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Used Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Set for Kiting

used slingshot hover glide fkite set with two front wings. Foil comes with two front wings. The apollo 60 and the space skate 65. The Apollo 60cm is based off...
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Used Slingshot Code V1 7m Kiteboarding Kite Only

Used slingshot 7m code v1 kiteboarding kite only. Kite hold air and the canopy is still crispy
$748.00 $500.00
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Used 2023 Slingshot Code 5m Kite Only

Used Slingshot Code 5m Kiteboarding Kite Only - Kite is still crunchy from our rental fleet. We see too many 5m days in texas
$693.00 $400.00
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Used Flysurfer Peak5 11m Foil Kite

Only flown handful of times, on those super light wind teaching days. Always under the supervision of an instructor. Kite is in like new condition.
$959.00 $700.00
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Used Core GTS4 11m Kite Only

Used Core GTS4 11m Kite Only  See photos for conditions. Any Questions call, text or email us!  (281) 508-6485 or
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Used Slingshot Compstick 23" x 27m Control Bar

Used Slingshot Compstick 23" x 27m lines. In good condition. Below the bar depower system. Good deal on a bar for big slingshot kite or other kites.
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Used Slingshot Sentry Bar v1.1 23" x 27m Control Bar

Used slingshot bar in great condition. see pictures for more details. Comes with slingshot short leash. call or text (281) 508-6485 for questions.
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I-Fly Inflatable Wing Board Package Complete

Slingshot I-Fly Inflatable Wing Foiling Package. This complete foil set will get you into the sport of wing foiling in a complete package. This complete foil package comes with a...
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used slingshot simulator V2 158cm board only

A larger, friendlier soft top, designed to make your journey into foiling as approachable and painless as possible. Board only 
$599.99 $450.00
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Used 2023 Slingshot WF2 V5 Wake Foil Board

Used soft top slingshot wf2 wake foil board. Great board to learn and progress with through kite foiling or wake foiling. Standard track box 165 x 90.    Designed to...
$801.10 $380.00
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Demo Slingshot Impact XR 5'10" Kitesurf Board

This board has only been used a few times and is in like new conditon
$979.00 $580.00
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Demo Slingshot Luna 133cm Board with Flystraps

This board has only been used a few times and includes flystraps, handle and fins
$1,050.00 $450.00
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North Carve Kite 8m Kiteboarding kite

kite in great condition would
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North Carve Kite 9m

north carve 9m kiteboarding kite - in like new condition
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Core SLC Kite Foil 1250 w/ 92cm Mast

Some would say its in like new conditions. Store display model with some small wing tip nicks from being in the shop.      smooth quite light weight aluminum foil...
$1,600.00 $949.00
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Used 2023 Slingshot Misfit 143cm Board with Flystraps

Board in excellent shapd and only used a few times for demos.  Includes flystrap pads and straps and fins with handle.
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Slingshot Hoverglide Space Skate 65

You want a playful wing you can rock from heel to toe like you’re carving a longboard on fresh asphalt. The Space Skate wing included with our FKite package, but...
$463.00 $149.00
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All Used Items will Be Listed Here on Monday 28 August

We will list all of the items in the collection with this product on Monday August 28th.  If you want to buy something before that online, email or text us...
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Used Flysurfer Mojo 6.2m Hand Wing

used Flysurfer Mojo 6.2m Hand Wing - wing was used for one season. Wing holds air and ready to ride.
F-OneF-One Wing Foil Board

Used F-one Rocket AIR 4'10" 75L Inflatable Wing board

Nice small Wing board. Good for surf foiling or a smaller person getting into wing foiling that may already have some experience foiling in other disciplines. M6 bolt holes with...
$999.00 $650.00
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Used 2023 Sky Surf TE 4'4" 35L Foil Board

used for one weekend of the event we hosted recently  Fanatic Sky Surf Te 4'4" 35L Surf / Wing Foil Board
$2,000.00 $700.00
Black FridayDuotone Wing Foil Boards

Sky Surf TE

Sky Surf TE NEXT GENERATION Sizes: 4'2'' / 4'4'' / 4'6'' Our Sky Surf TE combines prone foiling and radical winging in three shapes ranging from grom to mid weight...
$1,999.00 $1,149.25
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Demo 2022 Ocean Rodeo 9m ROAM HL

Kite is like new flown twice, still crispy. call (281) 508 6485 for questions. 
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Used Unifoil Vyper 190 Front Wing Only

used for six months little to no sign of abuse some small may be some small scratches Used unifoil vyper 190 front wing only
$1,100.00 $300.00
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2022 Slingshot Machine 9m

This kite is used but in good shape with no known issues. Holds air and is ready to ride now.
$1,803.00 $650.00
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Slingshot Misfit V11 Carbon Kiteboard

2023 Slingshot Misfit v11 Carbon Twin Tip   The MISFIT CARBON V1 is beginner friendly, freestyle friendly, upwind, downwind, flat water, chop and big-air friendly. It's our lightest and most...
$1,056.00 $949.99
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Beach Inventory - WIP Aero Kite Seat Harness 2.0

WIP Aero Seat Harness For Kite Foil Racing or just cruising in something low profile. Nice low profile seat harness option. One left available in each size.  AERO FLOW VORTEX...
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2022 North Carve Kiteboarding Kite

North 2022 Carve Wave / Strapless Freestyle Kite The chase is on - Powerful, reactive and controllable, the Carve powers on and off instantly, so you can stay in the pocket for longer...
$1,419.00 $800.00
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2023 Slingshot WING RAIDER XL V1 Wing Foil Board

2023 Slingshot WING RAIDER XL V1 Wing Foil Board COMPACT / STABLE / PROGRESSION The Wing Raider boards were design to include every wingfoilspecific feature in our arsenal. We started...
$1,679.00 $999.00
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2023 Slingshot WING RAIDER V1 Wing Foil Board

2023 Slingshot Wing Raider V1   COMPACT / AGILE / EFFICIENT We started off with a compact outline that reduces swing weightand provides precise foil control. Key to the design...
$1,629.00 $999.00