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Black FridayEfoil

LIFT4 Efoil Electric Hydrofoil Board Full Range

We have LIFT4 units in stock and shipping daily in all sizes and colorsBuying an Efoil is a big deal!  They are the most amazing product you will ever own and...
Black FridayEfoil

LIFT4 Efoil Electric Hydrofoil Board Light Battery

We have LIFT4 efoils in all sizes and colors in-stock and shipping dailyBuying an Efoil is a big deal!  They are the most amazing product you will ever own and...
Black FridayEfoil Accessories

Lift Gen4 Efoil Battery Full Range

The Lift Full Range Battery Gen4 is a custom lithium-ion battery built for rugged marine environments. It offers peak performance and the most comprehensive safety components on the market. This latest iteration of the Lift...
Black FridayFoilDrive

Foil Drive Assist Plus Project Cedrus Integrated Mast - Black Friday

The FoilDrive system has been integral in helping people of all skills master some of the harder sports of foiling like surf, SUP, and wingfoiling.  It just makes learning fun!...
$4,500.00 $3,000.00
Black FridayDuotone Wing Foil Boards

2023 Fanatic Sky Free TE Wingboard

2023 Fanatic Sky Free TE Wing Foil Board FEEL FREE Sizes: 5'3'' / 5'5'' Our new Sky Free Team Edition was designed for riders looking for the easiest board to...
$1,724.25 $1,724.00
Black FridayF-One

F-One Rocket Wing Carbon Wingboard

F-One Rocket Wing Carbon Wingboard The ROCKET WING CARBON have been specifically designed to handle all your wildest freestyle tricks. Stiff, highly responsive, and maneuverable Carbon construction adapted to the...
$2,409.00 $1,669.00
Black FridayF-One

F-one Rocket ASC w/ Swing V2 5.0 Package

F-One ASC Board: At 5’10 for 110L. the board has enough volume and width to make it possible for most riders to stand-up easily as well as making sure that...
Aluula Wing/Kite ProductsBest Products

2023 Duotone Unit V3 D / LAB - Ink Transferred Canopy Deal

2023 Duotone Unit D / LAB  Sizes: 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5 Are you looking for a wing experience unlike anything you’ve...
$1,989.00 $1,392.00
Black FridayDuotone Wing Foil Boards

Sky Surf TE

Sky Surf TE NEXT GENERATION Sizes: 4'2'' / 4'4'' / 4'6'' Our Sky Surf TE combines prone foiling and radical winging in three shapes ranging from grom to mid weight...
$1,999.00 $1,149.25
Black FridayHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Phantasm Carbon Mast V1.1 - 92cm

Slingshot Phantasm Carbon Mast V1.1 CARBON / MODULAR / PERFORMANCE Sizes: 72cm / 82cm / 92cm / 102cm Package Includes: Phantasm Carbon Mast, Padded Mast Cover, Pedestal, Hardware (316 Stainless...
$1,209.99 $899.00
Black FridayCore Kites

Core XLITE Hydrofoil Kite 9m

From the designer: Besides weight, it tracks much better upwind has really nice balance and good power with soft power development. I highly recommend using small kites as it is...
$1,499.95 $749.00
Black Fridayon-sale-item

Slingshot I-FLY V1 Wing Foil Board

Slingshot I-Fly Wing Foil Board COMPACT / RIDGID / DURABLEThe I-FLY inflatable foil boards are lightweight and packable witha large carbon foil plate on the bottom that provides a stiff...
$1,129.00 $729.00
Black FridayOn Sale Kite

Slingshot Glide V13 Light Wind Twin Tip Kiteboard

Slingshot Glide V13 Light Wind Twin Tip Kiteboard The Glide's reputation stands strong as one of the best beginner and light wind twin tips on the market. The new geometrical...
$760.00 $699.00
All Kite FoilBlack Friday

Slingshot UFO V2 Kite Foiling Kite - Orange

Slingshot UFO V2   Unlimited / Foiling / Object Building on the foundation of its predecessor, the UFO V2 expands on the lightweight strutless design by implementing space-age materials that...
$1,088.00 $699.00
Black FridayGarage Sale

2023 Slingshot WING RAIDER V1 Wing Foil Board

2023 Slingshot Wing Raider V1   COMPACT / AGILE / EFFICIENT We started off with a compact outline that reduces swing weightand provides precise foil control. Key to the design...
$1,629.00 $699.00
All Kite FoilBlack Friday

