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WIP Water Protection 50n Impact Vest - Forward

Forward WIP Impact Vest 50N - Wip Water Protection What HKC has to say about it:  For sizing and fitting waterman of any shape and build this vest is a...
$199.00 $174.99
Big Air / FreeRide KitesCore Kiteboarding

Core XR7 High Performance Kite

Core XR7 Kiteboarding Kite XR7 Features Earn your wings with the XR7's precise flight control and new lighter build. After six years, our signature canopy material receives a major upgrade....
$1,549.95 $1,133.97
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil

New Slingshot Light Weight Base Plate for Hover Glide Foils

Slingshot Top Plate V2 Hover Glide The lighter base plate makes the whole hoverglide setup 1/2 pound lighter.  It also includes drop-in slots so you don't have to remove the...
$120.00 $110.00
KiteboardingOn Sale Kite

Slingshot B3 3 Meter Trainer Kite

Need a trainer kite?  If you want a trainer kite that can do some extra duty?  The B-3 has the best pulling power of the kites in its size.  This...
$269.99 $231.99
Black FridayHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Hover Glide Rear Wing Stabilizer

The Slingshot Hover Glide Carbon Rear Wing Stabilizer is a key component of the Slingshot Hover Glide wakefoils. The 48cm wing is ideally paired with larger wings like the Infinity 84, while the 42cm...
$245.52 $150.00
Ocean RodeoOn Sale Kite

Ocean Rodeo Soul 3.0 Kiteboarding Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo Soul 3.0 In-Stock Now!  Call to get current sizing 281-508-6485 (Texas) 360-794-1688 (Washington) or email us. We have been using this drysuit since the beginning and love the fit,...
$999.00 $699.00
Black FridayEfoil Accessories

Lift Gen4 Efoil Battery Full Range

The Lift Full Range Battery Gen4 is a custom lithium-ion battery built for rugged marine environments. It offers peak performance and the most comprehensive safety components on the market. This latest iteration of the Lift...
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Slingshot Hover Glide Aluminum Hydrofoil Mast 28" ( 71cm )

71 cm (28 in.) Aluminum Mast fits all H series Slingshot Foil set ups. 
$122.21 $99.00
Kiteboarding AccessoriesOn Sale Kite

HiLo Kite / SUP Pump - Aeolian

These hilo pumps make it easy to pump large volume or high pressure by switching the mode on the base. You can pump your kiteboarding kite to 3psi quickly with...
$139.00 $89.00
Efoil AccessoriesLift Hydrofoils

Zarges Efoil Lithium-ion Battery Air Travel Case

No stress.  You can now ship your efoil batteries on airplanes with out complicated paperwork.  If you need to get your battery to Hawaii, Puerto Rico or another sunny place,...
EfoilEfoil Accessories

Lift Folding Propeller Kit

This kit includes the amazing aluminum folding 2-blade propeller from Lift as well as a abs plastic spacer and all hardware to connect the folding prop and spacer to your...
$990.00 $250.00
KiteboardingOn Sale Kite

Slingshot B2 2 Meter Trainer Kite

The B Series are Slingshot's original 2-line foil trainer kites. They have a proven reputation as the best trainer kites ever produced and are easy to fly. These kites are...
$146.66 $131.99

Ride Engine Contour V2 Seat Harness

Why You Need It You prefer the lower pull of the power source, mobility, and all-day comfort in an infinitely adjustable seat harness. Technology That You Get Hard-shell DNA combined...

2023 Slingshot SlingWing Hand Wing V3

Slingshot Slingwing V3 From Slingshot: We designed the all-new SlingWing V3 to give you significantly more power per size. Using a smaller wing in the same wind provides the advantages of...
$881.00 $386.00
Hydrofoil Partson-sale-item

Slingshot Mast 61cm (24")

Slingshot 24" (61cm) Aluminum Foil Mast 24" mast Slingshot's 24" mast is ideal for use behind a boat and in the surf as well as an excellent learning mast for...
$109.99 $79.19
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Day Strike Wing/SUP Foil Board Bag

