Axis Foils 830mm HPS Carbon Front Wing Only

The High Performance Speed (HPS) wings are FAST and glide like no other. Designed for the ultimate in performance, but yet easy to ride by most levels of riders. Since the HPS...

The High Performance Speed (HPS) wings are FAST and glide like no other. Designed for the ultimate in performance, but yet easy to ride by most levels of riders. Since the HPS wings use their own foil section with less camber and narrower chord, we developed the black fuselage that will accommodate all the HPS and future performance front wings.

The HPS wings are the ideal performance wings for WINGING (all sizes),  DOWNWIND (larger sizes) and TOWING (smaller sizes). High level riders they also SUP, PRONE, WAKE, WINDSURF and KITE foil the bigger sizes, while the smaller sizes are perfect for TOW, freestyle WINGING and KITE foiling.

This is a new generation of front wings made for FAST performance riding, while they are still stable and predictable with enormous amount of glide and great turning.

The HPS wings are compatible with all the sizes of the Black fuselages. 

The High Performance Speed (HPS) wings include the following models/sizes:

  • 1050mm wingspan x 170mm chord, and 7.55 aspect ratio
  • 980mm wingspan x 160mm chord, and 7.49 aspect ratio
  • 930mm wingspan x 155mm chord, and 7.34 aspect ratio
  • 880mm wingspan x 150mm chord, and 7.17 aspect ratio
  • 830mm wingspan x 145mm chord, and 7.00 aspect ratio
  • 700mm wingspan x 160mm chord, and 5.63 aspect ratio

AXIS HPS 830 Carbon Wing

Technical Data:

  • WINGSPAN: 830 mm / 32.68 inches
  • MAX CHORD: 145mm
  • ASPECT RATIO: 7.00
  • ACTUAL AREA 1014 square cm
  • CAMBER (as % of CHORD): 2.5
  • VOLUME: 979 cubic cm / 59.74 cubic inches

Recommended use:

  • Winging for intermediate and advanced levels. Medium + wind conditions. Great jumper. Most of our freestyle riders are on the HPS 830 wing on higher winds. The HPS 830 turns on a dime, is very stable when dropping on proper waves with the wing, and feels intuitive and easy while performing at the highest levels of speed.
  • SUP / Surf - You need skill and power to ride the 830 on the surf - but it's explosive 
  • Wake foiling - It's a smaller wing, so it takes skill to wake on it
  • Pump Foiling - While the HPS pumps and glides beautifully with a handwing, it's not a wing to dock start or flat water pumping
  • Kite foiling - early and super easy lift - This wing is fast and tons of fun to kite with
  • Towing Foiling - fun for head high or smaller waves

Here is what the experts say:

HPS are fast and perfect for wingding and downwinding. But good riders are surfing, SUP, downwinding, wake even dock starting them. Even kiting the smaller HPS is a blast. 

The AXIS HPS wings get their lift from speed - the take off is dramatic. Catches you by surprise the first time you take off. This high aspect ratio and the lower camber foil section, makes them performance oriented, but still comfortable for the intermediate levels.  

It's not worth winging unless you use the HPS front wings. 

Suggested Rear Wing:

  • 460mm Carbon for high speed and loose turning (advanced)
  • 420mm Carbon for the ultimate performance (speed and turning - intermediate +). One of our favorite rear wings for fast riding and carving.
  • 400 HA Carbon is made for the HPS 830. Amazing feeling super loose and fast. The 400 HA rear wing has low drag, and it's high aspect. 
  • 380mm Carbon gives the HPS 830 even more speed, with low drag, and feel on rails when you turn. The HPS 830 and the 380 rear wing is a great combo. 
  • 370mm Carbon for loose feel and fast turning. 
  • 340mm Carbon for even looser feel and even less drag and more speed. (advanced)

When you purchase an AXIS carbon front wing we include an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather gray, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage. 

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