UniFoil Progression 125 Complete Hydrofoil

UniFoil Progression 125 Complete Hydrofoil  With the 125 we wanted to explore the progressive attributes of the 140. We realized that the 140 is an incredible foil in up to...

UniFoil Progression 125 Complete Hydrofoil

 With the 125 we wanted to explore the progressive attributes of the 140. We realized that the 140 is an incredible foil in up to chest, but that lighter or higher level riders would want something that could push the limits of progression. So the 125 keeps the feel of the 140 but is faster in speed and roll while maintaining a forgiving, relatively low stall. It’s also more efficient in the water and is the highest aspect Progression foil. We changed the dihedral to increase roll and pulled back the tips to keep the same stable feel during carves. It’s my go to towing or in better surf. And its the daily driver for my 140 pound son.


Size in² 125
Size cm² 806
Span 898mm
Cord 116mm
Aspect Ratio 10:1


Handling and Performance

  • Lowered Stall Speed = More glide time, less cardio, reduced fatigue.
  • Stable pitch control = Forgiving and intuitive feel gives you more confidence to push it.
  • Direct connection between rider and foil =  More control in tip breaches, more reactive, stable in turbulence.
  • High Aspect Dihedral = Tighter turns.

What level/conditions/disciplines does it work in?

  • For all levels of foiler.
  • Across many disciplines: prone, wing, downwind, tow.
  • In perfectly groomed offshore waves and onshore slop.



WHAT’S Included

  • Progression front wing
  • Rear wing set
  • Mast (750 mm, 830mm or 950mm)
  • 2-Bolt split fuselage 
  • Titanium board mounting T-Nuts and screws
  • Titanium hardware with spares included standard 2 of every nut and bolt
  • Padded wing and mast covers
  • Padded carrying case



Meet your new daily-driver. It won’t just ignite your progression: it’ll put a match under it and blow it sky high.

High aspect performance for high-level pros and average joes.

The Progression is the first high-aspect hydrofoil that works equally well for all levels of foiler, from beginner to advanced and pro.

This foil is a true unicorn that has a super low stall speed with the increased glide and pumpability of a true high aspect, while still turning like a mid aspect surf wing.

Erik's Progression Tuning Guide

"I recommend you pair the 140 or 170 wing with our super-stiff Katana mast and G10 tail pack for the best performance.

"I mostly use the medium fuse, shiv tail 13 and 14 inch, 0 shim for glide and pump days or 0.5 shim for tow or bigger wave days. I'll use the short fuse for when I want even tighter radius turns, and the long fuse for DW runs.

"The Progression excels in all types of waves and works equally well for prone, winging or downwind runs. Each size in the range was built from the ground up, not scaled." - Erik Antonson

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