Noah Runciman (Houston local and sponsored rider) is tearing up competition at the European Championships..he is currently ranked 15th overall with only 1 American in front of him.  Kitefoil will be an Olympic event in 2024, so we are following Noah's progress closely. Congrats Noah!!

Here are the results: IKA Formula Kite Class

Our windy season on the Gulf Coast is here! Along with it comes cooler weather.  Make sure you're COMFORTABLE out there this season with a new drysuit or wetsuit.  If you need help with options or sizing call, email or just stop by.


ocean_rodeo_Soul_Drysuit_v3_600x_crop_center image

Ocean Rodeo Soul Drysuit

heat_drysuit2_600x_crop_center image

Ocean Rodeo Heat Drysuits

a96omfeqvsrbftxjfwvl_1024x1024_ae0da04d-4132-40c7-bce0-242384bd2f3a_600x_crop_center image

Mustang Survival Hudson Drysuit

5mm and 6mm Wetsuits

Mysticwetsuit3_600x_crop_center image

Mystic Voltt 6/5/4mm

Best hooded semi-dy wetsuit

manera_meteor_X10D_600x_crop_center image

Manera 5/4/3mm X10D Super stretchy semi-dry sutis

Mysticwetsuit1_bc165c42-813b-4bb1-90a1-ffd99a163aca_600x_crop_center image

Mystic One zip-free 5/3mm ultimate stretch suits

4mm Wetsuits

43wetsuit_600x_crop_center image

Mystic Star 4/3mm back zip fullsuit


majestic_fullsuit_43_front_600x_crop_center image

Mystic Majestic 4/3mm Full suit is best 4mm suit on the market $359

Manera_meteor_4_3_600x_crop_center image

Manera 4/3mm Fullsuit stretchy and warm $420

3mm Wetsuits

Mysticwetsuit1_7559e39e-4495-4f43-8275-9a71a43cba27_600x_crop_center image

Mystic One Zipfree 3/2mm Full Suit $329

2022_APOC_Full_Outside_Front_600x_crop_center image

Ride Engine Apoc 3/2mm Full Suit $419

brand_shorty_1_600x_crop_center image

Mystic Brand 3/2mm Shorty Wetsuit $99

North_Code_zero_600x_crop_center image

2023 North Code Zero one strut Kite In-stock


The Code zero is North's answer to a kitefoil specific kite.  It is excellent in light winds and great at drifting while playing on the foil.  If you're currently on the Reach with your kitefoil you will see a HUGE improvement moving to this one strut plateform.

Macro_inflatable_wing_board_600x_crop_center image

Cabrinha Macro Inflatable Wing Board.  In-stock


New for 2023 this inflatable has a box that can be used for foil or A-box fin.  It also connects the top layer (where you stand) to the bottom layer where the foil connects for ultimate stability.

Our local spot is making news, if you haven't checked out the new beach come down and get on the water.  To support the cause and secure access become a member today.  Here are the links:

New on-beach wind meter and weather station

Now two locations for faster shipping


524 9th Ave N 

Texas City, TX 77590



1211 Granary Ave 

Suite 155

Bellingham, WA 98225


By Phil Midler


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