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Best ProductsDownwind boards

Armstrong Downwind Wing SUP Foilboard

Armstrong Downwind Wing SUP FoilboardDESCRIPTION Our new DW board range combines this historical passion and motivation with our latest design knowledge. Sleek lines, innovative volume distribution and state-of-the-art construction help...
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsBest Products

2023 Duotone Unit V3 D / LAB - Ink Transferred Canopy Deal

2023 Duotone Unit D / LAB  Sizes: 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5   **These units have a very slight cosmetic color inconsistency...
$1,909.00 $1,222.20
Best ProductsDownwind Foils

Lift Foil's High Aspect 180 HA X Front Wing Only

Lift Foil's High Aspect 180 HA X Front Wing Only The 180 HA-X draws its inspiration from the DNA of the 150 HA-X, but in an easier to ride, higher...
Best ProductsEfoil

Lift Foil's Carve 33 Back Wing

Lift Foil's Carve 33 Back Wing DETAILS: Lift's Carve Series back wings feature a shorter fuselage length, winglets, and a positive angle on the tail wing. This allows for razor sharp turns,...
Best ProductsEfoil

Lift Foil's 31 Flow Back Wing

Lift Foil's 31 Flow Back Wing The 31 Flow Back Wing is medium sized in surface area, it but provides plenty of pitch stability for beginner and intermediate riders. The...
Best ProductsHarnesses

Mystic Majestic X Waist Harness - White

MAJESTIC X - HARDSHELL WAIST HARNESS What about it If you like to go bonkers the Majestic X is right up your alley. A slimmer waist harness with a carbon...
Best ProductsEfoil

Lift Foil's 21 Flow Back Wing

Lift Foil's 21 Flow Back Wing Experience the perfect fusion of efficiency and stability with the 21 Flow Back Wing. Designed for advanced riders seeking the advantages of an ultra...
Best ProductsPumps

Ride Engine Air Box Electric Pump

**We have these in stock**The technology evolution for kites, wings, and boards has rapidly improved to enhance your experience on the water. However, perhaps the most critical component required to...
Best ProductsFoilDrive

Foil Drive Assist Slim

The Foil Drive Assist Slim is perfectly suited to those just looking for an extra boost to get on foil or to ride smaller boards and foils. The Assist Slim...
Axis FoilsBest Products

Axis 1150 PNG Kit Wake Thief Edition V2

This is the pumping machine.  Behind the boat Wakefoiling, Prone surf-foiling, or Wingfoiling, this foil is amazing and will allow to pump and ride with maximum efficiency.  If you're looking...