Features: Designed to fit the modern hydrofoil board shapes ⅓ velcro mast channel to keep hydrofoil assembled Padded top and bottom impact protection Removable padded shoulder strap and side mount...
$250.00 $129.00
Light Wind KitesLitewave

2024 Litewave Wing Freeride Kite Board

2024 Litewave Wing Board - Best Lightwing Wing Board  The 2024 Litewave Wing has evolved into the strongest, lightest, and fastest all-wind BOSS. Riding in any wind speed has never been easier,...
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsBlack Friday

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A Series - Aluula Kite

The ALUULA-powered A-Series Flite is a 3-strut kite that is highly responsive yet lighter than current no-strut kites, providing optimum light wind performance, while retaining precision and control in increased...
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Unity Kite Spreader Bar Fixed Hook V1 - Ride Engine 2022

A fixed hook offers the most direct connection to you and the kite, and now—when coupled with the innovative design of the Unity Spreader Bar—offers unparalleled feel and feedback. If...
$132.00 $124.95
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsLight Wind WingFoil Hand Wings

Ocean Rodeo Glide Aluula A-Series Wing with Hard Handles

Ocean Rodeo Glide Aluula A-Series Wing We are including new carbon handles with these wings for free "Light and stiff the Glide wings are a bench mark for high performance wingfoiling. ...
$1,578.00 $1,105.30
Black FridayEfoil

LIFT4 Efoil Electric Hydrofoil Board Full Range

We have LIFT4 units in stock and shipping daily in all sizes and colorsBuying an Efoil is a big deal!  They are the most amazing product you will ever own and...
$12,995.00 $12,495.00
Black FridayKiteboard Control Bars

Slingshot Sentry V1.1 Control Bar

Slingshot Sentry V1.1 Control Bar You asked for it! The Sentry V1.1 kite bar has new PU coated center lines which allow for smooth & effortless bar travel with added durability....
$733.00 $399.00
All Kite FoilBlack Friday

Slingshot UFO V2 Kite Foiling Kite - Orange

Slingshot UFO V2   Unlimited / Foiling / Object Building on the foundation of its predecessor, the UFO V2 expands on the lightweight strutless design by implementing space-age materials that...
$1,088.00 $699.00
Foot StrapsKiteboard Accessories

2023 North Flex LX Strap Kit

DESCRIPTION From North Cushioning. Support. Shock absorption. The all-new 2023 Flex LX have a sense of luxury that speaks to the perfect balance between performance and design. Engineered to help...
$229.00 $149.00
Black FridayCore Kiteboarding

Core Sensor 3 & Sensor 3+

Core Sensor 3/ 3+ Bar Core is uping the Bar game with there newest bar the sensor 3/ 3+ with looks to be the cleanest bar yet. Here are some...
$629.95 $499.00
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

FoilMount Carbon 3.0 Adhesive Hydrofoil Track System

New for 2020 is the full carbon, low profile FoilMount 3.0 Carbon. This compressed carbon plate is not only beautiful it is also incredibly strong allowing it to be thinner...
$169.99 $129.99
Hydrofoil Partson-sale-item

Slingshot Hover Glide Forged Shift Fuselage 61cm

Find your personal comfort zone. The ability to adjust your wing position fore or aft. Move the foil from position A to B to accommodate board setup. 
Core KiteboardingCore Kites

Core Fusion 5 Kiteboard Twin Tip

Core Fusion 5 Twin Tip   Fusion 5 Description A mission-ready twintip for all your adventures is just a click away. New from the water up, the Fusion 5 features...
$1,179.95 $749.99
Foot StrapsKiteboard Accessories

Slingshot Fly Strap V1 Foot Straps

Slingshot Fly Strap V1 Foot Straps Free of gimmicks and gadgets, the Fly Strap has been built on a proven and straightforward foundation that feels like it “disappears” on your...
$231.99 $99.00
on-sale-itemSafety Gear

Ride Engine Defender HF Impact Vest

Riding a hydrofoil on any type of surf craft in any condition can go sideways quickly, making an impact vest mandatory equipment for most foilers. The Defender HF Impact Vest...
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsBest Products

