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HydrofoilHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Neoprene Hydrofoil Wing Covers V2

These are just like the first version of neoprene covers EXCEPT they come with reinforced wing tips as seen in the photos.  Awesome fit and feel!
$46.00 $18.00
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

FoilMount Carbon 3.0 Adhesive Hydrofoil Track System

New for 2020 is the full carbon, low profile FoilMount 3.0 Carbon. This compressed carbon plate is not only beautiful it is also incredibly strong allowing it to be thinner...
$169.99 $129.99
Hydrofoil Partson sale hydrofoil

Slingshot Hover Glide 90cm (35.4in) Aluminum Hydrofoil Mast

90 cm (35.4 in.) Aluminum Mast fits all H series Slingshot Foil set ups.  With a Moses adapter, sold separately, this mast can also be used with the Ghost Whisperer and Moses...
$143.00 $114.39
HydrofoilHydrofoil Parts

Ride Engine Hydrofoil Masts

This mast will work on any Slingshot or Ride Engine Hydrofoil setup. 18" mast for Ride Engine's Futura Foil. This mast is an invaluable learning tool to help you get the...
$158.00 $79.99
Foil Accessorieson sale hydrofoil

TrimShim Stack-able Hydrofoil Shim System

The TrimShim stack-able hydrofoil shim system comprises of a set of specially made abs shims that lock-in to one another creating a stack-able shim.  Each shim in the kit is...
$69.00 $35.00
Black FridayCore Kites

Core XLITE Hydrofoil Kite 9m

From the designer: Besides weight, it tracks much better upwind has really nice balance and good power with soft power development. I highly recommend using small kites as it is...
$1,499.95 $749.00
Harnesseson sale hydrofoil

Mystic Hydrofoil Seat Harness

The new 2018 Mystic Foil Seat Harness has a BOA micro adjustment system for anatomical back support, along with comfortable leg straps and foam panels. "This harness is the missing...
$199.00 $55.00
Foil Bags and Travelon sale hydrofoil

Slingshot Hoverglide Hydrofoil Covers

Great and very durable hydrofoil cover set. Will fit many foils...check sizing in pictures. Bring your foil everywhere you go safe and contained! This bag is sized for the h5 wing.
$80.00 $29.00
F-OneFoil Accessories

F-One Inflatable Rocket Air Hydrofoil Track Adapter Plate

4-POINT FOIL MOUNT ADAPTER The 4-point foil mount adapter is specifically designed to work with the ROCKET AIR’s 4-point system. This adapter lets you mount any top plate to the...
$99.00 $69.00
HydrofoilHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot FPUMP Hydrofoil Travel Bag/Case - Hover Glide

Transport your entire FPUMP foil in one low profile, padded case. Made from a durable canvas material that is molded and will hold its shape. This case is designed specifically...
$180.40 $100.00
HydrofoilHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Hover Glide Infinity 65cm V2 Hydrofoil Front Wing Only

INFINITY 65 CM CARBON WING   KITE | WIND | WAKE | SURF If you’re looking for a high-speed, big air wing that has grip to rail through turns and...
$542.99 $383.99
ArmstrongArmstrong A+ Front Wings

Armstrong Hydrofoil Wing CF2400 V2 A+

Kite Foil Boardson sale hydrofoil

Slingshot Travel Craft Hydrofoil Board 90cm

Slingshot Travel Craft V1 Foilboard 90cm Long The Travel Craft has been optimized for size and space. We trimmed all the unnecessary size and volume out of this board to...
$899.99 $699.00
HydrofoilHydrofoil Parts

FWING Hydrofoil Travel Bag/Case - Hover Glide - Slingshot 2022

Transport your entire FWing foil in one low profile, padded case. Made from a durable canvas material that is molded and will hold its shape. This case is designed specifically for...
$180.40 $148.00
Hydrofoilon sale hydrofoil

2023 Slingshot Fwind V4 Hydrofoil kit

2023 SLINGSHOT HOVER GLIDE FWIND V4 BALANCED / FAST / MODULAR The Hover Glide is the choice for maneuver-oriented sailors and is forgiving enough for anyone who wants to take...
$1,381.00 $799.00
All Kite FoilCore Kites

Core SLC / XLite 2 Kite Hydrofoiling Package

Package Comes with: Core SLC Foilboard 115cm x 46 x 3.5 Vol:11.5L Core SLC 1250 w/ 71cm mast Core SLC Foil Bag Complete Core X- Lite 2 Core Sensor 3...
$6,500.00 $4,250.00
HydrofoilKiteboarding Hydrofoil Systems

Cabrinha Carbon Fusion Hydrofoil 70cm Base kit

2021 Cabrinha Fusion Foil Base Kit - Carbon Add a front and a rear wing for a complete foil. New Design for 2021 Improvements Stiffness Versatility Modularity Customization Expandability Solid...
$979.00 $831.20
ArmstrongArmstrong A+ Front Wings

Armstrong Hydrofoil Wing CF1200 V2

Broad Performance for a Wide Range of Disciplines, Skill Levels and Rider Weights Whether you’re just discovering foiling or already proficient, the CF1200 embodies the broad range of use that...