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Epic Surfski

Epic Mid Twist Performance Kayak Paddle

The Twist is an all-new paddle series created by Epic to give maximum efficiency for experienced paddlers. The unique shape of the Twist blade provides an aggressive, clean catch, and...
Epic Surfski

Epic Surfski Boat Slings (set of 2)

Epic Kayak Boat Stands, SlingsThese Surfski boat stands are the strongest on the market and are a must for any paddler.What Epic SaysThe Epic Kayaks boat stands are the perfect...
CanoesEpic Surfski

Mocke Racer Paddling PFD

The Mocke Racer Personal Flotation Device is designed to be competitive at the highest level. Our Racer PFD is ISO and SANS Type 5 Approved for all users.  It is also approved...
Epic Surfski

Epic Mid Wing Surfski Paddle

The award-winning Epic Mid Wing paddle has become the top choice for fitness and racing paddlers, and increasingly, touring kayakers who want to maximize the potential of their forward stroke....
Epic Surfski

Epic Small Mid Wing Surfski Paddle

The Epic Small Mid Wing paddle is based on our award winning Mid Wing paddle, with a 2% reduced blade surface area. This slightly trimmed-down design has broadened the appeal...
Epic Surfski

Epic V9 Surfski Kayak

"The V9 is Epic's most versatile surfski in the intermediate range allowing for excellent flat water speed and great stability for waves and swell.  Not a great total beginner boat...
Epic Surfski

Epic SmartTrack Ski Overstern Rudder

This kit only fits 3rd and 4th Gen V5/V7 models, as well as any customized (overstern rudder added) composite boat.
CanoesEfoil Accessories

NSI Stick-on Leash Loop

NSI stick-on loop leash - One piece. This item attached to any smooth surface and sticks with incredible ferocity due to the 3M VHB sticky back pad.Great for: • SUP•...
Epic Surfskion-sale-item

NRS Men's HydroSkin 0.5 Jacket

The most versatile and popular piece of HydroSkin apparel, the NRS Men's HydroSkin 0.5 Jacket makes adapting to changing conditions easy. Zip it up over your Farmer John for full...
$132.95 $99.95
Epic Surfski

Epic V8 Double Surfski

Surfskis are no longer unstable racing craft capable of being paddled only by professional athletes. Most levels of paddler can get onto a V8 DOUBLE and paddle proficiently from the first day....
Epic Surfski

Epic Surski Leg Boat Leash

Neoprene cuffed coiled leash for use with Epic Kayaks surfskis. 12" when fully coiled About 2' when stretched Neoprene cuff Yellow key loop Cord tie-down
Epic Surfski

Epic V7 Surfski

Rotomolded kayaks have traditionally been heavy and difficult to handle, both on and off the water. The Epic V7 breaks that mold and sets a new standard for rotomold performance. It...
CanoesEfoil Accessories

Ride Engine Expedition Tie Down Narrow

Do your travel plans include planes, vans, trucks, cars, boats to outer reefs, etc? Then you need the Trip Tie Down Straps.Lightweight for travel, but bombproof for the securing of...
Efoil AccessoriesEpic Surfski

NSI Adhesive Stick-On SUP and Kayak Handle

Light Grab Handle For Your Board! The NSI SUP Board Handle is now available with NSI's popular Rubber Plates incorporated into the handle. The Rubber Plate is flexible for curved...
CanoesEpic Surfski

NSI Garb Deluxe Kayak Tie Down Straps

Product title: NSI Garb Deluxe Kayak Tie Down StrapsSKU: AST_PZGARMPN: GA NSI Garb Tiedown Straps are the easiest, fastest and most secure tie downs you will ever use. Simply loop the tie down...
CanoesEpic Surfski

Wenonah Jensen 18 Canoe

A very sleek hull with excellent tracking, speed and paddling ease. A versatile hull for experienced canoeists and a good choice for athletic beginners to use as a cruising or...
CanoesEpic Surfski

Wenonah Prism Canoe

The Prism is our most popular composite solo canoe. Incredibly versatile, it'll take you comfortably over all kinds of waters. Blending efficiency, stability, capacity, and finesse, it's ideal for cruising...
CanoesEpic Surfski

Wenonah Voyager Canoe

Performance Touring / Voyager Designed for a solo paddler with big plans, the Voyager is at home on large lakes and rivers. If your looking for a Solo that'll take...
$4,054.00 $3,644.00
CanoesEpic Surfski

Wenonah Spirit II Canoe

Ultra-light hulls are stiff and incredibly light. They are ideal for speed and distance paddling and for all people or conditions that demand the lightest gear. In our Ultra-light construction...
CanoesEpic Surfski

Wenonah V1 PRO Racing Canoe

In the world of professional canoe racing Gene Jensen's V1-Pro has dominated the pro-canoe race circuit throughout North America since its introduction. While there are a few other pro models...
$4,799.00 $4,399.00
Epic Surfski

Nelo Wing Surfski Paddle

Product Description Wing paddle with ABS plastic blade and carbon/glass fiber shaft. Very robust and yet weighs only 900 g. Recommended primarily for surfski fitness & long distance paddleing and...
Epic Surfski

FutureKids Ocean Ski Mini

*We have one green Mini in stock in new condition as of 22Dec2023*The Mini is our middle-sized surfski. The boat maintains optimal speed and stability parameters both on flat water and...
Epic Surfski