2023 Duotone Unit V3 D / LAB - Ink Transferred Canopy Deal

2023 Duotone Unit D / LAB  Sizes: 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5   **These units have a very slight cosmetic color inconsistency...
$1,989.00 $1,272.00
Black FridayFoilDrive Specific Boards

Slingshot I-FLY V1 Wing Foil Board

Slingshot I-Fly Wing Foil Board COMPACT / RIDGID / DURABLEThe I-FLY inflatable foil boards are lightweight and packable witha large carbon foil plate on the bottom that provides a stiff...
$1,129.00 $799.00
EfoilEfoil Accessories

Lift Foil's Glide 25 V2 Back Wing

Lift Foil's Glide 25 V2 Back Wing DETAILS: Lift's Glide Series wings maximize efficiency. A smooth, ultra-efficient feel that is very balanced between the feet. Our Glide Series back wings are...
$279.00 $199.00
Hydrofoil Partson sale hydrofoil

Slingshot Hover Glide 90cm (35.4in) Aluminum Hydrofoil Mast

90 cm (35.4 in.) Aluminum Mast fits all H series Slingshot Foil set ups.  With a Moses adapter, sold separately, this mast can also be used with the Ghost Whisperer and Moses...
$143.00 $114.39
EfoilEfoil Boards

New LIFT3 F Efoil Board Package

New for 2024 we can include the carbon or aluminum propulsion unit and new color ways. Free shipping with ACH or wire transfer payment. This Package includes: -Efoil Board with bag-Propulsion Unit-Wings and...
$9,995.00 $8,995.00
Board PartsFoot Straps

Slingshot Dually Foot Pads and Straps

We stripped our existing Dually platform down to the bones and rebuilt it from the toes up. The result is a reimagined and reengineered binding that provides better grip, leverage...
$257.99 $99.00

Mystic Stealth Waist Harness - Black

STEALTH - HARDSHELL WAIST HARNESS What about it The Stealth is an evolution on the well-known Majestic and Legend harness. It combines the stiffness of the BCF (Majestic X) with...
$439.00 $319.00
Black FridayHoodies/Jackets

Mystic Wind Barrier Jacket - Black

Mystic Wind Barrier Kite - Spray Top What HKC has to say:  These are nice for warmer rainy overcast days with some light neoprene underneath. The mystic Wind Barrier Windbreaker...
$129.99 $29.00
HydrofoilHydrofoil Parts

Ride Engine Hydrofoil Masts

This mast will work on any Slingshot or Ride Engine Hydrofoil setup. 18" mast for Ride Engine's Futura Foil. This mast is an invaluable learning tool to help you get the...
$158.00 $79.99

Mystic Driver Seat Harness

Mystic Driver Seat Harness Features Ergonomically shaped Soft neoprene edges Pre-curved side panels Multi hook | Bananabar | low torque fixation Spreaderbar protector Battle belt waist closure Heavy duty seat...
$179.99 $98.00
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Hover Glide to Phantasm Fuse Adapter

WHY WE MADE ITHave a Hover Glide mast and want to get into the new Phantasm platform? This mast-to-fuse adapter is your answer.
$158.00 $142.99
Light Wind WingFoil Hand Wingson-sale-item

2023 North Nova Light Wind Wing

2023 North Nova Light Wind Wing What's comes with the wing: Wing Wing Leash Bag Compression Strap Repair Kit Features Efficient deep powerful profile   Ultra-stiff frame Refined design Rigid GripLock microtrim...
$1,099.00 $699.00
KitesOn Sale Kite

Slingshot Code V1 - All Around Kiteboarding Kite

Slingshot Code v1 The all-new Code V1 debuts as one of the team's favorite kite models. Its performance versatility in every condition for every discipline builds trust with everyone that...
$1,259.99 $1,133.99
HydrofoilHydrofoil Parts

Hover glide Aluminum Masts V2

The Hover Glide replacement masts are specifically built to grow with you and your foiling career. Package Includes: One Aluminum replacement mast. Top plate and hardware sold separately
$111.00 $101.00
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsDuotone

