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Efoil AccessoriesFoil Accessories

Foildrive 4.2ah Battery only

Additional Lithium-Ion battery for the Foil Drive Assist PLUS system only. Not compatible with Assist. Standard 12.6ah Battery = 1.7kgSmall 4.2ah Battery = 0.6kg (Strictly no e-foiling) The Small 4.2ah Battery is perfect for Wing...
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Wind Carver Longboard Skateboard

The Wind Carver is the ideal longboard skateboard for cruising, carving, land paddling, and Wingboarding or Kiteboarding on Land. It's an exhilarating longboard to ride that "feels" like riding waves...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

GoFoil and Standard Deep Tuttle Adapter Plate for 4-bolt System

This is a dual purpose adapter plate that will accommodate both the GoFoil Symmetrical deep tuttle and the standard Deep tuttle.  The adapter includes "drop-in" fastening slots for easy in and...
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Hover Glide to Phantasm Fuse Adapter

WHY WE MADE ITHave a Hover Glide mast and want to get into the new Phantasm platform? This mast-to-fuse adapter is your answer.
$158.00 $142.99
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

FoilMount Carbon 3.0 Adhesive Hydrofoil Track System

New for 2020 is the full carbon, low profile FoilMount 3.0 Carbon. This compressed carbon plate is not only beautiful it is also incredibly strong allowing it to be thinner...
$169.99 $129.99
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New Slingshot Light Weight Base Plate for Hover Glide Foils

Slingshot Top Plate V2 Hover Glide The lighter base plate makes the whole hoverglide setup 1/2 pound lighter.  It also includes drop-in slots so you don't have to remove the...
$120.00 $110.00
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Slingshot Sup Winder Stick on Keel

The SUP WINDER from Slingshot is the first of its kind stick on keel. This makes it easy to go upwind with a wing and no foil on the bottom...
Foil AccessoriesSlingshot Kite

Slingshot set of 3 surf straps

Set of three Slingshot 2020 surf straps including the washers.These will work on ANY hydrofoil boards.
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Hoverglide Hydrofoil Hardware Set

Hoverglide Hydrofoil Hardware Set.Get a full set of original Titanium Bolts for the Hoverglide Hydrofoil Setup.
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Slingshot Hover Glide FKite V4 Travel Case

Transport your entire FKite foil in one low profile, padded case. Made from a durable canvas material that is molded and will hold its shape. This case is designed specifically...
$152.00 $99.00
Bags and TravelFoil Accessories

Star Foil board Daypack Wide Fit - Travel - Mystic

4mm padding Extra foam rail protection Velcro foil mast opening Transparent tool pockets inside Adjustable board webbing straps Basic shoulder strap (detachable) Carry handles
ArmstrongFoil Accessories

Armstrong Performance Mast Top Hardware M7 X 25MM Titanium Screw Set with Titanium Hardware

Armstrong M7 T Nut Foil Track Hardware Set - (Dome Head Screws) Proprietary titanium M7 mast top hardware follows suit with a strong, light and drag reducing connection to the...
F-OneFoil Accessories

F-one V strap foil board

our new V-STRAPS have been specifically designed for foil boards. The shape and material have been selected to bring maximum comfort and support while riding. Both straps have a thin...
ArmstrongFoil Accessories

Armstrong Waist/ Knee / Ankle Leash

Waist leashes are perfect for Wing Foiling - keeping the arms free to Fly. SUP racing is drag free and downwind or small wave foiling as there is no water...
Foil AccessoriesSlingshot Kite

Slingshot set of 2 surf straps

An adjustable, comfortable, secure connection to your board with Slingshot's classic surf straps. No Velcro here; tighten with one easy pull on the strap, loosen with a quick push on...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

Moses to Slingshot Adapter Plate

Use any size Slingshot mast with your Moses setup.  All Slingshot flight school masts 18", 24", 28", full length 35.4" kite mast, or 28" surf mast will work with this...
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TrimShim Stack-able Hydrofoil Shim System

