Core Nexus 4 All-Around Kiteboarding Kite

Core Nexus 4 All-Around Kite From Bobby Deden @ Houston Kiteboarding: "To test out the New Core Nexus 4. I decided to take out the two most popular sizes for...

Core Nexus 4 All-Around Kite

From Bobby Deden @ Houston Kiteboarding: "To test out the New Core Nexus 4. I decided to take out the two most popular sizes for our local riders, the 10m/12m Nexus4. First Session I went out on the 12m, the conditions that day were slightly underpowered for me on a 12m at 65 kilos and 13-21knots of wind. For the experienced rider the Core Nexus4 with three quick dives of the kite will get you up and riding. The Nexus4 is a Very quick and light in the bar kite, in underpowered conditions it sat well in the sky with little signs of back stalling. I self-launched this kite and noticed immediately I needed more back line tension to get this kite off the ground and to put it deeper in the wind window. In the air its fast and reactive. I loved parking it on foil & with the surfboard it was awesome. The kite loves to drift and ride with the lines slacked. On foil the around the world and the walk the dog tricks. Although doable kind of tough with the flatter leading edge. Stick the kite deeper and its works okay. All all-around / Freeride kites just work okay for more intermediate foil tricks. I won't hold it against the kite. For twin tipping setting your edge for a jump was almost too easy. Just like any Core Equipment, they favor comfort and refinement and always the best bar feels of any control system I have used. The kite is a flying kite. Meaning you need to move it and create apparent wind to get the 'pull' you need to get up and riding. Versus a kite like the XR that is more park and ride style. If you are after something to throw around and playful that handles punchy gusty the best out of any of the hybrid/delta c shape style kites out there. This is the best one I can recommend for that 'RPM' style unhooked / surfy riding. "

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The most versatile kite from CORE


Time to unlock the endless possibilities that self-evolution holds - The Nexus 4 is your gateway to unleashing every aspect of your kitesurf journey.

A kite designed to meet all kitesurfing needs, and more. Its Future-C-Shape is wonderfully agile and reactive, effortlessly translating the smallest steering impulses into pure, linear power. This is what makes free riding so playful and good wave sessions possible, kite loops become comfortable, and achieving doubles is coming within reach, thanks to its lightning-fast, seamless turns without any jerky movements. Featuring a thinner leading edge and weight savings, the Nexus 4 has made significant gains in drifting, allowing you to surf down the line forever.

With the CORE Intelligent Trim system, you have the power to tailor your kite to your specific discipline to discover your big air or freestyle potential, ensuring every session is nothing short of extraordinary.

Embrace the opportunity to reinvent yourself, to set new goals, and to script the next chapter of your journey.

  • EXOTEX® 2 ULTRA RIGID DACRON: Extremely durable leading edge.
  • CORETEX® 2 TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY: Low stretch and tear resistant.
  • EXOTEX® LIGHT STRUTS: Lighter. For improved flight and drift.
  • 3 STRUT LIGHT FRAME: Promotes better handling.
  • FUTURE-C SHAPE: For snappy turns with a controlled and consistent pull.
  • RADICAL REACTION TIPS: C-style shaped wingtips for faster bar response.
  • SURF PROFILE: Modified camber for improved drifting and balance.
  • CIT MODES: Fully adjustable kite handling characteristics.
  • INSTANT RELAUNCH: Reliable waterstarts in difficult conditions.
  • SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: Quick inflation and deflation.
  • SENSOR BAR SYSTEM: For maximum kite feedback and control.
Package Includes:
  • Kite
  • Carrying Bag

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