2023 Duotone Unit V3 D / LAB

2023 Duotone Unit D / LAB  w/ Free Forward WIP Wing Harness Line & Air Shipping Sizes: 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5...
$1,829.00 $1,463.00

Mystic Stealth Waist Harness - Black / White

Mystic Stealth Waist Harness in Black & White  What about it The Stealth is an evolution on the well-known Majestic and Legend harness. It combines the stiffness of the BCF...
$439.00 $319.00
Black Fridayon-sale-item

Mystic Majestic Impact Vest Fzip

Corduroy super stretch lining on the outside, stuffed with clash foam on the inside to make sure only your ego hurts when wiping out. The plus range Majestic Impact Vest...
$159.00 $89.00
FoilDrive Specific Boardson-sale-item

Fanatic Sky Wing Foil Board

2023 Fanatic Sky Wing Foilboard The new range of Sky Wing models grows to nine dedicated shapes and takes efficiency to another level. Ride the smallest board possible in the...
$1,599.00 $1,099.00
Hydrofoil Partson-sale-item

Slingshot Phantasm Fuselage 710mm V1

The Phantasm features a high-performance aircraft-grade aluminum alloy fuselage that has been shaped and designed to offer unmatched stiffness and strength.
$269.99 $265.99
Black FridayCore Kites

Core XLITE Hydrofoil Kite 9m

From the designer: Besides weight, it tracks much better upwind has really nice balance and good power with soft power development. I highly recommend using small kites as it is...
$1,499.95 $799.00
Hydrofoil Partson-sale-item

Slingshot Hover Glide Infinity Carbon Wing 84cm

Hoverglide 84cm Front Wing These wings WILL fit on any hoverglide fuselage all the way back to 2016, This is the front wing of the F-Sup. Its the biggest wing...
$653.32 $369.00
HydrofoilKite Foil Boards

Slingshot Dwarf Craft V2 Foil Board

Slingshot Dwarf Craft v2 The dwarfcraft boards are our go-to for kite hydrofoil as they are strong, light and have a profile that is perfect for most freeride hydrofoil riders. ...
$986.66 $598.00
All Kite FoilBlack Friday

Flysurfer Peak5 Foil Kite

This single-skin concept combines Flysurfer's passion for usability and security that will make your outdoor kite experience unforgettable. The best light wind handling and backstall resistance let you set off with...
KitesOn Sale Kite

Slingshot RPX V1 Kiteboarding Kite

Slingshot RPX V1 WHY WE MADE IT We built the RPX to create the next evolution in freeride kite design. Why do freeride kites need to lack versatility and performance? They...
$1,542.00 $599.99
EfoilEfoil Accessories

Lift Foil's Surf 300 V2 Front Wing Only

Lift Foil's Surf 300 V2 Front Wing Only DETAILS: The 300 Surf V2 Front Wing offers a unique, super-stable foiling experience. This is the largest front wing in our lineup, providing the...
$999.00 $749.00

Mystic Majestic Kite Harness - Dirty Habits

MAJESTIC - 'DIRTY HABITS' - HARDSHELL WAIST HARNESS What about it Dirty Habits is a phrase known far and wide, when you hear it echo, you know - shits about...
$379.99 $303.99
Harnesseson sale hydrofoil

Mystic Hydrofoil Seat Harness

The new 2018 Mystic Foil Seat Harness has a BOA micro adjustment system for anatomical back support, along with comfortable leg straps and foam panels. "This harness is the missing...
$199.00 $55.00
Efoil Accessorieson-sale-item

Lift Connect System (LCS) Folding Propeller Kit

The Lift Efoil quick release prop system promised in their "elite" package is now here.  This system will allow users to easily swap fixed propellers for folding propeller and also...
$990.00 $799.00
Big Air / FreeRide KitesJumping Kites

2023 North Orbit

2023 North Orbit "When you see it done, it changes everything"- Marc Jacobs  Kite Description Committing to overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions demands an unwavering trust in your...
$1,479.00 $899.00
Black FridayOn Sale Kite