The TrimShim stack-able hydrofoil shim system comprises of a set of specially made abs shims that lock-in to one another creating a stack-able shim.  Each shim in the kit is...
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Slingshot Half Hooks Straps 2.0 (2 pack)

Provides support and safety for your foiling Perfect learning tool for entry-level foilers Safer than straps, prevents ankle injuries Universal mount with variable stance and angle adjustments One size fits...
$73.32 $65.99
Foil AccessoriesSlingshot

SupWinder Keel Only

This is just the extra large Slingshot Keep from the SUPWINDER setup that will work in any SUP A-box fin insert.  These size keel fins are very hard to find.  ...
Foil AccessoriesSafety Gear

Ride Engine Taxi Knee Pads

Kneeling while wing foiling is a necessity, even if the grippy EVA deck pad tends to rip holes in your knees.Spend more time on the water with less pain by...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

Demo Deep Tuttle adapter

This was used one time and is in like new condition.  Converts a deep tuttle to a 4-bolt plate.  includes no hardware.
$169.00 $45.00
Efoil AccessoriesFoil Accessories

Ride Engine Expedition Tie Down Wide

Whether you are road-tripping your way to San Carlos, Mexico, or Klitmøller, Denmark, the Expedition Tie Down Straps are ready for the long haul with 15 feet of ultra-strong webbing.These...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

FoilMount Removal Tool (two parts)

This is the easiest way to completely remove a FoilMount from a board or other surface without damage to the mounted surface.  It is a fairly quick and easy procedure consisting...
Efoil AccessoriesEpic Surfski

NSI Adhesive Stick-On SUP and Kayak Handle

Light Grab Handle For Your Board! The NSI SUP Board Handle is now available with NSI's popular Rubber Plates incorporated into the handle. The Rubber Plate is flexible for curved...
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Hoverglide Hardware Replacement Set

A Stainless Steel alternative to the Titanium (expensive) hardware set. These all have large Philips head or large #6 Allen-head drives so they are very hard to strip.  They are...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

Wizardhat Universal Hydrofoil Hardware Set

This hardware set will work with any base plate or 4-bolt tracked board on the market.  This included M8 or M6 base plates and tracks.  There is no more need...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

Wizardhat Hydrofoil Hardware Set

This hardware set will work with any base plate or 4-bolt tracked board on the market.  This included M8 or M6 base plates and tracks.  There is no more need...
Efoil AccessoriesFoil Accessories

Ride Engine Peak Aero Rack Pad

A good set of rack pads will go a long way in keeping your boards ding-free and your From the Autobahn to the PCH, the Peak Aero Roof Rack Pad...
CanoesEfoil Accessories

Ride Engine Expedition Tie Down Narrow

Do your travel plans include planes, vans, trucks, cars, boats to outer reefs, etc? Then you need the Trip Tie Down Straps.Lightweight for travel, but bombproof for the securing of...
Foil AccessoriesRide Engine

Ride Engine Roof Straps (tie down straps)

Rugged tie down straps with heavy duty one-way cam buckles that grip tight and won’t loosen on the road and extra padding under the buckle to protect whatever you’re strapping...
Foil AccessoriesFoot Straps

Ride Engine Ultra Lite Footstrap

Ride Engine Ultra-Lite Foot Strap Coming in at .10kg (100 grams) per strap, the Ultra-Lite Foot Strap’s minimalist design offers a secure, no-frills connection for your kite surfboards, foil boards and...
ArmstrongFoil Accessories

Armstrong Replacement Hardware set of 4 (stainless Steel)

This is a full set of replacement hardware for the Armstrong system (4 complete T-nuts, 25mm M6 bolts, and custom washers).  Everything is stainless steel instead of the titanium made...
Efoil AccessoriesFoil Accessories

Mystic DTS Fannypack

These have a pink hue to them.  Mystic DTS Fannypack For day trips and nights out, the new Dark Tech Series Fannypack is completely waterproof and will keep up to...
$40.00 $29.00
Foil AccessoriesFoot Straps

