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SabFoil / Moses

SabFoil / Moses Mast 82cm Carbon Plate

The shape and the profile of mast M82 are designed to have one of the stiffest carbon mast on the market, with an exceptional torsional strength. Full-carbon mast with a high density wood core. The shape...
SabFoil / Moses


The W899-BP LTD front wing, designed in collaboration with pro-rider Balz Muller, provides excellent performance for the Wing! The increased surface area compared to the W799-BP, the wingspan of 899mm and the high profile guarantee high maneuverability and agility,...
SabFoil / Moses

Moses 940 Front Wing - Surf

AVAILABLE FROM APRIL 2021 New front wing W940, precisely designed for pure surfing! The flat design and the reduced surface (1100cm2) guarantee a perfect maneuvrability among waves, while keeping high the speed. New...
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SABFOIL 633 Front Wing Only

W633 is the most fun front wing on the market. Capable of transforming every body of water into a real foiling playground. LIFT SPEED9/10 CONTROL7/10 MANEUVERABILITY9/10 UPWIND6/10 TOPSPEED7/10 W633 is the most fun front wing on the...
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Moses 671 Front Wing RACE SURF / WING / WINDSURF

The W671 has the same design as the IKA W670, so pure racing performances from the Sabfoil Racing Division. LIFT SPEED8/10 CONTROL9/10 MANEUVERABILITY8/10 UPWIND9/10 TOPSPEED10/10 The W671 has the same design as the IKA W670, but...
$644.00 $450.00
SabFoil / Moses

Sabfoil Kraken Hydrofoil Fuselage

SABfoil Fuselage - Kraken Modular Sysem 603 mm Fuselage - Kraken Modular System Kite - Surf - Wing  603 mm aluminum fuselage, with T6 front wing connection type (small chord and M6 screws). Thanks to the connection...
SabFoil / Moses

Moses 421 Rear Wing

New stabilizer from the Sabfoil Racing Division IKA registered 2020/2024 The race stabilizer that makes our W670 faster and even more stable. It will be a great addition to your stabilizers set...
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Moses to Slingshot Adapter Plate

Use any size Slingshot mast with your Moses setup.  All Slingshot flight school masts 18", 24", 28", full length 35.4" kite mast, or 28" surf mast will work with this...
SabFoil / Moses

Sabfoil Front Wing 1350 Leviathan

Sabfoil Front Wing 1350 Leviathan Leviathan 1350 Front Wing T8 Connection Recommended for Pumping and Downwind Front wing Leviathan 1350 has been purely designed for PumpFoil and Downwind. The dedicated profile and design make it perfect...
SabFoil / Moses

Sabfoil Front Wing 1350 - 1880 CM2

Disciplines: Pumping - Wing Front Wing Connection Type: T8 Recommended for: Downwind - Pumping The front wing W1350 has been purely designed for Pump-Foil and Downwind The dedicated profile and design make it perfect for pump-foil and infinite gliding. Technical information...
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Sabfoil Leviathan 1750 Front Wing Only

The Leviathan 1750 front wing is a unique piece of equipment for pump foilers, but above all for SUP enthusiasts. It is designed specifically for flat water conditions and offers exceptional efficiency in gliding and take-off. Although its size...
$1,287.00 $990.00
SabFoil / Moses

Sabfoil Leviathon 1550 Pro Finish

abfoil Leviathan 1550 Pro Finish | T8 Hydrofoil Front Wing MAIN SPECS Surface: 2140 cm2 AR: 11,30 Wingspan: 1550 mm Volume: 2757 cm3
SabFoil / Moses

SABFOIL 799 Balz Muller LTD Front Wing

FRONT WING 799 BALZ MULLER LTD WING - 1100 CM2 Includes: W799-BP - Front wing 799 Balz Muller LTD Wing - 1100 CM2 MH124 - TITANIUM Screws - 1 x...
on-sale-itemSabFoil / Moses

Sabfoil Front Wing 1150 Leviathan Front Wing Only

WL1150 - FRONT WING LEVIATHAN 1150- 1580 CM2 Leviathan 1150 Front Wing T8 Connection Recommended for Pumping and Downwind Front wing Leviathan 1150 has been purely designed for PumpFoil and Downwind. The dedicated profile and design...
$897.00 $690.00
SabFoil / Moses

SabFoil Kraken Hydrofoil Mast

SABfoil Kraken Carbon Mast PLATE (P02K) AND TUTTLE (T03K) SOLD SEPARATELY Interdisciplinary Carbon Mast - Kraken Modular System  Sizes: 63cm / 73cm / 83cm / 93cm / 103cm 63cm Kraken Carbon Mast...
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Moses 800 Front Wing Only SLALOM RACE SURF / WING / WIND

Designed for windsurf slalom, this extremely fast wing will excite you while surfing. LIFT SPEED8/10 CONTROL10/10 MANEUVERABILITY8/10 UPWIND9/10 TOPSPEED10/10 Designed for windsurf slalom, this extremely fast wing will excite you while surfing. W800 is a slalom...
SabFoil / Moses


Disciplines: Kite - Wind - Wing - Surf Recommended for: Wave - Freestyle - Freeride - Freestyle Pro - Fast Freeride Wing-Fuselage Connection: T8 Range: Medusa Take Off Speed: 13...
on-sale-itemSabFoil / Moses

Sabfoil Medusa Front Wing Only

The Medusa 799 front wing is optimized for freestyle, and finds its best use in wing and wind foiling with medium-strong wind conditions. With its medium aspect ratio and compact size, it offers exceptional maneuverability and enables dynamic aerial performances. The high...
$650.00 $500.00
SabFoil / Moses

Moses 483 Rear Wing

The S483 can be used with every wave wing in our collection and the downward tips allow you to shorten the turning radius with respect to S450 while keeping high the entering speed and releasing energy while pumping. This stabilizer was created...
SabFoil / Moses

Sabfoil Carbon Base Plate for all Kraken Masts

SABFOIL Full-Carbon Kraken Plate Carbon plate for Masts of the Kraken Modular System range The CP02K Carbon Kraken Plate was born as an upgrade of its aluminum counterpart (P02K) The...
SabFoil / Moses

Moses 330 Rear Wing

  The S330 is an all-round stabilizer, with a good amount of drive and stability that will help you go faster and be confident. IKA YOUTH FOIL CLASS Registered A thicker profile and...
SabFoil / Moses


Sabfoil Reverse 375 Pro Finish | Hydrofoil Stabilizer MAIN SPECS Surface: 178 cm2 AR: 8,08 Wingspan: 380 mm Chord: 61,72 mm STABILITY MANEUVERABILITY SPEED RangeReverse Stabilizer-Fuselage ConnectionStandard Recommended with front...
SabFoil / Moses

Sabfoil Kraken Quick Release System

SABfoil Kraken Quick Release System Quick Release System for Kraken Masts Kraken Modular System - PATENTED Thanks to this upgrade you can decide to leave the plate (P02K) or the tuttle (T03K)...
SabFoil / Moses

Moses 420 - 483 Stabilizer covers

Stabilizer Cover 420/421/425/450/483 - This cover is designed for Moses rear stabilizer wings measuring 420 to 483.  - This cover fits stabilizers 420, 421, 425, 450 and 483.