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Core XLITE 2 Hydrofoil Kite

Core XLITE 2 Hydrofoil Kite :All sizes available in both colors Core XLITE 2 DESCRIPTION The Specialized Series XLITE 2 is a one-strut foil kite that's tuned to perfection. By...
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Slingshot UFO V3 strutless Kite

Slingshot UFO V3  THE DESIGN DIFFERENCE The UFO changed kite foiling forever with its zero-strut design that delivers otherworldly levels of drift, upwind reach, and response. The UFO V3’s FlexLITE...
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Core XLITE Hydrofoil Kite 9m

From the designer: Besides weight, it tracks much better upwind has really nice balance and good power with soft power development. I highly recommend using small kites as it is...
$1,499.95 $749.00
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Slingshot UFO V2 Kite Foiling Kite - Green

Slingshot UFO V2 Unlimited / Foiling / Object Building on the foundation of its predecessor, the UFO V2 expands on the lightweight strutless design by implementing space-age materials that make...
$1,277.00 $699.00
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Flysurfer Soul 2 Kite

The Flysurfer Soul 2 combines high comfort with a sporty character. The inspiring technical lightweight kite construction, the highest safety standards and precise control and bar feedback. The great water...