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North KiteboardingWingFoil Hand Wings

2023 North Nova Wing Foiling Hand Wing

2023 North Nova From North: Your everything. A wing with power when needed, leaving no rider wanting. Maximum low-end to get you up on the foil earlier. Top-end performance that...
KitesNorth Kiteboarding

2022 / 2023 North Reach Kite

2023 North Reach Kiteboarding Kite   **25% off navigator bar purchased with kite** Add kite & bar to cart for discounts** "The Reach is like four kites in one." - Jessi...
North KiteboardingSurf Foil Boards

2022 North Swell Foil Board

North Swell 2022 Surf Foil Board Catch every wave and more. Now with rocker and redistributed volume, the 2022 Swell delivers a more forgiving ride with better wave-fit, crisper release,exceptional...
Garage SaleKiteboarding

2022 North Carve Kiteboarding Kite

North 2022 Carve Wave / Strapless Freestyle Kite The chase is on - Powerful, reactive and controllable, the Carve powers on and off instantly, so you can stay in the pocket for longer...
$1,419.00 $650.00
Carbon Fiber Pump-Foiling BoardsNorth Kiteboarding

2022 North Scoop Mini Foil Board

2022 North Scoop Mini Foil Board Item Includes:  Board, DropBox 25mm Screw Pack (4x M8x25mm, 4x T-Nuts) When we set out to design the Scoop Mini, we wanted to craft...
$999.00 $649.00
KiteboardingNorth Kiteboarding

2023 North Code Zero - Foil Kite

2023 North Code Zero kite foiling kite Description Borrowed from our North sailing heritage, Code Zero is the name of a sail born to go fast in light, shifty conditions....
$949.00 $619.00
Kiteboard Control BarsNorth Kiteboarding

2022 North Navigator Control Bar

2022 North Navigator Control Bar Bar Description Switch effortlessly between disciplines with the Toolless Interloop, our no-tools required modular harness loop replacement system. The Navigator Control System connects you intuitively...
KiteboardingKitesurf Boards

2022 North Prime Kiteboard Twin Tip

2022 North Prime Twintip Board Instantly familiar, intuitive and comfortable, the Prime helps you progress faster in your freeride game. A sweet performer in all wind and water conditions, it...
$529.00 $345.00
Kitesurf BoardsNorth Kiteboarding

2022 North Astra Kiteboard

North 2022 Astra Freeride / Big Air Twin tip Kiteboard Light Rider - Perfect women's board.  We love the saying; "dynamite comes in small packages." Playful yet powerful, the Astra is...
$629.00 $299.00
Hydrofoil PartsNorth Kiteboarding

North Sonar Carbon Fiber Fuselage

Our new high-strength pre-preg carbon fuselage is strong, durable and corrosion resistant, and weighs ~50% less than the alloy version, with equal strength and stiffness. The shorter length C600 Fuselage...
HydrofoilHydrofoil Parts

North Sonar AF Foil Mast

North Sonar Foil Mast Sizes: 72cm or 85cm What North has to say about the Sonar Foil Mast Our new refined aluminum foil section gives the best balance between light...
Foot StrapsHydrofoil

North Free-V Foil Strap Set

ABOUT: Experience greater control and connection to your foil with our lightweight cushioned foil board straps. The V-shaped front strap allows you to switch feet when tacking, without needing to...
Kite FoilsNorth Kiteboarding

North Sonar Carbon Foil Package

North Sonar Carbon Foil Package. What North has to say about the Sonar Carbon Foil Insane response. Incredible performance. Our new highest quality pre-preg carbon modular foil edition provides a...
North KiteboardingWingFoil

2024 North Seek Foilboard-Titanium (Pre Order Only)

From North Let the Seek wing-foil board take you places you’ve never been. Upwind, downwind, ocean roller or lake. Engineered for an intuitive and direct connection to your hydrofoil, the...
North Kiteboarding

2024 North Reach Kite

2024 North Reach Kiteboarding Kite From North Lively and playful, this 3-strut allrounder has unparalleled versatility and wind range. Easy jumps. Upwind performance. Effortless relaunch. For 2024 the Reach is...
North Kiteboarding

2024 North Orbit Kite

DESCRIPTION From North Committing to overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions demands an unwavering trust in your kite. Our iconic premier 5-strut kite delivers incredible top-end control and allows...
KitesNorth Kiteboarding

2024 North Carve Kiteboarding Kite

2024 North Carve Kiteboarding Kite Surf / Strapless Freestyle   Sizes: 4m / 5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m / 11m / 12m / 13m...
KiteboardingKitesurf Boards

2024 North Atmos Pro Carbon -White

2024 North Atmos Pro Carbon A dynamic ride with powerful upwind, precise edge control, rapid response and explosive pop. Reach earth’s atmosphere with the Atmos Pro, our pro-carbon high-performance freeride...
Kite Foil KitesKiteboarding

2024 North Code Zero Kite

2024 North Code Zero Kite Description: Borrowed from our North sailing heritage, Code Zero is the name of a sail born to go fast in light, shifty conditions. Like its...
KiteboardingNorth Kiteboarding

2024 North Atmos Hybrid twintip

2024 North Atmos Hybrid Our most popular high-performance freeride board for explosive boosting, looping and stable, predictable landings. The Atmos is powerful upwind with precise edge control. Strategically placed layers...
North Kiteboarding

2023 North Sonar Foil Edition Aluminum DS

 North Sonar Edition Aluminum  Start building your modular quiver here. The new refined aluminium mast profile section delivers an optimal balance between light weight and exceptional strength, so you can...
Hydrofoil PartsNorth Kiteboarding

North Sonar Carbon Fiber Foil Mast

Performance wing, surf and SUP foiling Our new highest quality pre-preg carbon mast delivers a stiffer, more direct feel and more immediate feedback. Tapered for optimal load transfer and lower...
Hydrofoil PartsNorth Kiteboarding

North Sonar 2200R Front Wing

The new 2200R reflexed wing is brilliant for lightwind wing-foiling. Unbelievable stability and slow stall speed through the turn makes learning gybes and tacks easier, giving newer riders confidence to...
$629.00 $566.00
Hydrofoil PartsNorth Kiteboarding

North Sonar 1500R Front Wing

The Sonar 1500R is a true crossover wing with real performance across every foiling discipline. So stable, you’ll feel like you’re like standing on the ground. The 1500R is great...
$599.00 $521.00
Hydrofoil PartsNorth Kiteboarding

North Sonar 1850R Front Wing

The new reflexed 1850R front wing gives you impressive control throughout the entire speed range, with extreme top-end speeds for such a large wing and an unbelievably low stall speed....
$599.00 $521.00
Hydrofoil PartsNorth Kiteboarding

North Sonar 850 Front Wing Only

The perfect foil you will never outgrow. Amazing top end and bottom end speed, yet playful and forgiving, the Sonar 850 is your ultimate freeride wing. Smooth control at both...
$439.00 $349.00
Bar PartsNorth Kiteboarding

North Navigator Slide Surf Chicken Loop 2022

2022 North Slide Surf Loop Includes: Loop, 2x Spare Lockguard For use with rope harness North offers five Tool-less Harness Loops, each ideally suited to a different style of riding....
North Kiteboarding

2022 North Stabilizer Shim Kit DS

The rear Stabilizer’s main role is to maintain a level and stable flight path. But conditions and user preference may change what stabilizer angle feels the best (aka the sweet...
Bar PartsNorth Kiteboarding

Navigator Short Freeride Chicken Loop w/ Finger - North

North Navigator Chicken loop. Standard short Chicken Loop Design. Works with all year model Navigator bars.