2024 Naish Pivot Kiteboarding Kite

2024 Naish Pivot - High-Performance Freeride/Big Air Sizes: 5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m / 11m / 12m / 14m Description: The Pivot is the perfect...

2024 Naish Pivot - High-Performance Freeride/Big Air

Sizes: 5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m / 11m / 12m / 14m


The Pivot is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to do it all with one kite. This year, we have made performance changes that benefit everyday kiteboarders and pro riders alike. The new draft is optimized for performance based on kite size, providing more control and an increased wind range. Aspect ratios have been fine-tuned for a more comfortable all-around user experience. What you have with the new Pivot is the same all around performance kite, with a new higher level of control. Utilizing Quad-Tex ripstop canopy material, we've been able to design a new Dacron construction on the wingtips to give improved responsiveness with less weight. After almost a decade of development, the Pivot continues to evolve and sit atop of the food chain.


NEW- Swift Tips
The new wingtip construction is 30% stronger than previous versions while being lighter and using less dacron. The canopy now extends all the way to the Leading Edge, giving the kite a more streamlined look and performance benefits such as more direct turning.

NEW - Optimized Aspect Ratios & Draft
Provide a more comfortable all-around user experience, fine tuned for each size kite.

Radial Segmented Arc
Short linear segments accurately form the kite's arch - the kites have multiple panels to reduce sharp edges on the kite’s arc.

Diagonal Load Seam
Distributes kite tension for a more powerful and well-balanced kite.

Bridle Adjustment Setting
This adjustment setting allows you to fly a bigger kite in higher winds comfortably and with control, or choose a more consistent low end power.

Trailing-Edge Flutter Dispersion
The trailing edge has a 2-ply QuadTex construction with a flutter dispersing pattern, giving a tighter canopy and enhanced durability.

Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric
The Quad-Tex Ripstop fabric is the strongest and stiffest canopy on the market. Quad-Tex withstands punishing conditions while maintaining high-performance characteristics over the long term.

Progressive Profile
Evolving the profile along the wingspan allows the center sections of the kite to generate power while the flatter tips minimize drag and allow for faster turning.

Thermoformed Bumpers
Protect your kite from wear and tear when launching and landing.

Molded Strut Ends
The molded strut ends provide additional reinforcements to protect the struts from natural wear and tear.

Aramid Patches
Provides protection and reinforcement to the seams on the leading edge.

HT Plus Seam
Our high-tenacity thread strengthens the leading edge along the seam, allowing you to confidently inflate your kite to a higher pressure for better flying performance.

SureLock Valve
Streamlined valve and pump hose locks to the valve.

One Point Inflation System
Our one point inflation system provides quick and easy inflation and deflation of the kite.



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