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Board PartsCore Kiteboarding

Core 42mm Kiteboard Fins (pack of 4)

Our midsize G10 fin balances sure footed grip and playfulness. Not just for pros but for anyone ready to immerse themselves in all things freestyle. The Pro Fin. For easy...
Board PartsFoil Accessories

Slingshot Half Hooks Straps 2.0 (2 pack)

Provides support and safety for your foiling Perfect learning tool for entry-level foilers Safer than straps, prevents ankle injuries Universal mount with variable stance and angle adjustments One size fits...
$73.32 $65.99
Board PartsNobile


  6 screw set: --2 handle screws 14mm --4 strap/fin screws 19mm   4 screw set:  --4 strap/fin screws 19mm
Board PartsFoot Straps

Slingshot Dually Foot Pads and Straps

We stripped our existing Dually platform down to the bones and rebuilt it from the toes up. The result is a reimagined and reengineered binding that provides better grip, leverage...
$257.99 $199.00
Board PartsNobile

Nobile G10 40mm Fins Set (set of 4)

Nobile G10 Fins 40mm Nobile G10 fins are made of stiff glass composite which guarantees high durability. This material makes the connection between fins and the board very strong, while...
Board PartsKiteboarding Accessories

Oceanus Technology EEL Reel Leash

Oceanus Technology EEL Reel Leash This is our latest and most versatile model. The EEL incorporates a number ofpopular modifications all wrapped into one unit. We have re-enforced the feedport...
Board Parts

Fly Door G10 Fin set

Holes are spaced at 1.5" apart may be compatible with other boards. Comes complete with hardware
Board PartsWing Foiling Accessories

Slingshot Half Straps WF-T

CONNECT / SAFE / PROGRESSIONThe WF-T half strap is an excellent addition to your foil setup when learning. It makes itsuper easy to stay connected to your board for deep-water...
$73.32 $29.99
Board Parts

Fastrack Stock hardware kit

(4 SS female t-nuts, 6 SS tapered washers, 6 SS tapers screws 10-24x1/2", 4 Nylon Washers) Compatible products: All Slingshot boards equipped with the Slingshot Fastrack Mounting System. 
Board PartsSlingshot Kite

Slingshot Half Strap Shim Set

Slingshot Half Strap Shim Set Adjust the angle of your Slingshot Half Strap for a tighter fit. Allows customization to accommodate different foot sizes, usw tih or without booties and desired...
Board PartsKiteboarding


Designed to carry the board in a more practical and balanced way when setting the board in the water. It is also great for board-off tricks when you are in...
Board Parts

Ozone Kiteboard Handle with bolts

Ozone’s moulded grab handle for twintip kitesurf/ kiteboards. A pre moulded design offers a firm grip with no flex in the grab handle. Will fit all boards with 20cm handle...
Board PartsFoil Accessories

Surf Screws for Surf Straps

Set of 4. M6x23 self-tapping screw, compatible with all 2013 - current Slingshot surfboards. Moses, Takuma, Ride Engine and others use this strap hardware as well.