Slingshot Ghost V3 Kite

Slingshot Ghost V3 Kite DESCRIPTION From Slingshot The Ghost V3 is a one-strut modern-era kite design that features all-new kite geometry. This new shape and profile, combined with a single...

Slingshot Ghost V3 Kite


From Slingshot

The Ghost V3 is a one-strut modern-era kite design that features all-new kite geometry. This new shape and profile, combined with a single strut, has ushered in a new era of upwind reach, response, easy handling, and relaunch.


Utilized throughout the Ghost V3's airframe, this high-tenacity polyester features biaxial gridding and extensive emulsion coating, eliminating stretch in all directions to deliver superior response and handling in all conditions. The stiffness of FrameLITE's unique weave structure significantly reduces elongation of the airframe and increases multi-season durability. At 160 grams per square meter, FrameLITE uncompromisingly offers the optimum balance of flex, strength, stiffness, and weight.

New Single Luff-Strut Construction

The all-new single luff-strut separates the strut from the kites' canopy. This allows for a more natural and aerodynamic canopy profile that reduces drag and creates faster turning speeds and better kite control.

4x4 Canopy Tech

The strongest, stiffest, and most durable canopy material used in any kite. 4X4 Canopy Tech is reinforced ripstop nylon with a 4X4 weave that delivers unrivaled tear resistance, near-zero stretch, and season-after-season durability.

TrimFlight Bridle

With 25% thinner lines, the TrimFlight Bridle delivers the least amount of drag, which significantly increases the Ghost's efficiency and response. More than just lightweight, the bridle lines' geometry, length, and placement were intelligently designed to expertly accentuate the light-wind and drifiting performance charac- teristics of the Ghost's Compact Swept C shape.

Compact Swept C Canopy

The Ghost V3's ingeniously designed Compact Swept C shape features a lower aspect, compact arc that provides exceptional steering, pivoting, and drift; optimal characteristics for a single-strut kite. The concave trailing edge and swept wing tips enable huge range and responsive power management for maximum control, response, and ease of use in lighter conditions or when drift is paramount.

One -Strut Airframe

The Ghost's One-Strut Airframe is a strategically blended design for maximum performance and accessibility. The single-strut design provides support and structure for effortless relaunch while keeping the overall frame light for ad- advanced drift and handling in light wind.

Rider Customization System (RCS)

Fully customize the performance of the Ghost with our Rider Customization System. RCS allows you to fine tune the handling, power delivery, and performance of the Ghost to align with your riding style and conditions. Utilizing the RCS, a rider can incrementally shorten or lengthen the flying and power lines, which easily adjusts the Ghost's turning speed, level of power, angle of attack, and bar pressure.

One Pump Speed System

The patented Slingshot invention now with increased tube diameters for cleaner airflow and repositioned tubes to be more streamlined and durable.

Package Includes:
  • Kite
  • Bag
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