2022 Slingshot Formula V2 Kiteboard Twin Tip

2022 slingshot v2 kite bored  twin tip       Houston Kiteboarding says:"Love this board!  Not only the lightest board slingshot has ever made but the lightest board I've ever...
$1,233.00 $599.00
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsKiteboarding

2022 Ocean Rodeo Roam A Series Aluula Kite

Ocean Rodeo Roam Black Aluula Kites  The Rome kite is Ocean Rodeo 3 strut Foil / Surf kite Chris (after getting on it myself I say it's a great all...
Hydrofoil Partson-sale-item

Slingshot Hover Glide Infinity Carbon Wing 76cm

These wings will work on any of the Hoverglide fuselage as far back as 2016. F-SURF-Ride waves the way you want to not the way you have to. Easy to...
$615.54 $443.19
F-OneF-One Wing

F-One Rocket Wing ASC Foilboard

F-One Rocket Wing ASC Foil Board At 5’10 for 110L. the board has enough volume and width to make it possible for most riders to stand-up easily as well as...
$1,169.00 $859.00
FoilDrive Specific Boardson-sale-item

Slingshot Wing Craft V2

Slingshot Wing Craft V2 The Wing Craft V2 is all about getting you up to foiling speed as quickly as possible and bouncing you right back up onto foil after...
Efoil AccessoriesLift Front Wings

Lift Foil's High Aspect 90 Front Wing Only

Lift Foil's High Aspect 90 Front Wing Only DETAILS: If you are looking for the best efficiency of any wing on the market with that signature Lift speed and maneuverability, look no further. Our High Aspect lineup has made...
$799.00 $510.00

Mystic Stealth Waist Harness - Black / Red

STEALTH - HARDSHELL WAIST HARNESS What about it The Stealth is an evolution on the well-known Majestic and Legend harness. It combines the stiffness of the BCF (Majestic X) with...
$439.00 $319.00
Black FridayEfoil

LIFT4 Efoil Electric Hydrofoil Board Light Battery

We have LIFT4 efoils in all sizes and colors in-stock and shipping dailyBuying an Efoil is a big deal!  They are the most amazing product you will ever own and...
$11,995.00 $11,595.00
on sale wingfoilon sale wingfoil accessories

Ride Engine Vinaka Wingfoil Harness V1

The world’s first purpose-built harness for wingsurfing, the Vinaka will have you riding longer and pinching upwind more efficiently by taking the wing’s weight off your arms whenever you want....
$154.00 $79.00
Efoil Accessorieson-sale-item

Lift Connect System (LCS) Folding Propeller Only

**this is just the propeller for the LCS system so your unit will already need to have the full LCS kit installed.**The Lift Efoil quick release prop system promised in...
$799.00 $499.00
F-OneF-One Wing

F-One Swing Wing V2 5m

F-One Swing V.2 The original feeling of the SWING has been greatly improved. Learn wingfoiling faster with the SWING V2. This brand new wing offers more lightness and comfort while...
$1,099.00 $499.00
HydrofoilHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Hover Glide Standard Fuse

This is a forged aluminum fuselage that will fit ANY hoverglide setup. This only has an "A" position which is the mast through the wing and 90% of riding configuration. ...
$195.00 $109.00
on-sale-itemSale & Used

2023 North Seek Wing Foil Board

North Seek Wing Foil Board Let the North Seek wing-foil board take you places you’ve never been. Upwind, downwind, ocean roller or lake. From your first session to boosting, carving...
$1,349.00 $879.00
F-OneF-One Wing Surfing Hand Wings

F-One Strike V2 Wingfoil Hand Wing

Wing foil sensations are beyond compare. The feeling of freedom you get from being the only connection between the wing and the foil is unique. It is thus essential to...
$1,099.00 $879.20

Go Foil Front Wing PNL 185

The ultimate pumping wing! Dimensions Wingspan: 42“/97 cm Wing Chord: 6.5”/165 mm Weight: 800g
$750.00 $599.00
Black FridayHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Phantasm Carbon Mast V1.1 - 92cm

