to outer reefs, etc? Then you need the Trip Tie Down Straps.Lightweight for travel, but bombproof for the securing of...
Efoil AccessoriesFoil Accessories

Mystic DTS Fannypack

These have a pink hue to them.  Mystic DTS Fannypack For day trips and nights out, the new Dark Tech Series Fannypack is completely waterproof and will keep up to...
$40.00 $29.00
Gift Ideas for the KiteboarderGift Ideas for the Wing Foiler

Mystic Rash Gloves - Black

Mystic Rash Glove These are great for sun protection and help your hands on your bar when you are riding all day long. The color is not right in photo; it's...
Kiteboard AccessoriesKiteboarding Accessories

Slingshot Board handle

Board handle with bolts for slingshot boards
CanoesEfoil Accessories

NSI Stick-on Leash Loop

NSI stick-on loop leash - One piece. This item attached to any smooth surface and sticks with incredible ferocity due to the 3M VHB sticky back pad.Great for: • SUP•...
Kiteboarding Accessories

2022 North Long Freestyle Loop

DETAILS NO SECURITY FINGER Advanced Riders Only.   INCLUDES FREESTYLE LEASH RING The Freestyle Leash ring is only compatible with the Standard Freestyle and Long Freestyle Loops. It is not...
Kiteboarding AccessoriesPumps

Bravo 20-2 Kite / Electric SUP / Inflatable Pump

Scoprega’s Bravo 20-2 electric pump is a newly upgraded model for 2019 that features a larger dual motor for faster and more efficient inflation of inflatable paddle boards, boats, kayaks,...
Hats/HelmetsKiteboarding Accessories

WIP Water Protection Flying Mask 2.0 - Forward Wip

WIP Water Protection Flying Mask 2.0 - Forward  What HKC Has to Say:   These things are awesome. From Fit to how cool you look when wearing them. They scream lets...
Hats/HelmetsKiteboarding Accessories

WIP Water Protection - Wingy Sunglasses

Monolens High Vision Category 3 lens>For use in nautical environments Modern design>for a perfect style Lightweight materials>does not press on the nose Curved temples>for a secure fit Size L
Kiteboard AccessoriesKiteboard Fins

Core Kiteboarding Equalizer Fins 48mm

48MM G10 Cutback Replacement Set of 4 Fins for Core Kiteboards  Comes with:  4 Qty - Equalizer Fins  4 Qty - Washers  4 Qty - Screws 
Kiteboard FinsKiteboarding Accessories

North Hexcel Coremat Finset

Lightweight hexagonal-core thruster fins are designed to maintain the flex characteristics of a glass fin with optimum strength to weight ratio. The custom fin base shape means no infills are...
Kiteboarding AccessoriesOn Sale Kite

HiLo Kite / SUP Pump - Aeolian

These hilo pumps make it easy to pump large volume or high pressure by switching the mode on the base. You can pump your kiteboarding kite to 3psi quickly with...
$139.00 $89.00
ArmstrongFoil Accessories

Armstrong Waist/ Knee / Ankle Leash

Waist leashes are perfect for Wing Foiling - keeping the arms free to Fly. SUP racing is drag free and downwind or small wave foiling as there is no water...
Kite PartsKiteboarding Accessories

Mystic HP Kiteboarding Safety Leash Long

KITE SAFETY LEASH LONG NEOPRENE SAFETY LEASH / LONG FEATURES - 110cm length (unstretched)- Soft touch, lightweight material- Compact carabiner- Neoprene carabiner cover- Designed for freeride / allround performance
Board PartsKiteboarding Accessories

Oceanus Technology EEL Reel Leash

Oceanus Technology EEL Reel Leash This is our latest and most versatile model. The EEL incorporates a number ofpopular modifications all wrapped into one unit. We have re-enforced the feedport...
DuotoneDuotone Hand Wings

Duotone Pump (wing/kite)

Duotone’s pump comes with the adapter needed to inflate Duotone Kites and Wings. 
Bar PartsKiteboarding Accessories

Slingshot Kite Leash

The Slingshot Push Quick Release leash features the new push away release system, which makes it easier to engage the release system. The bungee stretches from 33" to 45". Clips...
Kiteboarding AccessoriesSunglasses

Aqua Azul Kiteboarding Sunglasses

The Aqua Azul water shades provide a practical design with key features to save your eyes while on the water. The glasses have an extra thick 1.1mm polarized lenses with...
Hats/HelmetsKiteboarding Accessories

Replacement lens (blue) for Flying mask 2.0 - Forward Wip

WIP Water Protection Flying Mask 2.0 - Forward  What HKC Has to Say:   These things are awesome. From Fit to how cool you look when wearing them. They scream lets...
Kiteboarding AccessoriesOn Sale Kite

Slingshot Sentry Short Kite Leash

New short leash from Slingshot Houston Kiteboarding Thoughts:Huge upgrade from Slingshot's other leashes.  In my opinion the length is just right if you're looking for a shorter leash.  The release...
$73.32 $29.95
Bags and TravelKiteboarding Accessories

Slingshot Compression Bags

Lightweight and easy to compress nylon storage and/or travel bag for your gear. KEY SELLING FEATURES: + Light weight 210 D nylon material + Cinch closure and 4 side compression...
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Mystic Safety Hook Knife

An essential safety tool to have on hand, the Safety Knife has a stainless steel blade and a Velcro strap to lock your knife into place. The closed cell foam...