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Core KiteboardingCore Kites

Core XR7 - High Performance - Kiteboarding Package

Core is at the pinnacle of quality, performance, and durability.  There is not better brand for all of these factors.  The XR7 kite comes from a long line of excellent...
$3,842.61 $3,642.61
CabrinhaKite Foil Kites

Cabrinha Switchblade Kiteboarding Package

This Switchblade package is perfect for someone getting into the sport of kiteboarding.  The Switchblade kite from Cabrinha has been one of the easiest kites to ride and to progress. ...
Kiteboarding Packages

2022 Cabrinha Switchblade 12m Complete kiteboarding Package

This Package comes complete with Everything you need to get out on the water: 2022 Cabrinha Switchblade 12m Performance All-Around Kiteboarding Kite  Cabrinha Quickloop Overdrive Trimlite Bar and Lines  Cabrinha...
CabrinhaKite Foil Kites

Cabrinha Contra Freeride Kite and Hydrofoil Crossover Package

This setup is perfect for lighter riders in light winds on a twintip or as a crossover kite for twintip riding and hydrofoil action when the winds get very light. ...
Kiteboarding PackagesNorth Kiteboarding

2022 North Orbit Big Air Kiteboarding Package

North Orbit 8m, 9m or 10m. A North Navigator 2022 Bar and lines set and a Twin Tip board complete with Flex Pads and Straps. Pick your favorite Mystic Harness of...
KiteboardingKiteboarding Packages

Slingshot 2022 Machine Kite, Bar, Board Kiteboarding Package

Package includes:-2022 Slingshot 15m Machine Kite with bag, repair kit, etc-2022 Slingshot Sentry Bar and lines set with Kite leash and bag-Slingshot Crisis 146cm Kiteboard with fins, handle, etc-Slingshot Dually...
$3,758.95 $2,799.00
Kiteboarding Packages

2022 North Reach 12m Kiteboarding Package

This Pacakge Come complete with:  2022 North Reach 12m All Around Kiteboarding Kite North Navigator Bar  North Prime 144 Twin Tip  North Flex Foot Straps M/L  Mystic Star Hybrid Seat...

Cabrinha Switchblade 12m Kite, Bar, Board Package

Package includes- 12m 2021 Switchblade Kiteboarding kite with bag, repair kit, and directions- Cabrinha Trimlite bar and lines set with Quickloop with kite leash- 144cm Cabrinha Spectrum Board with fins...
$3,318.95 $2,299.00