Slingshot Phantasm Carbon Mast V1.1 CARBON / MODULAR / PERFORMANCE Sizes: 72cm / 82cm / 92cm / 102cm Package Includes: Phantasm Carbon Mast, Padded Mast Cover, Pedestal, Hardware (316 Stainless...
$1,209.99 $899.00

Unifoil Vyper Front Wing Only - Last of stock

UNi-Foil Vyper Front Wing What do you get when you mix a Hyper with a Vortex? Introducing the Vyper Designed by Adam Bennetts & Clifford Coetzer in search of the...
$850.00 $489.00

Mystic Star Sweat Hoodie 2mm Night Blue

STAR SWEAT - NEOPRENE 2mm NIGHT BLUE COLORWAY  Features Wind and water resistant Adjustable Hood with water drain Elastic waist strap Spreaderbar hole
$129.99 $119.99
Bags and TravelFoil Bags and Travel

Day Strike Foil V2

No one will argue that hydrofoil boards are awkward and cumbersome with or without the foil mounted. V2 of the Day Strike foil bag comes in 5 sizes to accommodate...
$278.00 $105.00

Mystic Warrior X Waist Harness

  ABOUT: It just keeps getting better and better... The Warrior has been with us for over a decade now and just like a caterpillar she metamorphized into a butterfly....
$229.99 $168.00
Kite Foil Boardson-sale-item

Slingshot Hope Craft V1 103cm

Hope Craft v1 Fred Hope has been foiling for a long time. The world champion knows what works and what doesn't. We decided to give him free-reign to design exactly...
$1,083.00 $698.00
Foil Accessorieson-sale-item

Wind Carver Longboard Skateboard

The Wind Carver is the ideal longboard skateboard for cruising, carving, land paddling, and Wingboarding or Kiteboarding on Land. It's an exhilarating longboard to ride that "feels" like riding waves...
On Saleon-sale-item

Ride Engine Apoc 3/2 Front Zip Full Wetsuit

Versatile full suit that provide warmth and protection from the elements and cutting the cold allowing you to stay out when others head in. The APOC is our premium line...
$419.00 $289.00

Mystic The One Fullsuit 5/3 Zipfree Black

THE ONE - FULLSUIT / ZIPFREE What about it Aren't we all looking for 'The One'? We've found her! Totally zipfree and fully black or dark grey. Besides the stylish...
$379.99 $259.99
Lift Hydrofoilson sale efoil

Lift Efoil Lithium Ion Fast Charger

Our Delta Q battery charger is a leading unit in the industry and can deliver a safe and fast battery charge in less than 2 hours.  The new Gen4 will...
$900.00 $885.00
On SaleOn Sale Kite

Ride Engine Silo 5/4 Back Zip Kite/Surf/Foil Full Wetsuit

The Silo 5/4 is a classic back zip suit to keep you warm on those cold mornings when you’re up a dawn to sneak in a session before work. Ideal...
$443.00 $125.00
Best ProductsDownwind boards

Armstrong Downwind Wing SUP Foilboard

Armstrong Downwind Wing SUP FoilboardDESCRIPTION Our new DW board range combines this historical passion and motivation with our latest design knowledge. Sleek lines, innovative volume distribution and state-of-the-art construction help...
$2,199.00 $1,849.00
Black Fridayon-sale-item

Ride Engine Womens Pali Vest

With a tailored pattern, the female-specific Pali Impact Vest is optimized to perfectly fit the curves of a woman’s body. Designed for smooth integration with a waist or seat harness,...
$153.00 $137.70

2023 Duotone Unit V3 Wing

2023 Duotone Unit V3 Wing SURF & DOWNWIND / JUMPING & FREESTYLE / FREERIDE Sizes: 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5...
$1,099.00 $869.00
on-sale-itemSlingshot Hand Wings

Slingshot Javelin V1 Hand Wing

JAVELIN V1 WITH WINDOW   Beginners and advanced riders alike will benefit from the increased control provided by the Javelin's stiff, locked-in boom and ultra-compact wingspan. Whether you are cruising...
$778.00 $661.00