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F-OneF-One Wing

F-One Rocket Wing ASC Foilboard

F-One Rocket Wing ASC Foil Board At 5’10 for 110L. the board has enough volume and width to make it possible for most riders to stand-up easily as well as...
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Slingshot Travel Paddle

3 piece / Travel / CompactWhen pieced together, the Traveler paddle is adjustable from 66 - 97" with the easy-to-use Slinglock clamp installed, making any on-the-fly adjustments a breeze. SIZE:...
$245.54 $199.00
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Vent plug for crossbreed  SUP and others
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Slingshot Switchblade SUP Paddle

The Switchblade is a carbon and fiberglass composite paddle designed for enthusiasts who want a sturdy adjustable paddle that is light weight. The Switchblade can be adjusted from 66-97 inches...
$221.00 $199.00
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3-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle - SUP Accessories - Slingshot Sports

Slingshot Crossbreed Airtech Adjustable SUP Paddle Includes: 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle, Carbon Composite Shaft, Nylon Blade The Crossbreed Airtech SUP Paddle is a 3-piece, adjustable paddle that fits paddlers of all...
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Slingshot Sup Winder Stick on Keel

The SUP WINDER from Slingshot is the first of its kind stick on keel. This makes it easy to go upwind with a wing and no foil on the bottom...