2024 Ozone Vortex UltraX Kiteboarding Kite

2024 Ozone Vortex Kiteboarding Kite Sizes: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 This is THE KITE for anyone ready to take their twin-tip...

2024 Ozone Vortex Kiteboarding Kite

Sizes: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

This is THE KITE for anyone ready to take their twin-tip riding up a notch!

Super highly spec'd, the design developments made with this kite, and the predictable, responsive nature of its flight, will help almost all riders improve their performance levels... not just the pros.

The Vortex is a tightly tuned, lightweight, three strut design that’s been supercharged with an Aluula airframe, double transversal canopy shaping and a 16 point leading edge bridle connection to deliver the most stable, agile and responsive big air kite we’ve ever made.

Imagine the Edge, with magic dust.

  • New school big air inspired 3-strut design with ultra stable Aluula airframe
  • 16 point leading edge bridle connection for extreme stability
  • Accessible and forgiving big air performance
  • Fast handling and fast flying with super reliable catch after a kite loop
  • Programmed for first kite loops to biggest doubles
  • Lightweight design and easy bar pressure
  • Double Transversal shaping for tight and efficient canopy
  • High-strength and low drag Technora bridle lines
  • Ride full power for max air time all day

Wind Range:


Range Of Use:


Here are a few opinions from some riders who've had the chance to try 8 and 9m Vortex kites in Vietnam this week:

“If you're doing your first jumps of five to ten metres, but you want to progress further, especially if you want to do more loops, I think the Vortex is the ideal kite.”
Sebastian Mijwaard - NED (started jumping six months ago)

“The Vortex impressed me because it feels so light. It goes up very fast and keeps you up there! You can also do small jumps and still throw loops and the kite will catch you.”
Tamara Kozina - UKR (been kiting 10 years)

“The first impression I had was how stable the kite is! I was really confident to do tricks as the kite always caught me. I really like the kite and see I can do better moves on it.”
Bing van Dijk - NED (been kiting five years and loves big air)

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