Fanatic Sky Footstraps Premium

Fanatic Premium SUP/Foil Footstrap Adjustable footstraps from Fanatic that are longer than a standard windsurfing footstrap. if you have a hard time getting your straps big enough, or if you...
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Ride Engine Minimalist EVA Foot Strap

Less can be more. Don't believe us? Then check out our Minimalist Foot Strap, built with thermoformed EVA, it's the perfect strap if you want to stay connected but also...
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil Parts

Liquid Force Slider Bolts for Hydrofoil Track

Brass T-nut inserts and countersunk bolts to mount Hydrofoils on the Happy pill Foil board and Rocket Foil board from Liquid Force. Includes 4 brass T-nuts and 4 stainless M8x30mm...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

Stainless Steel Hydrofoil Track Hardware Set-Torx

Stainless Hydrofoil Track Hardware set Includes  M8 X 25mm - Flat Head Bolts with Torx T-40 (See Pictures) - 4 Qty M8 Low Profile Stainless T-Nuts - 4 Qty  FoilMount...
CanoesEfoil Accessories

NSI Stick-on Leash Loop

NSI stick-on loop leash - One piece. This item attached to any smooth surface and sticks with incredible ferocity due to the 3M VHB sticky back pad.Great for: • SUP•...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

M6 Stainless Steel T-nut Replacements Set of 4

These are Replacement M6 Stainless Steel T-nuts for hydrofoil track systems. They work for Takuma hydrofoil setups and other baseplates that require M6 bolts. Super low profile. These are hard...
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Slingshot RapidTrack Flag Screw - M6 x 25mm

DESCRIPTION The RapidTrack foil-board connection system was developed to get you on the water easier and faster. Designed to maximize efficiency and convenience. Package includes: 1 x Flag Screw with...
Foil AccessoriesFoil Bags and Travel

Slingshot Neoprene Wing Covers

Protect yourself and your foil wings while they are out of the water with this durable and soft neoprene foil wing cover.
$33.00 $10.00
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

Replacement Hoverglide Mast to Fuselage Bolts

M8 x 45mm Stainless steel socket head bolts
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

Wizardhat T-bolt sets in various lengths (4 qty)

These are M6 diameter 316 Stainless Steel T-bolts to be used with the wizard hat hardware set in various sizes.  These come in sets of 4 in each pack.  They...
Foil AccessoriesSUP/SUP Foil Boards


Vent plug for crossbreed  SUP and others
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil Parts

Replacement Moses Stainless Steel M6 Socket Head Bolts

These are replacement bolts for Moses fuselage to Mast connection M6 x 20mm Kite Fuselage F647M6 x 25mm Surf/SUP Fuselage F710 Sold Each..
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

M8 Hydrofoil Track Brass T-Nuts

Extra brass T-nuts for your tracked hydrofoil.  These are salt water approved and perfect for all Liquid Force, Lift, Slingshot, etc track systems.  They are M8 standard metric threads which...
$2.50 $2.25
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

Stainless Steel M8 Socket Bolts Allen Key drive

These socket head shoulder bolts are used in various hydrofoils and adapters.  Select the size and qty you would like to buy. Measure length of bolt from the bottom of...
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil Parts

M8 Pan Head Bolt Hydrofoil Mounting Replacement Hardware

These are extra stainless steel M8 bolts for your hydrofoil setup. These are all Pan head Stainless Metric Bolts in various sizes.  We can tell you what size you need for most...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

M8 Flat Head Stainless Steel Hydrofoil Bolts

M8 Stainless Flat head bolts with a 1.25 thread pitch.These are the standard Metric bolts used on most hydrofoil boards.  All have a large #4 phillips head drive.   The...
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil Parts

M8 Flat Head Bolt Hydrofoil Mounting Replacement Hardware

These are extra stainless steel M8 bolts for your hydrofoil setup.  Sold as each. These are all countersunk flat head Stainless Metric Bolts in various sizes.  We can tell you...
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil Parts

M6 Pan Head Bolt Hydrofoil Mounting Replacement Hardware

These are extra stainless steel M6 bolts for your hydrofoil setup. These are all Pan head Stainless Metric Bolts in various sizes.  We can tell you what size you need for most...
Foil AccessoriesWing Foiling Accessories

