Looking for all the best materials made by Aluula Composites! Look no further. This is a collection of all of the materials that are made by Aluula composites from any manufacturer.
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2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A Series - Aluula Kite

The ALUULA-powered A-Series Flite is a 3-strut kite that is highly responsive yet lighter than current no-strut kites, providing optimum light wind performance, while retaining precision and control in increased...
$2,999.00 $2,399.00
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Ocean Rodeo Glide 1.0 Aluula A-Series Wing

Ocean Rodeo Glide Aluula A-Series Wing Current 2022 Wingfoil Racing Overall World Cup Champion Proven - the fastest wing in the world! We took everything we learned while developing our...
$1,578.00 $1,105.30
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsBlack Friday

2022 Ocean Rodeo Roam A Series Aluula Kite

Ocean Rodeo Roam Black Aluula Kites  The Rome kite is Ocean Rodeo 3 strut Foil / Surf kite Chris (after getting on it myself I say it's a great all...
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsDuotone

2023 Duotone Unit V3 D / LAB

2023 Duotone Unit D / LAB  w/ Free Forward WIP Wing Harness Line & Air Shipping Sizes: 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5...
$1,829.00 $1,463.00
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsDuotone

2023 Duotone Evo D/Lab Kiteboarding Kite - in stock

2023 Duotone Evo D/Lab Kiteboarding Kite Description If you have flown an Evo, you know how good it is. Add D/Lab tech to this kite and take yourself to another level!...
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsDuotone

Duotone Juice D-LAB Kite Lightwind Kiteboarding Kite

2023 DUOTONE JUICE D/LAB FREERIDE / LIGHTWIND / FOIL What happens when you throw convention out the window and embrace the future of kite technology and innovation? D/LAB is precisely...
$3,749.00 $2,999.00
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Ocean Rodeo AA-Glide Series Wing

Discipline: All Around - Surf / Freestyle / Race New for 2023, the Glide AA is our first all ALUULA composite wing and the launch pad for new ALUULA technologies:...
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsDuotone

2024 Duotone Ventis D/LAB Wing

2024 Duotone Ventis D/LAB Wing LIGHTWIND / FREERIDE Sizes: 7m / 8m Description: Introducing the latest innovation in light wind Wing Foiling - the Ventis D/LAB ensures you are first...
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsDuotone

2023 Duotone Neo D/Lab

2023 Duotone Neo D/Lab Kiteboarding Kite In search of the best wave-riding performance? The Neo D/LAB is the most advanced wave kite available, featuring an Aluula frame that delivers otherworldly...