Slingshot Ghost V2 Kiteboarding Kite

Boasting a new single luff-strut construction and design, the Ghost V2 continues to redefine lightning-fast handling, incredible drift, and maximum simplicity. WHY WE MADE IT We built the Ghost V2...
$1,035.00 $649.00
All Kite FoilBlack Friday

Flysurfer Peak5 Foil Kite

This single-skin concept combines Flysurfer's passion for usability and security that will make your outdoor kite experience unforgettable. The best light wind handling and backstall resistance let you set off with...
Armstrong A+ Front WingsBlack Friday

Armstrong A+ System High Aspect 1525 Front Wing Only

We’ve found that this foil’s excellent low end ability makes lightwind cruising and tacking a breeze. Looking to link up endless bumps down the coast? The HA1525’s impressive speed and...
Black FridayCore Kiteboarding

Core Sensor 3 & Sensor 3+

Core Sensor 3/ 3+ Bar Core is uping the Bar game with there newest bar the sensor 3/ 3+ with looks to be the cleanest bar yet. Here are some...
$629.95 $499.00
Black FridayFlysurfer

Flysurfer Mojo Hand Wing

The MOJO turns your free time into pure enjoyment! The highly efficient surf wing has one mission: to maximize your water time! It reacts to your movements in a powerful,...
$899.00 $498.00
Black FridayKiteboard Control Bars

Slingshot Sentry V1.1 Control Bar

Slingshot Sentry V1.1 Control Bar You asked for it! The Sentry V1.1 kite bar has new PU coated center lines which allow for smooth & effortless bar travel with added durability....
$733.00 $339.00
Black FridayHydrofoil

Slingshot Phantasm Aluminum Mast V1 - 92cm

MODULAR / AFFORDABLE / TRAVELThe Phantasm aluminum mast is made from light and strong 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum.The included pedestal adapter works with all standard foil tracks. The mast is compatiblewith...
$409.99 $249.00
Black FridayMystic

Mystic Marshall Fullsuit 5/3 Fzip Wetsuit

FULLSUIT / FRONT-ZIPWhat about it Step up your game with a Marshall front-zip wetsuit. Hand-sketched by our design team and tested on multiple fitting models to get the perfect fit....
Black FridayHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Hover Glide Rear Wing Stabilizer

The Slingshot Hover Glide Carbon Rear Wing Stabilizer is a key component of the Slingshot Hover Glide wakefoils. The 48cm wing is ideally paired with larger wings like the Infinity 84, while the 42cm...
$245.52 $150.00
Black Fridayon-sale-item

Ride Engine Womens Pali Vest

With a tailored pattern, the female-specific Pali Impact Vest is optimized to perfectly fit the curves of a woman’s body. Designed for smooth integration with a waist or seat harness,...
$153.00 $137.70
Black Fridayon-sale-item

Mystic Majestic Impact Vest Fzip

Corduroy super stretch lining on the outside, stuffed with clash foam on the inside to make sure only your ego hurts when wiping out. The plus range Majestic Impact Vest...
$159.00 $89.00
Black FridayBooties

Mystic Ease 3mm High-Cut Round-Toe Neoprene Boot

Mystic Ease 3mm High-Cut Round-Toe Neoprene Water Boot 2023 Model.  They are sized using the European system so use the size chart to translate into your US size. Boot /...
$59.98 $35.00
Black FridayHoodies/Jackets

Mystic Wind Barrier Jacket - Black

Mystic Wind Barrier Kite - Spray Top What HKC has to say:  These are nice for warmer rainy overcast days with some light neoprene underneath. The mystic Wind Barrier Windbreaker...
$129.99 $29.00
Black Fridayon-sale-item

Mens Hudson Latex Gasket Dry suit Size XL Only

Description Trimmable latex at the neck and wrists makes this robust and highly versatile men's drysuit customizable to create the ultimate watertight seal. 3-layer Marinespec BP fabric and reinforced sock...
$999.00 $599.00
Black FridayHydrofoil Parts

Slingshot Phantasm PTM 1001 ( 1119 cm2) - Front Wing Only

Slingshot PTM 1001MM FRONT WING V1 (1119 CM2 HA) GLIDE / PUMP / EFFICIENCY The Phantasm Technical Mastery (PTM) 1001 front wing was designed to deliver the most glide and give...
$677.77 $299.00
Black FridayKitesurf Boards

Slingshot Karolina Pro 135cm - Twin tip Kiteboard

Slingshot's Description Karolina Pro PerformanceThe Karolina Pro delivers great pop and cushy landings thanks to a progressive rocker profile, subtle V-spine and lively wood core construction. With a versatile rocker...
$643.00 $199.00