Jetski Tow Rescue Sled

**New 2022 sleds have only yellow trim**  In-stock Oct 15th, 2021Designed to be towed by PWC (Jet Ski) for fast rescue. Rescue PWC Tow Sleds Soft Hybrid  62-inch & 71-Inch...
Foil AccessoriesSale & Used

2022 Cabrinha X-Series Front Wing MKII

FUSION X-SERIES MKII When we introduced the X-Series wings, we took Cabrinha’s foil program to a whole new level. Through working alongside SINTEF and the University of Norway where we...
Foil AccessoriesFoil Bags and Travel

Slingshot FSUP Travel Case

Transport your entire FSUP foil in one low profile, padded case. Made from a durable canvas material that is molded and will hold its shape. This case is designed specifically...
$164.00 $148.00
Foil AccessoriesSafety Gear

RESTUBE Inflatable Bouyancy Device

RESTUBE Sports If you've ever been out on a long run with the wind and looked back to see how far you really got and hope nothing goes wrong.  The...
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil Parts

Hover Glide Foil Hardware Kit - Slingshot 2022

Hover Glide titanium hardware pack for your foil spare and backup needs. Better safe than sorry! pack includes: 2-M8X40mm Pedestal Bolts 2-M6X30mm Rear Wing Screws 2-M8X45mm Fuselage Bolts (A Position)...
Bags and TravelFoil Accessories

Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf V3 Travel Case (Fits Infin76)

Transport your entire foil in one low profile, padded case. Made from a durable canvas material that is molded and will hold its shape. This case is designed specifically for...
$152.00 $99.00
Bags and TravelFoil Accessories

Star Foil board Daypack Slim Fit - Travel - Mystic

This boardbag is ideal for slimmer foilboards. It features an opening on the bottom for the mast to fit into, so the foil can be left attached to the board....
F-OneFoil Accessories

F-One Inflatable Rocket Air Hydrofoil Track Adapter Plate

4-POINT FOIL MOUNT ADAPTER The 4-point foil mount adapter is specifically designed to work with the ROCKET AIR’s 4-point system. This adapter lets you mount any top plate to the...
$99.00 $69.00
DuotoneDuotone Hand Wings

Duotone Pump (wing/kite)

Duotone’s pump comes with the adapter needed to inflate Duotone Kites and Wings. 
Foil AccessoriesRide Engine

Ride Engine Front Traction Pads

Melting in the car, melting on the beach, slippery when cold, gooey when hot—sometimes wax can be a total pain. For those that don’t want to deal with the hassles...
Foil AccessoriesSafety Gear


Serious swells call for a serious leash, the Kainui Big Wave leash offers the security you need in double overhead to triple overhead surf. Constructed of the highest quality 5/16-inch...
Foil AccessoriesHouston Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding and Wing Weight Bag

These sand bags stand up so you don't lose them.  They also sport two bridle hooks that you can connect to your bridle lines to secure more than one kite. ...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

Brass M8 Hydrofoil Track Hardware Set- Phillips

Brass Hydrofoil Track Hardware set Includes: M8 X 25mm - Flat Head Bolts with Phillips #3 (See Pictures) - 4 Qty M8 Brass T-Nuts - 4 Qty  FITS ALL SLINGSHOT , LIFT...
Foil AccessoriesSurf Foil Accessories

Fanatic Sky Air Closed T-nuts (set of 4)

These are special closed brass T-nuts for use in the Fanatic inflatable Sky Air boards.   4 qty T-nuts per pack.
Foil AccessoriesHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Titanium M8 x 50mm Flat Heat Bolts

Hover Glide foil hardware. For a complete parts list, see the product page for your specific foil.Bolt to Connect Switch Fuselage to Mast:-FWind 1-FWind 2-FSurf/SUP
Board PartsFoil Accessories

Surf Screws for Surf Straps

Set of 4. M6x23 self-tapping screw, compatible with all 2013 - current Slingshot surfboards. Moses, Takuma, Ride Engine and others use this strap hardware as well.