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Hardshell Harness Handlepass Safety Catch Loop - Mystic 2022

This is the handle for all hardback Mystic Harnesses.  The harnesses do not come with a handle in the back.  If you want/need a handle for your harness buy this...

Mystic Stealth Surf Spreader Bar Gen 2

The Gen2 Mystic Stealth Bar Kite black is a technologically advanced ergonomically shaped and lightweight spreader bar designed for kiting in the surf.  Featuring the easy to get into and out of Lever Lock,...
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Mystic Safety Hook Knife

An essential safety tool to have on hand, the Safety Knife has a stainless steel blade and a Velcro strap to lock your knife into place. The closed cell foam...

Mystic Clickerbar 5.0 Spreader Bar

Mystic Clickerbar 5.0 – Spreaderbar The Mystic Clickerbar 5.0 features a traditional stainless steel kite hook that is designed for (unhooked) freestyle and freeride users. The bar is equipped with...
$69.99 $48.99

Mystic Stealth Freeride Spreader bar Gen 2

The Stealth Bar has been a huge innovation in the world of kiteboarding. Bringing simplicity, strength and reliability to the table. Our Freeride Bar is made for the rider that...

Mystic Stealth Gen 2 Webbing Connector

This is the clip that fits on the Mystic Stealth kite and surf spreader bar.  You can have an extra if you have two harnesses and one spreader bar or...
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Mystic DTS Fannypack

These have a pink hue to them.  Mystic DTS Fannypack For day trips and nights out, the new Dark Tech Series Fannypack is completely waterproof and will keep up to...
$40.00 $29.00
HarnessesMystic Harness Accessories

Mystic Stealth Bar Dyneema Slider Rope Replacement

An extra Dyneema cord that can be attached to your spreaderbar easily. This slider rope is longer to allow for a more flexible connection.
HarnessesMystic Harness Accessories

Mystic Detachable Kite Handle

This Detachable Kite Handle is easy to mount onto the harness and makes it easy to pull a beginner back into place. Ideal for those who struggle to walk upwind...