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Core KitesTwintip Boards

Carved Customs Imperator 7 Kiteboard

Carved Imperator 7 Kiteboard / Carver Imperator 7 LW Kiteboard Free your inner twintip virtuoso with Carved Custom’s magnum opus. The all-new Cartan 2 powered twintip is our lightest and...
DuotoneTwintip Boards

2023 Duotone Team Series SLS Kiteboard board only

TEAM SERIES SLS COMPETITION FREESTYLE Sizes: 136 / 140 / 144 The TS SLS takes the legendary Team Series and gives it an SLS makeover with a Biax Carbon and...
$1,299.00 $909.30

2023 Duotone Jamie SLS Kiteboarding Board Only

JAIME SLS PERFORMANCE FREESTYLE Sizes: 133 / 136 / 139 / 142 Looking for the ultimate freestyle and big air board to take your jumps to the next level? The...
$1,199.00 $839.30
NobileSplit Travel Twin Tip Kiteboards

Nobile NHP Split Board Kiteboard

this is a board only - no fins or handle included  The latest technology from Nobile.  Rectangular channels on the tips guarantee super upwind performance and stability when riding and...
Core KiteboardingCore Kites

Core Fusion 5 Twintip Kiteboard

Core Fusion 5 Twin Tip   Fusion 5 Description A mission-ready twintip for all your adventures is just a click away. New from the water up, the Fusion 5 features...
$1,179.95 $749.00
CabrinhaTwintip Boards

2021 Cabrinha XCaliber Carbon Twintip Kiteboard

2021 CABRINHA XCALIBER CARBON KITEBOARD COMPETITION FREESTYLE Available Sizes:135 x 41, 138 x 42, 141 x 43 DESIGN PROFILE High performance freestyle model with structural carbon and incredible reflex. The...
$979.00 $699.00
LitewaveTwintip Boards

2023 Litewave Wing Freeride Board

The 2023 Litewave Wing has evolved into the strongest, lightest, and fastest all-wind BOSS. Riding in any wind speed has never been easier, even for the big guys. Tips are very thin...
$769.00 $699.00
Black FridaySlingshot Kite

Slingshot Glide V13 Light Wind Twin Tip Kiteboard

Slingshot Glide V13 Light Wind Twin Tip Kiteboard The Glide's reputation stands strong as one of the best beginner and light wind twin tips on the market. The new geometrical...
$760.00 $599.00
SlingshotTwintip Boards

Slingshot Crisis V4 Kiteboard Twintip

Who It's For: The Crisis V4 was built to be our any-session, every-session twin-tip workhorse. Package Includes:Crisis V4 Twin Tip, 4 - 1.75" Fins, Grab Handle SINGLE-CONCAVE HULL This time-tested...
SlingshotSlingshot Kite

Slingshot Misfit V11

Misfit V11 The MISFIT V11 is beginner friendly, freestyle friendly, upwind, downwind, flat water, chop and big-air friendly. It's our most versatile board, designed for all-conditions utility, with enough tech...
$699.99 $499.00
Garage SaleSlingshot Kite

Slingshot Misfit V11 Carbon Kiteboard

2023 Slingshot Misfit v11 Carbon Twin Tip   The MISFIT CARBON V1 is beginner friendly, freestyle friendly, upwind, downwind, flat water, chop and big-air friendly. It's our lightest and most...
$1,056.00 $499.00
Black FridayOn Sale Kite

2022 Slingshot Formula V2 Kiteboard Twin Tip

2022 slingshot v2 kite bored  twin tip       Houston Kiteboarding says:"Love this board!  Not only the lightest board slingshot has ever made but the lightest board I've ever...
$1,233.00 $499.00
Slingshot KiteTwintip Boards

Slingshot Crisis V3 Twintip Kiteboard

Slingshot V3 Crisis Kiteboard The Crisis has a time-tested outline that delivers a dry ride and plenty of performance for your first jumps and transitions. One of our most tested shapes,...
$653.00 $470.39
KiteboardingKitesurf Boards

2022 North Prime Kiteboard Twin Tip

2022 North Prime Twintip Board Instantly familiar, intuitive and comfortable, the Prime helps you progress faster in your freeride game. A sweet performer in all wind and water conditions, it...
$529.00 $345.00
Black FridayKitesurf Boards

Slingshot Karolina Pro 135cm - Twin tip Kiteboard

Slingshot's Description Karolina Pro PerformanceThe Karolina Pro delivers great pop and cushy landings thanks to a progressive rocker profile, subtle V-spine and lively wood core construction. With a versatile rocker...
$643.00 $199.00
Foot StrapsNorth Kiteboarding

2023 North Flex LX Strap Kit

DESCRIPTION From North Cushioning. Support. Shock absorption. The all-new 2023 Flex LX have a sense of luxury that speaks to the perfect balance between performance and design. Engineered to help...
$229.00 $149.00
Core KiteboardingCore Kites

Core Fusion 6 TwinTip Kiteboard

Core Fusion 6 Twin Tip Kiteboard DESCRIPTION From CORE More performance, lower carbon footprint PERFORMANCE FREERIDE + | FREESTYLE | BIG AIR MASTER EVERY CHALLENGE CORE’s bestselling twintip - now...
KiteboardingKitesurf Boards

2024 North Atmos Pro Carbon -White

2024 North Atmos Pro Carbon A dynamic ride with powerful upwind, precise edge control, rapid response and explosive pop. Reach earth’s atmosphere with the Atmos Pro, our pro-carbon high-performance freeride...
Twintip Boards

2023 CrazyFly Raptor LTD

2023 CrazyFly Raptor LTD - Freeride Perfection Sizes: 132 x 41cm / 136 x 41cm / 140 x 42cm / 143 x 43cm Raptor LTD is a true legend in our board...
KiteboardingNorth Kiteboarding

2024 North Atmos Hybrid twintip

2024 North Atmos Hybrid Our most popular high-performance freeride board for explosive boosting, looping and stable, predictable landings. The Atmos is powerful upwind with precise edge control. Strategically placed layers...
SlingshotSlingshot Kite

Slingshot Super Natural V2

Super Natural V2 The SUPER NATURAL V2 takes our mutant twin-tip hybrid to the next level. With its different nose and tail design, the SUPER NATURAL is able to excel...
SlingshotSlingshot Kite

Slingshot Asylum V6

Asylum V6 A hard-charging freestyle favorite, the ASYLUM V6 is a performance board loaded with cutting-edge design features for aggressive riders who like to GO big, RIDE fully powered and...
SlingshotSlingshot Kite

Slingshot Luna V2

Luna V2 Sharing a similar shape and outline to our award-winning Misfit, the LUNA V2 is a beginner/intermediate shape that has been optimized for the smaller, lighter kiteboarder. Available in...
SlingshotSlingshot Kite

Slingshot Dream Rider V1

Dream Rider V1 The Dream Rider is here to make riding a twin tip fun again! Our design team focused on creating one of the smoothest and most fun boards...
Twintip Boards

North Prime 2024

Instantly familiar, intuitive and comfortable, the Prime helps you progress faster in your Freeride game. A sweet performer in all wind and water conditions, it tracks upwind smoothly and slices...
Kitesurf BoardsNorth Kiteboarding

2022 North Astra Kiteboard

North 2022 Astra Freeride / Big Air Twin tip Kiteboard Light Rider - Perfect women's board.  We love the saying; "dynamite comes in small packages." Playful yet powerful, the Astra is...
$629.00 $299.00