Ride Engine Brisa Women's V1 Harness

The science and testing that brought the world's first and best fitting unisex hard-shell harness now brings you the best harness for women.Meet the Brisa- Ride Engine's first ever women's...

The science and testing that brought the world's first and best fitting unisex hard-shell harness now brings you the best harness for women.

Meet the Brisa- Ride Engine's first ever women's specific fit harness for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Through rigorous testing, we uncovered the optimal wrap profile and height to fit the unique qualities of the female physique. The locked-in fit around the hip allows for complete mobility, all while keeping the same scientifically, data backed Lumbar Lock shape. The Brisa is built using Curv composite material that retains a hard-shell harness feel. With the mid-flex rating acting like suspension, it smooths out the ride from choppy water to hard landings. Equipped with the innovative Unity Direct Connection system that has become the benchmark for eliminating harness spreader bar rise and twist.

*Spreader bar sold separately

Why You Need It

Women, this is the ultimate harness made just for you. No more looking for something that will fit or settling for men's harness shrunk down and colored pink. The Brisa uses science-backed data and testing to bring you the most innovative women's specific harness with the highest level of comfort and performance.

Technology That You Get

High-performance Curv composite material with hard-shell support, internal memory foam, Lumbar Lock comfort, all brought together with the Unity Direct Connection spreader bar system.

Final Word

The search is over for a women's harness. With the proven Lumbar Lock shape and the optimized female outline, the Brisa will add comfort and performance to every session.



A next-generation composite material that provides a rigid, durable, and strong hard-shell harness in a lightweight package.



Tapered wrap profile with soft outline padding for women's bodies.


Our unique "set it and forget it" spreader bar system creates a solid, stable connection. The Unity Spreader Bar has an ingenious design that utilizes custom-molded ladder-lock straps, eliminating the use of traditional webbing and providing an unrivaled locked-in fit. The Unity Spreader Bar can also be used with a webbing-closure spreader bar if desired.

A scientifically supported shape from more than 1,000 custom molds, the Lumbar Lock conforms and cradles your lumbar, back, and sides to lock the harness securely in place. These enhanced ergonomics ensure that you get the maximum support out of your harness—no more harness sliding side-to-side or riding up.


For freestyle riders, the Brisa comes with a handle-pass-leash mount around the back (which is easy to remove for windsurfing). It also has two attachment points in the front for use when a short leash is utilized.




Comprised of two revolutionary pieces, the Unity Spreader Bar and the Unity Ladder-Lock Straps. The Unity Connection System is available exclusively on our Elite Carbon, Saber, and Lyte Direct harnesses. Gone is the ever-loosening harness webbing, replaced by unique Unity Ladder-Lock Straps that completely eliminate spreader bar rise. Gone are mid-session fluctuations in tightness and fit, replaced by the absolute locked-in feel of our ambidextrous Tension- Lock latch closure. Gone is the critical yet overlooked connection between your body, the harness, and kite or sail, replaced by a next-level spreader bar-system.

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