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Best ProductsCore Kites

Carved Imperator 7 Kiteboard

Carved Imperator 7 Kiteboard / Carver Imperator 7 LW Kiteboard Free your inner twintip virtuoso with Carved Custom’s magnum opus. The all-new Cartan 2 powered twintip is our lightest and...
Best ProductsLight Wind WingFoil Hand Wings

Ocean Rodeo Glide Aluula A-Series Wing

7m NOW IN STOCK ! **Wing comes with Free Adjustable Harness Line** We have tried these wings on the water and and they are as advertised, we were blown away! ...
Axis FoilsBest Products

Axis Power Carbon High Modulus Foil Mast PCHM

The Power Carbon High Modulus is the ultimate stiff mast and is significantly stiffer with more yaw resistance.  If you're ripping on high aspect wings you will appreciate the extra...
Best ProductsEfoil Accessories

Lift Foil's High Aspect 120 Front Wing Only

Lift Foil's High Aspect 120 Front Wing Only Houston Kiteboarding Thoughts:The 120 is the highest speed high aspect wing Lift makes so it is for the lightest or most experienced prone...
Best ProductsDuotone

Duotone Slick SLS Wing

DUOTONE SLICK SLS HAND WING (Both colors available in every size) PERFORMANCE FEATURES + Mini Boom – direct steering with ultimate grip range+ Positive lift – easy for tacks, lifty...
$979.00 $783.20
Best ProductsSlingshot Wingsurfing Wings

Slingshot Javelin V1 Hand Wing

JAVELIN V1 WITH WINDOW Beginners and advanced riders alike will benefit from the increased control provided by the Javelin's stiff, locked-in boom and ultra-compact wingspan. Whether you are cruising one-handed...
Best ProductsHarnesses

Mystic Majestic X Waist Harness - White

MAJESTIC X - HARDSHELL WAIST HARNESS What about it If you like to go bonkers the Majestic X is right up your alley. A slimmer waist harness with a carbon...
Best ProductsEfoil

Lift Foil's Carve 33 Back Wing

Lift Foil's Carve 33 Back Wing DETAILS: Lift's Carve Series back wings feature a shorter fuselage length, winglets, and a positive angle on the tail wing. This allows for razor sharp turns,...
Axis FoilsBest Products

Axis 1150 PNG Kit WT Edition V2

This is the pumping machine.  Behind the boat Wakefoiling, Prone surf-foiling, or Wingfoiling, this foil is amazing and will allow to pump and ride with maximum efficiency.  If you're looking...