Core Roamer S Wing Foil Board

Core Roamer S - SURF AND STYLE The Roamer S is the sporty pinnacle of the range. With a volume of 45 and 38 liters, it allows a maximally agile...

Core Roamer S - SURF AND STYLE

The Roamer S is the sporty pinnacle of the range. With a volume of 45 and 38 liters, it allows a maximally agile riding style. The surf shape-oriented outline promises maximum freedom of movement during radical foil maneuvers. The high-quality construction "Made in Europe" not only gives the board a particularly low weight with maximum rigidity, but also that outstanding finish it deserves.  


4'5" x 21" x 3 3/16" - 38L
4'8" x 22 3/16" x 3 3/8" - 45L
4' 11" x 22" x 4 11/16" - 63L
5'3" x 22 7/16 x 5 3/8" - 78L


Wing foil like never before. The compact design in combination with the low weight lets you experience an undreamt-of agility on the water. The pointed nose and narrow tail allow you more freedom of movement during radical turns in the wave. Additionally, in case of water contact, the convex rails prevent the water from sucking into the board. Lastly, the lower mass and compact design introduces an entirely fresh and more dynamic sensation to your foil experience. 

CORE Roamer S Shape Top and Side view


Compact, stiff, lightweight and agile, this board is craving to take off. The particularly stiff design ensures full power transfer during take-off ensuring you reach maximum heights effortlessly. 

The compact shape gives you full control over all rotation axes. With an incredibly light feel on your foot, you won't be able to wait to jump into new turns. To get back on the foil as quickly as possible after landing, the tail was kept particularly narrow and to achieve the lowest possible braking effect. The double concave with spine not only cushions your landings but also improves your disengagement, making getting back on that foil quicker than ever. 

CORE Roamer S - Willow is Surfing a Wave


When it comes to the Roamer S's stand area, we drew our inspiration from the iconic classic skateboard decks, and here’s why it makes a difference. The straight base in the middle section is slightly raised towards the nose and tail to give you the decisive orientation on the board, it's a total game-changer, especially for strapless riders and dedicated prone foilers. 

For those who prefer full control with straps, 12 inserts for the front foot and 10 inserts for the rear foot allow full individuality in your stance. The high-quality M6 stainless steel inserts sit firmly laminated in the deck in specially made woodblocks. This not only provides maximum support, but also allows you to swap straps and try out other stances as often as you like.

CORE Roamer S Deck


The high-quality finish leaves no doubt that the work was done with the greatest possible precision. In a unique production process, an exclusively manufactured XPS foam is used. Due to its high density, it’s not only particularly stiff, but most importantly it does not absorb water if the board is damaged.  

In a complex vacuum infusion process, the carbon is laminated to the core, especially under high pressure, with a minimal use of resin. This results not only in a particularly low weight, but above all in maximum rigidity. 


Wing Accessorie | Coiled Board Leash Detail Shot


Our Coiled Board Leash offers multiple options to connect. On delivery, it comes with a cuff that fits both your calf or your ankle depending on your preference. With the supplied Allen key, you mount the belt attachment instead of the cuff.

CORE Wing Gear Bag for Roamer S


Protect your wing board with ease using a suitable and highly functional board bag — no matter the obstacles you face. The single board bag, available in two sizes 5'7" and 6'3", features a timeless, high-quality design. Made from top-notch materials and held to the highest CORE quality standards

CORE Roamer S Straps


The CORE Wingfoil Strap set features three super comfortable Velcro straps, six V2A stainless steel screws, and six V2A anti-twist plates with variable screw positions. Our fully adjustable straps feel great in bare feet or booties with just the right amount of support. 



ROAMER S 38 l 2099 EUR
ROAMER S 45 l 2099 EUR
* suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.


The CORE Roamer S comes with US-Box tracksystem, deckpad, two leash plugs and a handle on the bottom. It also comes with stainless steel inserts for five positions for your back foot and three offset angled options for your each of your front foot. 

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CORE boards are built to last. Our legendary durability is backed by a six-year parts availability guarantee. We will stock all replacement parts for a minimum of six years.

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