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Ride Engine Compass Riding Wind Breaker

Details are everything—big or small. The Compass Riding Windbreaker was designed with a magnifying glass on every detail and then tested in every condition, from on the water in 40+...
Hoodies/JacketsRide Engine

Ride Engine Neoprene Performance Hoodie 1.5mm

This hoodie is warm and durable with extra wind protection with smooth skin neoprene on the shoulders and back.  The two zip pockets in the front can warm your hands...

Ride Engine Tech Changing Robe V1

Certain things just suck: parking tickets, paper cuts, mealy apples, and wrestling to get in and out of a cold, damp wetsuit. We can't help you with the first three,...

Mystic Star Sweat Hoodie 2mm Night Blue

STAR SWEAT - NEOPRENE 2mm NIGHT BLUE COLORWAY  Features Wind and water resistant Adjustable Hood with water drain Elastic waist strap Spreaderbar hole
$129.99 $119.99
Hoodies/JacketsOcean Rodeo

Ocean Rodeo Heather Grey Hoodie

Show the world that you’re part of the Ocean Rodeo community with a soft, high quality zip-up hoodie. Ultra soft  YKK Zipper 50/50 polyester/cotton
$60.00 $35.00
Black FridayHoodies/Jackets

Mystic Wind Barrier Jacket - Black

Mystic Wind Barrier Kite - Spray Top What HKC has to say:  These are nice for warmer rainy overcast days with some light neoprene underneath. The mystic Wind Barrier Windbreaker...
$129.99 $29.00

Mystic Voltage Sweat 4mm Neoprene Hoodie

VOLTAGE SWEAT - NEOPRENE Features Wind and water resistant Adjustable Hood with water drain Elastic waist strap Velcro wrist straps Zipper Flap Spreaderbar hole Two waist pockets Water outlets in...

Mystic Neoprene Beanie 2mm - 2023

Mystic Neoprene Beanie 2mm  Description:  When you need an extra layer to keep your head warm, a neoprene beanie with flatlock stitching will do the trick. Featuring an attachment loop...
$39.99 $37.99