The New LIFT4 Efoil has been released and we are getting the boards, batteries, propulsion units, wings etc.  Let us know what you're looking for as a new unit or upgrade and we can get you a custom invoice/quote.  Full Review video to come...we will post below when we finish it. 

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LIFT4 Efoil details released

New LIFT4 Efoil Feature Quick Look:
The LIFT4 has a few upgrades that set it apart from prior efoil versions and all competitors on the market.  Here are some of the highlights:

New Battery
The Gen4 battery, which is included in the new LIFT4 efoil has been completely redesigned and is being produced at a new US battery factory.  These batteries are 1 pount lighter for both the light and full range version.  They also have a higher energy density which means more run time. 

Full Range Gen4 Battery Run Time: 2.5hr
Light Gen4 Battery Run Time: 1.5hr

The crazy thing about these batteries is the charge time is less than half previous models so it only takes 50min to charge the full range and 30min to charge the light version. These batteries are also compatible with all previous models so if you have other boards you will be able to use the new batteries in them provided you have the Fischer (5-pin) connector. 

Lighter Board
The new GEN4 battery is 1 pound lighter than previous versions and this along with the 1 pound weight savings from the new carbon hatches give the new LIFT4 efoil a significant weight savings over previous models and competitors. 

More on new Hatches
● Improved ergonomics & tension adjustability
● The new material reduces board weight by 1 lb. (450g)
● They automatically regulate pressure inside the hatch, making them easy to open
● Reverse compatible for upgrading older board models

Silent Operation
Because of the way that the power controller sends information to the motor all efoils have a kind of wining noise associated with power going to the propeller.  This noise has been eliminated on new LIFT4.  This was done using a new motor controller.  

New Ebox
The hatch section of the LIFT4 has been changed slightly so the ESC (control box) no longer needs an external bluetooth antenna.  This is great because it simplifies the inside of the box and makes the bluetooth controller connection much better especially when dipping the nose of the board under water.  The big change with the ESC is the noise reduction mentioned above.  

New Colors
The LIFT4 foils have slightly color design with no brushed effect as seen on previous models.  They also have a new color which is a light green called "lime light".  The new still features the black carbon, Blue, and white color ways we've seen in the past.  We can also upgrade your color scheme with metallic colorways for an extra $1000.

Included Wings
This package includes any one Lift's front wings and rear wings which are listed below.  There are new Camber Pro wings and two new sizes of glide wings (36 and 46) to choose from.  If you need help choosing, let us help you.  We are the experts!

Regular Wings High Aspect Wings Camber Pro Wings Rear Wings
100 Surf V2
150 Surf V2
200 Surf V2
250 Surf V2
 120 High Aspect
170 High Aspect
200 High Aspect
160 Camber Pro 
210 Camber Pro
270 Camber Pro
32 Glide Rear 
36 Glide Rear
46 Glide Rear
38 Surf V2 Rear
48 Surf V2 Rear

Propulsion Options
There are two lengths of propulsion system (the height of the mast or distance between the motor and board).  The shorter is 28" measured from the fuselage to the bottom of the board.  The longer and standard length is 32".  We ship 32" propulsion systems unless you ask for a 28" shorter unit.  There are a couple of different options for propeller system including the standard aluminum fixed prop and the three variations of the LCS (Lift Connect System), which is a quick-release propeller.  

Controller Updates
There have been some minor improvements to the bluetooth controller including seals and trigger assembly updates.  There is also additional readouts available through the controller software to get detailed unit and motor data.  

LIFT4 Efoil Full Range Complete includes:

  • LIFT4 Carbon Efoil Board with Bag
  • Carbon fiber mast propulsion unit (28" or 32")
  • Carbon fiber wing set (front and rear wing) of your choice
  • V2 Bluetooth hand controller
  • Fast battery charger with US Plug
  • GEN4 1.5hr Light Battery
  • Wing Covers and Propulsion transport hard case
  • Cleaning kit
  • Toolkit
  • Manual and quick-start guide
  • 2 year warranty on the eFoil Board
  • 2 year warranty on the eFoil battery
    Texas Contact
  • 281-508-6485 or

    By Phil Midler


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