Lift Connect System (LCS) Folding Propeller Only

**this is just the propeller for the LCS system so your unit will already need to have the full LCS kit installed.**The Lift Efoil quick release prop system promised in...

**this is just the propeller for the LCS system so your unit will already need to have the full LCS kit installed.**

The Lift Efoil quick release prop system promised in their "elite" package is now here.  This system will allow users to easily swap fixed propellers for folding propeller and also swap out shroud for no shroud in a matter of seconds.  This can even be done on the water, it is that easy. The new propellers are also lighter and have a more aggressive angle of attack making them much faster with more torque than the standard propellers.  These new props are milled from aluminum and will be as durable as the quality props shipped with all Lift3 efoils. 

Reasons you will want to upgrade:
Efficient, Flexible Riding
Riders can easily share their eFoil with friends and family, allowing users to quickly interchange components. This means riders select their specific ride experience. eFoilers can also tailor their setup based on water conditions or environment.
Performance-Driven Design
The LCS propellers are designed with a tapered hub and an increased pitch angle on the blades, for increased efficiency, less drag, and optimal performance. Go faster & farther with the LCS system!
Quick Swapping
The Lift Connect System (LCS) was created to elevate the user’s experience with our product. Once installed, no tools are needed to switch between propeller components. There is no solution like it on the market.

Differences you will notice from the current Lift Props:
Hub Shape -- The conical shape of hub equates to increased efficiency and less drag in the water.
Blade Pitch Angle -- The updated pitch angle equates to more forward movement per revolution The new propellers are precisely tuned to operate more efficiently at higher speeds.
Weight reduction -- improves RPM acceleration and allows riders to go on & off power even faster while catching swells

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