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Stainless Steel Hydrofoil Track Hardware Set-Torx

Stainless Hydrofoil Track Hardware set Includes  M8 X 25mm - Flat Head Bolts with Torx T-40 (See Pictures) - 4 Qty M8 Low Profile Stainless T-Nuts - 4 Qty  FoilMount...
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Boston Inflation Valve Replacement

Stick on Boston Valve for all kites that take the Boston Valve.  The Ozone Big Boston Inflate/deflate kiteboarding Valve will replace the inflate/deflate on 2011 and newer Ozone Kite. This valve is...
Foil AccessoriesFoilMount

Brass M8 Hydrofoil Track Hardware Set- Phillips

Brass Hydrofoil Track Hardware set Includes: M8 X 25mm - Flat Head Bolts with Phillips #3 (See Pictures) - 4 Qty M8 Brass T-Nuts - 4 Qty  FITS ALL SLINGSHOT , LIFT...

Large 3/8" One Pump Hose Clamp

Replacement hose clamps for kites with larger 3/8" ID one pump hose.   Comes in Sets of Five.