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DuotoneWing Foiling Accessories

Duotone Wrist Leash

This coiled wrist leash will keep your wing with you at all times. The coiled design prevents if from dragging in the water or getting caught up.
DuotoneDuotone Hand Wings

Duotone Mini Boom for Slick

Duotone's innovative Mini Boom on center strut design combines the best of both worlds in one wing – infinite hand placement and ease of handling for all types of riding. The...
Best ProductsDuotone

2023 Duotone Slick SLS Wing

DUOTONE SLICK SLS HAND WING (Both colors available in every size) PERFORMANCE FEATURES + Mini Boom – direct steering with ultimate grip range+ Positive lift – easy for tacks, lifty...
Bar PartsDuotone

2023 Duotone Freeride Quick Release Kit

Duotone Quick Release Freeride Kit Small chickenloop for Click and Trust bar This Duotone Chickenloop Freeride Kit is suitable for the Freeride kite surfer. The freeride chickenloop is the smallest...
DuotoneKiteboard Control Bars

2021 Duotone Click Bar and lines

The game-changing Click Bar is now even better in combination with the new FLITE99 lines by Robline. The Click Bar’s unique Trim Unit enables you to power and depower in...
DuotoneDuotone Hand Wings

2023 Duotone D/LAB Unit WingSurfing Hand Wing - Aluula

2023 Duotone Unit D/LAB Sizes: 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5 No compromise. No sacrifice. D/LAB is Duotone’s version of a moonshot program....
DuotoneKiteboard Control Bars

2023 Duotone Trust Bar and Lines

2023 DUOTONE TRUST BAR The Trust Bar has been the go-to control system for riders who prefer the traditional depower rope and cleat system, but there is nothing traditional about...
DuotoneKiteboard Control Bars

2023 Duotone Click Bar and lines Set

2023 Duotone Click Bar **CONTROL BAR REQUIRES CHICKEN LOOP - SOLD SEPARATELY** Click Bar The flagship control system from Duotone gives you the ultimate way to trim your kite without...
DuotoneDuotone Kiteboarding Kites

Duotone Juice D-LAB Kite Lightwind Kiteboarding Kite

2023 DUOTONE JUICE D/LAB FREERIDE / LIGHTWIND / FOIL What happens when you throw convention out the window and embrace the future of kite technology and innovation? D/LAB is precisely...
DuotoneUsed Kite Gear

Used Duotone Twin Tip 138 x 41.5cm complete with pads and straps

  Used duotone Gonzales twin tip 138x41.5 with pads and straps  comes as pictured   Call or email for any questions regarding this board. 2815086485
DuotoneDuotone Kiteboarding Kites

USED Duotone click bar

In good condition call or text (281) 508-6485 for more pictures. 
DuotoneDuotone Hand Wings

Duotone Pump (wing/kite)

Duotone’s pump comes with the adapter needed to inflate Duotone Kites and Wings. 
DuotoneLight Wind WingFoil Hand Wings

2023 Duotone Unit V3 Wing

2023 Duotone Unit V3 Wing SURF & DOWNWIND / JUMPING & FREESTYLE / FREERIDE Sizes: 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5...
DuotoneTwintip Boards

2023 Duotone Team Series SLS Kiteboard board only

TEAM SERIES SLS COMPETITION FREESTYLE Sizes: 136 / 140 / 144 The TS SLS takes the legendary Team Series and gives it an SLS makeover with a Biax Carbon and...

2023 Duotone Jamie SLS Kiteboarding Board Only

JAIME SLS PERFORMANCE FREESTYLE Sizes: 133 / 136 / 139 / 142 Looking for the ultimate freestyle and big air board to take your jumps to the next level? The...
Big Air / FreeRide KitesDuotone

2023 Duotone Evo SLS Kiteboarding Kite

EVO SLS FREERIDE/FREESTYLE/WAVE Sizes: 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 Looking For A Kite For Every Wind Condition? Evo SLS Has You Covered!...
Bar PartsDuotone

2023 Duotone Quick Release rope harness Kit

Duotone Quick Release rope harness Kit  Rope slider for Click and Trust bar Specifications Short leash included Suitable for the Duotone Trust and Click bar (fits on bars from 2015)...
DuotoneDuotone Kiteboarding Kites

2023 Duotone Rebel SLS - High End Performance Freeride / Big Air - Kiteboarding Kite

2023 Duotone REBEL SLS Kite HIGH PERFORMANCE FREERIDE/BIG AIR Sizes: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 No...
DuotoneDuotone Kiteboarding Kites

2023 Duotone Neo D/Lab

2023 Duotone Neo D/Lab Kiteboarding Kite In search of the best wave-riding performance? The Neo D/LAB is the most advanced wave kite available, featuring an Aluula frame that delivers otherworldly...
DuotoneDuotone Hand Wings

2022 Duotone Slick Foil Wing 40% off - last one

Duotone Slick Foil Wing We have only a couple of these left in stock! Get them while you can: 1qty 3.5m - white/mint 1 qty 4.5m - white / mint...
$928.95 $509.40
DuotoneDuotone Hand Wings

2022 Duotone Unit V2 Wingfoil Wing

I have Two of these wings left in stock:  1qty -6.0 - black / teal / white  1 qty- 6.5 - black / purple / white  The new Unit will...
$920.19 $887.20
Bar PartsDuotone

2022 Duotone Trust Control Bar

2022 Duotone Trust Control Bar **Chicken loop not included - select your loop to complete the bar** Sizes: 19 / 22 / 24 / 27m Lines The excellent Duotone Trust...
DuotoneUsed Foil Gear

2022 Duotone slick SLS 5.0

Hand Wing has 2 repairs on leading edge but is still crispy Been used only a couple of times. Was dropped in the waves and ripped on its leading edge ....
DuotoneKiteboard Control Bars

2022 Duotone Click Bar and lines Set

2022 Duotone Click Bar **CONTROL BAR REQUIRES CHICKEN LOOP - SOLD SEPARATELY** Sizes:S (42cm): 20m / 22mM (49cm): 22m / 24m The Duotone Click Bar revolutionized how we control our...
DuotoneSurf Boards

2022 Duotone Fish SLS Kite-Surfboard

The Fish SLS has quickly become one of our best-selling boards - everyone who rides it falls in love. Designed by Duotone shaper Sky Solbach, the board is designed to...

2023 Duotone Evo D/Lab Kiteboarding Kite

Description The Evo D/LAB delivers a large performance upgrade to our most popular kite model. The new Aluula frame construction offers unrivalled durability while delivering substantial performance enhancements. Firstly, the...
DuotoneUsed Kite Gear

Used 2022 Duotone SLS Neo 11m

Like new flown twice, Call or text (281) 508-6485 for more pictures