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Foot Straps

Carved Ultra 2 Pads & Strap Kit

From Carved Ultra pads and straps. The best hold for the best twintip. Features Easy-to-adjust Power Trim: Micro-adjust your straps on the fly with our snowboard-inspired bindings. Click, click, and...
Core KiteboardingCore Kites

Core Union Pro 4 Pads and Straps

Core Union 4 Pads & Straps Union Pro 4 Description Meet our Union Pro pads & straps with an improved, high-vis strap. We like the split strap design for its...
Foot Straps

Slingshot Dually V7 Pads and Straps

Who It's For: Riders looking for maximum control, comfort on big landings and adjustability to optimize your feet and riding style, with no gimmicks. Package Includes:Dually V7, M6 Mounting Hardware
Foot Straps

Slingshot Fly Strap V2

Who It's For: Riders who appreciate a lighter design and streamlined comfort allow you to focus on what matters most: kiteboarding. flystrap is the best. Package Includes: Fly Strap V2,...
Foot Straps

Slingshot Fly Strap V1 Foot Straps

Slingshot Fly Strap V1 Foot Straps Free of gimmicks and gadgets, the Fly Strap has been built on a proven and straightforward foundation that feels like it “disappears” on your...
$231.99 $185.00
DuotoneFoot Straps

2023 Duotone Entity Pads and Straps L

A Duotone Kiteboard binding is a specialized device used to attach a rider's feet to a kiteboard. The bindings typically consist of two main components: a foot strap and a baseplate. The foot strap is usually adjustable and can be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes and types of boots and shoes. The baseplate is usually made of metal and is designed to securely attach the foot strap to the kiteboard. Some bindings also come with additional features such as a toe cap and adjustable straps for a more secure fit. The Ergo Footstrap binding is an example of a high-performance binding that is designed to provide maximum comfort and control while riding. The binding features an ergonomic design that improves the rider's connection to the board and offers superior control and power. It also includes an adjustable toe-cap and straps to further enhance the rider's connection to the board. Size Chart in shoe sizeS = 32 to 38  | M = 38 to 42 | L = 42 to 44 | XL = 44 to...
Core KiteboardingCore Kites

Core Union Comfort Pad & Strap

Basic yet essential for maximum stoke. The newly developed, ergonomic, shock absorbing, foot pad will give you the confidence to push your limits. The “Diamond Wedge EVA” memory foam, “toe...
Foot StrapsLitewave

Litewave Biometric Straps and Pads

The Litewave Biometric Binding is back again for 2021, and has all the comfort you'd expect from a Litewave Dave designed product. The Biometric Binding features dual velcro straps for a solid...
Foot StrapsNorth Kiteboarding

2023 North Flex LX Strap Kit

DESCRIPTION From North Cushioning. Support. Shock absorption. The all-new 2023 Flex LX have a sense of luxury that speaks to the perfect balance between performance and design. Engineered to help...
$229.00 $149.00
Foot StrapsHydrofoil

2024 North Free-V Foil Strap Set

Free-V Foil Strap Set **this version of these straps are made out of neoprene materials** Experience greater control and connection to your foil with our lightweight cushioned foil board straps....
F-OneFoil Accessories

F-one V strap foil board

our new V-STRAPS have been specifically designed for foil boards. The shape and material have been selected to bring maximum comfort and support while riding. Both straps have a thin...
Foot StrapsHydrofoil

North Free-V Foil Strap Set

ABOUT: Experience greater control and connection to your foil with our lightweight cushioned foil board straps. The V-shaped front strap allows you to switch feet when tacking, without needing to...
Foot StrapsHydrofoil

2024 North Free-V Lo Foil Strap Set

2024 North Free-V Lo Straps **The "Lo" Version of these straps are made out of a foam material** Description: A comfortable low-profile, super lightweight strap set with a V-shaped double...
Foot Straps

2024 North Free-Lo Surf Straps

  I N C L U D E S : 2 Straps, 4 screws, 4 washers S I Z E : 900 Black: O/S
Foot Straps

North Free-Lo Surf Straps

North FREE-LO L I G H T W E I G H T  S T R A P S On the down low A low-profile, super lightweight strap designed for...
$59.00 $39.00
Foil AccessoriesFoot Straps

Ride Engine Ultra Lite Footstrap

Ride Engine Ultra-Lite Foot Strap Coming in at .10kg (100 grams) per strap, the Ultra-Lite Foot Strap’s minimalist design offers a secure, no-frills connection for your kite surfboards, foil boards and...
Foil AccessoriesFoot Straps

Fanatic Sky Footstraps Premium

Fanatic Premium SUP/Foil Footstrap Adjustable footstraps from Fanatic that are longer than a standard windsurfing footstrap. if you have a hard time getting your straps big enough, or if you...
Foot Straps

2024 North Flex Pro Binding

2024 North Flex Pro Binding   About: Cushioning. Support. Shock absorption. The 2024 Flex Pro are engineered to help absorb and disperse impact after gravity-defying boosts, with triple-density dynamic support...
Foot Straps

Slingshot Dually V6 Pads and Straps

Slingshot V6 Dually Kiteboard Foot Pad/Strap Kit The Dually V6 returns for its sixth iteration as our premium and highest-end footstrap system. We have created an all-new cushioning unit and...
Board PartsFoot Straps

Slingshot Dually Foot Pads and Straps

We stripped our existing Dually platform down to the bones and rebuilt it from the toes up. The result is a reimagined and reengineered binding that provides better grip, leverage...
$257.99 $199.00
Foot Straps

2024 North Flex TT Binding

2024 North Flex TT Binding About: At North, we understand comfort is critical to performance. That’s why we’ve dedicated two years to refining our best value lightweight binding, ensuring a...
$229.00 $139.00
Foot Straps

North Twin Tip Accessory Kit

ABOUT: Strong, abrasion resistant composite fins with dogbone washers and M6 screws. Lightweight and ergonomic TwinTip handle with ultimate grip when wet. All TwinTip board hardware enables use of the...
Foot StrapsSlingshot Kite

Slingshot Half Strap (Single Strap)

This is a single half strap...these normally sell in sets of 2.    Provides support and safety for your foiling Perfect learning tool for entry-level foilers Safer than straps, prevents...