Deciding the size of Efoil to get is easier than you think when you consider how you plan to use your unit. 

How to Choose Efoil Size

Deciding the size of Efoil to get is easier than you think when you consider how you plan to use your unit.  If you're looking at the smaller units 4'2" or 4'9" you can consider if others will be using the unit.  If you and your partner are the only ones who will be on the efoil the 4'2" Pro will be perfect as you will learn to really master it.  If you will have other friends and family wanting to use the unit the 4'9" would be better as it is the smallest board others can learn to ride easily.  If you will mostly have other using the unit and/or there are heavier riders that will be riding the 5'4" will be a better option.  This is also a great size for taking your dog or child on board with you.  For people with mobility issues getting up or just wanting a super stable ride that is easy to learn and progress with maximum tandem riding possibilities the 5'9" is the rig for you.  These are not all of the factors below are other specific things to think about. 


You can travel with any Efoil size but the 4'2" and 4'9" are the easiest to take on an airplane.  Don't forge the Zarges case for easy airline travel with lithium ion batteries anywhere in the world.  We also have the new Elite roller travel bags in stock. 

Hanging with Friends

Teaching your friends to ride an efoil is fun and fairly easy, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Use the standard prop with shroud, either 28" or 32" mast is easy for training.  Make sure you dial down the power governor to maybe 5-6 lightening bolts to give them an easier time with power control.  This may seem like a safety measure but it is actually just adjusting the trigger pull sensitivity so that new riders have an easier time adjusting the power while riding.  If you leave the unit on 15 bolts the trigger is very sensitive, which will make it difficult to master.  Also, talk them through riding the board to get to a flat plaining speed before transitioning to their feet and trying to get up.  This may seem obvious but this is one of the most common issues, people trying to hydrofoil a low speed while at a high board angle.   

Propulsion Length

The Standard Propulsion length for the Lift3 efoil is now 32" total length which gives riders a functional height of about 28" above the motor.  Those of us who hydrofoil on other platforms know that this is about perfect for most sports and specifically surfing.  Unlike other types of foiling the Efoil's direct thrust at the fuselage prevents the same difficulty that we all experienced learning on long masts.  This means you can buy and learn easily on the longer 32" propulsion system and will benefit by the height when you progress.  This being said if you have a 28" propulsion and want to upgrade we now sell 32" propulsion system only which will interface and work perfectly with ANY model Lift (1,2,3).


Folding Versus Standard Prop

Switching the standard prop and shroud out for the folding prop is a complete game changer and everyone should do it at some point.  We get the question a lot if you should just buy your unit with the folding prop.  If you already have an efoil and this is your second unit then "yes".  If it is your first unit you will want the standard prop as it is harder to master throttle and general riding with the folding prop first.  It will also be more difficult and to train your friends.  Once everyone is trained and mastered the folding pro is key for long gliding rides and maximum battery life.  Coupling the folding prop with the high aspect wings will take your swell surfing and battery life to another level.  

Wing Choice

Front wings - V2 Surf wings are medium aspect wings that are fun and dynamic on the efoil.  The 200 surf V2 is our go-to wing for most medium or small efoils for most people this gives them the perfect combination of surf performance, cruise speed, and easy early lift.  For most deep carving opportunities and max stability you should take the speed up a notch to the 150 Surf V2.  Alternatively on the 5'4" and 5'9" units with heavier riders or for training many new riders consider the 250 Surf V2.  We get a lot of requests for the high aspect wings like the 170HA and 200HA, these are some of the best wings Lift makes but are good as second wing set NOT a primary on the efoil.  High Aspect wings have superior efficiency and glide compared to the Surf V2 series, but are more difficult to ride especially on the efoil.  Get a Surf V2 wing first and the high aspect as an extra wing set with the folding prop.  

Rear Wings - The best rear wing Lift makes is the 48 and every efoiler should have this wing.  It gives the rider maximum glide and pitch stability.  Because you're not pumping an efoil very much rear wing size is less important than say wingfoil or kitefoil.  A good second size rear wing would be the 38 or 32.  Especially when you upgrade your unit's performance with the high aspect we recommend the 48 rear wing as a good combination

By Phil Midler


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