2023 Flysurfer Hybrid Kiteboarding Kite

Flysrufer Hybrid Kiteboarding Kite Foil Kite Sizes: 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.5 / 7.5 / 9.5 / 11.5 Includes: HYBRID HYBRID Bag Repair Kit Sandbag Kite Safety Guide Description Foil-kite...

Flysrufer Hybrid Kiteboarding Kite

Foil Kite

Sizes: 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.5 / 7.5 / 9.5 / 11.5


  • HYBRID Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • Sandbag
  • Kite Safety Guide


Foil-kite technology of the future is integrated into a new product line to make kite sports more accessible. We believe we have created the best kite for the next generation, engineered for easy control and leading the way with fun, progression, and durability season after season. The HYBRID merges two foil-kite constructions: Double- and Single-Skin. It combines the depower and stability of a Single-Skin and the water relaunch ability, control and handling of a Double-Skin. The compact kite‘s performance and bar feel can be changed with the „Performance Tuner“ technical feature. Choose between hard and soft settings to change bar pressure and kite power. The low aspect ratio, self-inflatable kite generates minimal lift and moderate power spikes to accommodate youngsters beginning their shred journey. Empower that potential and get them started young!


TX-Light Hybrid Konzept

Single/Double-Skin construction using TX-Light/DLX+ fabrics. Water-launchable and self-inflatable kite.

FLS System

Frontline Flag-out System connected to the opposite side of the leading edge to ensure reactivation after release.

Compact Kite

Ultralight, low aspect ratio kite with small packing size. Generates moderate power spikes to stay in control at any given time.

Compact Mixer

Pulley System to tune the kite after heavy use. The compact version of our Mixer saves weight and reduces drag.

Performance Tuner

Knot ladder on C-pulley line to modify the camber of the kite; Shortening increases low-end power and steering/holding forces. Lengthening does the opposite, decreasing maximum power, and steering/holding power.



HYBRID and PEAK have the same requirements but are fundamentally different. Both products are very light, durable, and easy to control. The HYBRID is designed for use on the water and is comfortable to ride in gusty inland areas or offshore spots. The closed leading edge makes the kite launchable off the water. The FLS system ensures minimum pull after use of the quick release. The kite flags out on one line and can be reactivated. Compared to the PEAK, it has a calmer bar feel and sits further forward in the wind window.

Learning with the HYBRID

A product, a tool, a kite that will not only revolutionize training but also promote the learning progress of individuals. The HYBRID is our range of school kites that simplifies children and twin-tip training. From land training to your first run upwind, teach every step with one product. Even starting with the HYBRID from the boat is no problem and sets no limit to successful training. Perfect for rental for skilled kiters who want to teach themselves how to foil.

The HYBRID, a kite for the whole family

There is nothing better than trying out new sports with children. Exercise is important for personal development and health. Our invitation to everyone who has always dreamed of going on the water with their children, sliding around on snow, or playing with the wind in the meadows. The HYBRID is a stunt kite in the morning, a twin-tip kite for children at noon, and a low wind kite in the evening with which you can foil into the sunset yourself.


Glide stress-free over the water to feel the thrust of the waves. The HYBRID is the perfect choice for hydrofoilers kiting with large front wings. You can fully concentrate on foiling thanks to the moderate power peaks and the majestic drift. The ultimate ride for frequent flyers and adventurers who always want to have their kite quiver with them!


2.5m 18-32 CONNECT Control Bar, FORCE Control Bar [S][S] 17m - 14m
5.5m 12-22 CONNECT Control Bar, FORCE Control Bar [M][M][M] / [L], INFINITY XX Control [M] / [L] 23m - 17m
11.5m 8-13 FORCE Control Bar [M] / [L], INFINITY XX Control [M] / [L] 23m - 17m







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