FutureKids Ocean Ski Maxi

*We have one blue Maxi in stock in new condition as of 22Dec2023*Is the largest single sprint kayak in our fleet. Like all our products, it has been created with...
Epic SurfskiVests/Impact

Mocke Flow PFD Life Jacket

The Mocke Flow PFD (personal floatation device) is a performance lifejacket perfect for today’s water enthusiast and athlete. The Flow PFD is a ultra light, low volume superior personal floatation...
Epic SurfskiSafety Gear

Mocke Flow Zip PFD Life Jacket

The Mocke Flow Zip PFD (personal floatation device) is a front entry zip performance lifejacket perfect for today’s water enthusiast and athlete. The Flow Zip PFD is a ultra light,...
Epic SurfskiWetsuits

NRS Bill's Wetsuit Jacket

Combine the NRS Bill's Wetsuit Jacket with any other wetsuit for increased warmth in the arms and core. Titanium laminate adhesive in the 2 mm neoprene reflects heat back to...
Epic SurfskiWetsuits

NRS Men's Ignitor Pant

Whether you're digging in on a paddle boat, charging solo on an IK or standup paddling, the NRS Men's Ignitor Pant offers the neoprene insulation needed for chilly days and...
$74.95 $54.95
Epic Surfski

Epic Surfski Seat Pad Set (for composite ski use only)

Our new seat pad set is made from 4 layers of 6.5mm (1/4”) thick closed cell foam and has a self adhesive back with hook and loop (velcro) attachment. Each...
Epic Surfski

Epic Surfski Kayak Boat Sock/Cover

The Epic Boat Sock will help protect your boat while in storage or on the road from sunlight and light scratches and rubbing. It is made of a soft fabric material...
Epic Surfski

Epic Wave Deflector

The Epic Wave Deflector helps to keep excess water from entering the cockpit and slowing you down in rougher conditions. Works perfectly with Epic composite surfskis and can easily be...
CanoesEpic Surfski

Wenonah Vagabond Canoe

This small, responsive, solo hull will take you out on smaller rivers and streams, and bring your adventurous spirit back satisfied. It's a great choice for a first solo canoe.Highly...
Epic Surfski

Epic Standard Footboard Set with Pedals, Strap, Plastic Sliders and Rails

Complete footboard for Surfski - plate, peddles, footstrap etc.  Can be used with any Surski setup.  The Rails are 13.25" long  
Epic Surfski

Epic Surfski Non-Slip Footpads (traction pads)

Epic Surfski Non-Slip Footpads (traction pads)**can also be used for other brand skisEpic footpads for Surfski. A must if you go barefoot for added traction and comfort. They are custom fit...
Epic Surfski

Epic V10 Gen4 Surfski Kayak

**As of 25th May 2023 we have two new Ultras in-stock and one demo gen4 in case you want to paddle one before you buy**Introducing the 4th GENERATION of the legendary...
Epic Surfski

Epic Self Bailer

Revolutionary design, the Epic Self Bailer allows you to have minimal drag with the bailing system closed, or to quickly and efficiently drain the footwell/cockpit area so you don't get...
Epic Surfski

Epic Non-slip Deck Traction Grip Pad

The Epic deck pad can be added under the bungee area to help keep your extra items in place. Made of a closed cell foam, with a textured surface, the...
Epic Surfski

Epic Surfski Weedless Rudder

Replacement rudders may sometimes need the rudder shaft trimmed, due to the handmade nature of our boats. The shafts can be easily cut with a hacksaw, if adjustment is needed....
Epic Surfski

Epic V10 sport

The V10 Sport offers terrific flat water speed and exceptional rough water performance, similar to the V10, but with more stability. It is the best all-around surf ski for intermediate to...
Epic Surfski

Weed Guard for Composite Skis

The weed guard is meant to be placed in front of the rudder to deflect weeds, grass or fishing line etc. The small weed guard is for universal rudders, all other rudders...
Epic Surfski

Epic Surfski Rough Water Weedless Rudder

The Roughwater Weedless Rudder combines the weed shedding ability of our Weedless Rudder with the increased control of our Surf Rudder. For Rudder Shaft Size Chart click to next image Combined with...
Epic Surfski

Epic Surfski Back Pad

Our new ergonomic Back Pad for Epic surfskis is made of closed cell foam and attaches to the seat with a velcro strip. The contoured shape is designed to provide...
Epic Surfski

Epic V8 Surfski

"The V8 is such a perfect transition for experienced recreational or touring kayakers with a good sense of balance who are just getting into surfski kayaking.  It is the most stable...
Epic Surfski

Epic V8 Pro Surfski

The V8 Pro is the perfect boat for those who want a performance upgrade from our popular V8 or a high performance ski that is a bit more stable than the V10 Sport....
Epic Surfski

Epic V6 Surfski

With a hull design featuring specs of 4.88 m x 58.4 cm, the Epic V6 is unique in its class. It has a surfski cockpit with the storage capacity of...
Epic Surfski

Epic V5 Surfski

Image depicts composite V5 in Ultra construction The Epic V5 is now available in two lightweight composite layups, the Ultra and Performance, as well as the extremely durable Rotomolded layup....