Riding Spots

Houston kiteboarding and wingfoiling areas
Kite Shop
We are located at 524 9th Ave N in Texas City, right on Galveston Bay about 2min from all of the riding locations. We have Kites, Boards, Wings, Wingboards, Efoils, Hydrofoils, Harnesses, and all waterwear and riding accessories in stock and ready to sell.  We are open 7-days a week.  We also have a sattelite location at the main watersports beach located on the 8.5 acre private watersports beach.  
For more info see www.houstonkiteboarding.com

Main Watersports Beach
Houston Kiteboarding Beach Property is home to Houston Kiteboard Club and where Houston Kiteboarding teaches kiteboarding, kitefoil, wingfoil, efoil, and operates a windsport rental and retail space.  This is 2 square miles of waist deep water with deep water entrances for foiling upto 100cm mast length.  Best on S, SE, E, NE, N winds...No west wind

Mosquito Island
Hydrofoil and Twin-tip best on SW, S, SE, E.  Rig kites on the grassy area to the west of the shelly beach.  There is a shoal of shell on the east side that goes out about 1/2 mile into the bay that you cannot see on deep water days.  Great spot!

Dike Mile 4 Riding Area
Deep water Hydrofoil Twin-tip...Any Wind Direction.  Beach launch.  Drive onto the beach and rig right next to your car.  This area gets busy on weekends in the summer but weekdays and  winter riding is phenomenal!  Keep in mind there are tanker waves so don't park your car right next to the water.  

5-Mile Slick Area
On a north or south wind the leeside of this Dike is butter smooth and offers a 5mi long slick to excellent riding.  The best direction is a N or NE as the north winds are stronger and the south side of the dike is deeper for throwing massive tricks.  The entrances and launches vary but on a north wind the best is the small beach locationed at about mile 1.5 down the dike.  rig and launch in the small field next to the parking lot and enter the water on the small beach on the south side of the dike. 

Tanker Surfing Area
Location of easiest Tanker surfing break for north bound boats. This is where we take new foilers for their first tanker surfing rides.  We call this the kiddy pool area because it is so easy to catch waves here.  It is close enough to the end of the dike that some people actually paddle out on SUPs or ride their efoils out to do some foil surfing. 

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