Foil Drive Assist Plus Project Cedrus Integrated Mast

The FoilDrive system has been integral in helping people of all skills master some of the harder sports of foiling like surf, SUP, and wingfoiling.  It just makes learning fun!...

The FoilDrive system has been integral in helping people of all skills master some of the harder sports of foiling like surf, SUP, and wingfoiling.  It just makes learning fun!
-Phil Midler

We have Axis, Unifoil and Lift adapters for Cedrus mast in stock....just let us konw what you want after you order.  We can also have Cedrus send you any adapter you'd like. 

Want to optimize your ride, enter the Foil Drive Assist PLUS Project Cedrus Integration!

This collaboration brings you the best of both where your Foil Drive Assist PLUS becomes fully integrated with the beautifully crafted, Aluminium Project Cedrus Mast and Adaptors. For riders who wish to have a fixed motor position, upgrading to a Cedrus integration will make your riding experience smoother than ever.

The internal cable significantly reduces drag both in the water, and on re-entry, improving your efficiency, glide and hydrodynamics.

Handmade in the US, the Project Cedrus Aluminium Mast is the perfect pairing, aligning with our ethos of a product that can be used with your existing foil gear. Project Cedrus has a growing list of fuselage adaptors that allow you to ride your existing foils.

PLEASE NOTE: Units are shipped with the longest possible cable...this cannot be cut or lengthened but the 200cm included cable length will work on any board and in any configuration.  The extra cable can be coiled and secured with the battery box. 

Project Cedrus Adaptors: We keep the Project Cedrus Adapters in stock but this integrated mast will work with the standard Cedrus adapters if you have them already or want to source directly from them.

Batteries: The Standard 12.6ah Battery is perfect for flatwater foildriving, heavier riders or those wanting longer sessions. Read more about batteries HERE.

Cable Length: For waterproofing, the cable has been manufactured into the motor, this means cable lengths cannot be shortened or lengthened.  For this reason we sell our units with only the longest cable option so it will fit ANY board you're using it on.  If there is excess cable you can coil it with a strap next to the battery housing.  This way you can use your system on any board you have without issues.  Read about selecting the right cable length for your application here.

Low Volume Prone Boards: Although intended for larger, SUP style boards, the Assist PLUS can be used on lower volume foil boards. There is a lot of great content on Youtube from several creators as there are some extra things to consider. 

Motor Mount Location:
We offer two in-stock motor positions for the Cedrus mast.  The 68cm motor position is measured from the top of the mast and good for efoiling.  The 24cm option is ideal for Surf foil, SUPfoil, Wingfoil, and Downwind foiling.  

Install weight: 3.7kg (Assist PLUS) - 6.15kg (Total Install weight with 80cm Mast)
Operating Voltage: 28-32v
Max Thrust: 24.5kg (Aluminium Propellers)
Runtime: 30min-3hrs depending on use case and other variables.
Recharge time: Appx. 2hrs (Standard Battery)
Install time: 5mins

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