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Fourth of July Summer SaleNobile

Nobile NHP Split Board Kiteboard

The latest technology from Nobile.  Rectangular channels on the tips guarantee super upwind performance and stability when riding and jumping on the NHP Split, and a perfectly designed Hydrodynamic rocker...
NobileSplit Travel Twin Tip Kiteboards

Nobile Infinity Split Surf 5'6" 2021

Redesigned, improved, lighter, stiffer, tougher, and yet still retaining the magic qualities that everyone loves about this high-performance wave board! The Nobile Split Connection (NSC) system allows for ease of...

Kitelement Re Solve Spilt Carbon Black Kiteboard

This is our last Kite Element board and was a display in the store. It comes with Fins but NO handle.  The board has some very minor cosmetic scratches on...
$999.00 $549.00