Why Core Products Make Sense for Many Riders:

  1. They are second to none for reliability. No valve issues and they last for years with high performance
  2. Core kites and products preform at a superior level in all conditions
  3. All Core products hold their value over time making it easier to sell used kites and buy new whenever you need an upgrade


Core products are on a 2 year development cycle so when there are issues with kites the brand has double the time to redesign and release and superior product. This cycle has been happening for 7 cycles in the case of the XR7..that is 14 years of development! The result of this is a product that is very reliable and will inflate and performance every session...every time!

Superior Performance

Most people know Core for high jumping kites...this is TRUE. The XR7 is a GREAT jumping kite, but that isn't the end of it. The sweet spot for high jumps or stable lift on transitions is HUGE on the XR7 which means it is easier for everyone to jump higher. Have you noticed that professional riders can all jump huge on any kite? Well their skills allow them to push any kite to a very high level despite the narrow window for max performance on many kites.  Core kites in general have a big fat sweet spot that makes it easy to land big jumps and take advantage of the massive hang time and performance the kites offer. 

Core Products Hold Their Value

On the used market Core products typically sell for 20-30% higher than other similar products. They also hold up very well over time so you can sell/buy used Core products and they still have 

Core Products and Their Specialty

CORE_Kiteboarding_Onlinestore_XR7_black_and_white_x700_9ed798b6-d3a7-45d2-b724-5f662eef0088_600x_crop_center image

XR7 Freeride Kite

The XR7 is known for massive hangtime but it also has a huge wind range and goes up wind better than any other core kite.  It can also handle massive gusty winds and is very well behaved in nasty conditions.  This is a great kite for your quiver even as a beginner in the larger sizes. 

nexus3_1_600x_crop_center image

Nexus 3

The Nexus is your do-it-all Core kite.  Works well in all conditions and can be used on a twin-tip, surfboard, hydrofoil, and still perform well.  It is truly an all-rounder.
The Nexus 3 will be in the store next week in select sizes.  This kite was just released.  If you want one get your orders in.

XLITE_2_Freisteller_Cutout-black-1200-480x525_600x_crop_center image


Single Strut hydrofoil kite.  The Xlkite2 really shines by being able to fly and steer under slack line conditions while foiling.  It also can take a lot of gusty and windy conditions and smooth it out giving the hydrofoil rider and nice controlled power delivery.  Loops are easy making transitions and water-starts a breeze.


GTS6_black_600x_crop_center image


GTS is your freestyle kite for quick powered loops, and unhooked performance.  The GTS is also great with boots and as a daily rider for those in powered conditions.

corepro_600x_crop_center image

Core Sensor 3 (Pro & Plus)

This bar sets the industry standard for durability and ease of use, the Pro version holds up to even the most brutal rider.  The sensor bar series has a long track record of being safe and easy to use for all riders.  The safety system on the version 3 is now easier than ever with a push-away release and quick reload.   

Fusion5_kiteboard1_600x_crop_center image

Fusion 5 Kiteboard

This board is medium flex and has squared off tips making the most of board area.  Easy to get up-wind and eats chop making tricks and landings a walk in the park.  The board is conducive to new and intermediate riders alike and many find it to be easy to master tricks, toe-side and upwind.

Super_x700_1_x700_a59fa54d-52f7-4f0a-bc32-0215002260d9_600x_crop_center image

SLC Hydrofoil Kit

The SLC is refined and smooth. This foil has no funny business and has similar performance characteristic of a higher aspect version of the 633 series from other brands.  Two sizes make it versatile and a designed from the ground up kite foil setup.  Free ride and surf kitefoil it is easy to master and fast to progress.  There are more wings in the works releasing soon. 

CORE_Kiteboarding_SLC_Foil_Cutout_Board_Top_Bottom_Side_1200_x700_9a12c197-e860-4675-93a5-2fbc62e86728_600x_crop_center image

SLC Hydrofoil Board

This board is the right size for most kitefoilers and looks and feels great on the water.  All the colors match perfectly between the foil, board, bar and lines, and Xlite2 kite.  The double concave hull helps separate and pop the board off the water as well as cut chop when riding the board.  The SLC series board and foil works on any modern hydrofoil system. 

Let us know if we can help in any way: Call/Text 281-508-6485

By Phil Midler


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