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New Slingshot Light Weight Base Plate for Hover Glide Foils

Slingshot Top Plate V2 Hover Glide The lighter base plate makes the whole hoverglide setup 1/2 pound lighter.  It also includes drop-in slots so you don't have to remove the...
$120.00 $110.00
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Stainless Steel Torx Tools

These are T30 and T40 torx tools for all M8 and M6 foil hardware.  The tool is made from Stainless steel so will not rust.  Torx Hardware    
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Axis Hydrofoil Replacement Bolts sold each

All hardware is torx drive and 316 stainless steelM8x30mm x 2 Carbon Mast to FuselageM8x20mm x 4 Red Fuse Front wingsM6x14mm x 2 Black Fuse Front WingsM6x18mm x 2 Black...
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Slingshot RapidTrack Pedestal Kit

Who It's For: This package contains replacement parts for the sled section of the RapidTrack Aluminum Mast System. Package Includes:2 x 6061 AL Anodized Sleds 2 x SS M6x25 FlagScrews...
Slingshot Foil Hardware

Slingshot RapidTrack Board Kit

THE DESIGN DIFFERENCE “Flag Screws” are a complete toolless hardware solution that will eliminate managing screws and track nuts or losing them when they fall out of the board in...
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Sabfoil Conical Washers Hardware Kit MH143

Hardware Kit Conical Washers Conical washers replacement set for KMS fuselages and aluminum plate P02K.
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Sabfoil Hardware Kit MH138

Hardware Kit F663K/F703K/F753K/F903K/F1003K Hardware kit to connect F663K/F703K/F753K/F903K/F1003K fuselages to mast.
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Slingshot Phantasm Aluminum Wide Body Mast Pedestal

Lightweight pedestal base for Phantasm wide body masts.
$105.00 $94.99