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Slingshot Dwarf Craft V2 Foil Board

Slingshot Dwarf Craft v2 The dwarfcraft boards are our go-to for kite hydrofoil as they are strong, light and have a profile that is perfect for most freeride hydrofoil riders. ...
$986.66 $499.00
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Slingshot Hope Craft V1 103cm

Hope Craft v1 Fred Hope has been foiling for a long time. The world champion knows what works and what doesn't. We decided to give him free-reign to design exactly...
$1,083.00 $599.00
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Slingshot WF-2 V5 4'6" Board Only

As the trend in foiling continues to move towards shorter boards, we redesigned the WF-2 soft-top foilboard to pack the same amount of surface area into a shorter 4'6" board...
$861.00 $499.00
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Slingshot V1 WF-T 4'5" Wake Foil Board

The WF-T V1 is our all-new entry-level foil board for those looking to take flight for the first time. The WF-T V1 is compression molded, which increases the overall durability...
$677.00 $299.00
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Slingshot Hope Craft V2 Foilboard

DESCRIPTION Slingshot THE DESIGN DIFFERENCE Developed in collaboration with foil wizard Fred Hope, this board is based on the popular Dwarf Craft but has been taken to the next level....
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Slingshot Travel Craft Hydrofoil Board 90cm

Slingshot Travel Craft V1 Foilboard 90cm Long The Travel Craft has been optimized for size and space. We trimmed all the unnecessary size and volume out of this board to...
$899.99 $699.00
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Slingshot WF-2 V4 Foilboard - 4'6"

2022 Slingshot WF2 V4 Foilboard Includes: WF-2 V4 4’6” Board with inserts for footstraps (Fins Are Not Included) Size: 4'6" x 21" x 1.44" FOIL / SURF / VERSATILE As the...
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Slingshot WF-1 V4 4'2" Board Only

The WF-1 is our top-of-the-line wake-foil board for advanced and expert foilers. Built using our premium XR carbon-reinforced surf construction, the WF-1 is the lightest wake-foil board we've ever produced....
$994.00 $499.00
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Slingshot WF-1 V3 Hydrofoil Board

LIGHTWEIGHT / PERFORMANCE / PUMPThe WF-1 V3 is our top-of-the line wake-foil board for advancedand expert foilers. Built using our premium XR carbon-reinforcedsurf construction, the WF-1 V3 is the lightest...
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Slingshot Dwarf Craft V3 Foil Board

DESCRIPTION From Slingshot The Dwarf Craft is back in its third generation and has been re-designed to optimize your foiling progression. The concave deck and beveled rails provide dynamic heel-to-toe...
$986.66 $699.00