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Slingshot Machine V2

Slingshot machine v2 Fresh off its breakout release, the Machine returns in its second version even lighter and more optimized to take your riding to the next level. Featuring an...
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Slingshot SST V7 Kitesurfing Kite

SST V7 The SST V7 continues to push the limits of a kitesurfing kite. We have implemented an all new Dacron that is lighter and provides even more performance. This...
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Slingshot Ghost V3 Kite

Slingshot Ghost V3 Kite DESCRIPTION From Slingshot The Ghost V3 is a one-strut modern-era kite design that features all-new kite geometry. This new shape and profile, combined with a single...
$1,035.00 $975.00
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Slingshot Misfit V11 Carbon Kiteboard

2023 Slingshot Misfit v11 Carbon Twin Tip   The MISFIT CARBON V1 is beginner friendly, freestyle friendly, upwind, downwind, flat water, chop and big-air friendly. It's our lightest and most...
$1,056.00 $949.99
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Slingshot Asylum V6

Asylum V6 A hard-charging freestyle favorite, the ASYLUM V6 is a performance board loaded with cutting-edge design features for aggressive riders who like to GO big, RIDE fully powered and...
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Slingshot Glide V13 Light Wind Twin Tip Kiteboard

Slingshot Glide V13 Light Wind Twin Tip Kiteboard The Glide's reputation stands strong as one of the best beginner and light wind twin tips on the market. The new geometrical...
$760.00 $699.00
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Slingshot Luna V2

Luna V2 Sharing a similar shape and outline to our award-winning Misfit, the LUNA V2 is a beginner/intermediate shape that has been optimized for the smaller, lighter kiteboarder. Available in...
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Slingshot Dream Rider V1 Twin Tip

Dream Rider V1 The Dream Rider is here to make riding a twin tip fun again! Our design team focused on creating one of the smoothest and most fun boards...

Slingshot Misfit V11

Misfit V11 The MISFIT V11 is beginner friendly, freestyle friendly, upwind, downwind, flat water, chop and big-air friendly. It's our most versatile board, designed for all-conditions utility, with enough tech...
$699.99 $499.00
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Slingshot Crisis V3 Twintip Kiteboard

Slingshot V3 Crisis Kiteboard The Crisis has a time-tested outline that delivers a dry ride and plenty of performance for your first jumps and transitions. One of our most tested shapes,...
$653.00 $399.00
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Slingshot B3 3 Meter Trainer Kite

Need a trainer kite?  If you want a trainer kite that can do some extra duty?  The B-3 has the best pulling power of the kites in its size.  This...
$269.99 $231.99
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Slingshot B2 2 Meter Trainer Kite

The B Series are Slingshot's original 2-line foil trainer kites. They have a proven reputation as the best trainer kites ever produced and are easy to fly. These kites are...
$146.66 $131.99
Foil AccessoriesSlingshot Kite

Slingshot set of 3 surf straps

Set of three Slingshot 2020 surf straps including the washers.These will work on ANY hydrofoil boards.
Foil AccessoriesSlingshot Kite

Slingshot set of 2 surf straps

An adjustable, comfortable, secure connection to your board with Slingshot's classic surf straps. No Velcro here; tighten with one easy pull on the strap, loosen with a quick push on...
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Slingshot Half Hooks Straps 2.0 (2 pack)

Provides support and safety for your foiling Perfect learning tool for entry-level foilers Safer than straps, prevents ankle injuries Universal mount with variable stance and angle adjustments One size fits...
$73.32 $65.99
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Slingshot Kim K Tall Kite Pump

You'll love the Kim K Kite Pump if you're looking for the best pump on the market to quickly inflate your kites with much less time and effort, this is...
$73.32 $65.99
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Slingshot Guardian Driveshaft

Compatible Products:-2014-2015 Compstick-2016 Compstick w/ Guardian
$55.00 $46.20
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Slingshot Surf Strap

Slingshot Surf and Foil foot straps. Adjustable and comfortable, a perfect addition to your Slingshot Foil deck or surf board.
$39.99 $38.99
Foot Straps & PadsSlingshot Kite

Slingshot Half Strap (Single Strap)

This is a single half strap...these normally sell in sets of 2.    Provides support and safety for your foiling Perfect learning tool for entry-level foilers Safer than straps, prevents...
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Slingshot Guardian driveshaft metal trigger w/3mm pin

Slingshot - Guardian driveshaft trigger w/3mm pin For the following kite bars: 2014 Compstick 2015 Compstick 2016-2020 Compstick w/ Guardian
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2024 Slingshot RPX V2 Kiteboarding Kite

2024 Slingshot RPX V2 Kiteboarding Kite Pop / Slack / Control Package includes: RPX V2 Kite, Kite Bag, Bladder Patch Kit Sizes: 4.5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 9m...
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Slingshot Super Natural V2

Super Natural V2 The SUPER NATURAL V2 takes our mutant twin-tip hybrid to the next level. With its different nose and tail design, the SUPER NATURAL is able to excel...
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Slingshot Wheeled Golf Bag 150cm 4'10"

Fully padded, wheeled, golf style travel bag with room for boards or anything else you need on your trip.Will easily accommodate multiple kites, kiteboards, bindings, helmet, any other riding gear...
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Slingshot Karolina Pro 135cm - Twin tip Kiteboard

Slingshot's Description Karolina Pro PerformanceThe Karolina Pro delivers great pop and cushy landings thanks to a progressive rocker profile, subtle V-spine and lively wood core construction. With a versatile rocker...
$643.00 $199.00
Foil AccessoriesFoil Bags and Travel

Slingshot FSUP Travel Case

Transport your entire FSUP foil in one low profile, padded case. Made from a durable canvas material that is molded and will hold its shape. This case is designed specifically...
$164.00 $148.00
Board PartsFoot Straps & Pads

Slingshot Dually Foot Pads and Straps

We stripped our existing Dually platform down to the bones and rebuilt it from the toes up. The result is a reimagined and reengineered binding that provides better grip, leverage...
$257.99 $99.00
Bar PartsSlingshot Kite

Universal Swivel

Compatible Products: 2010 Compstick 2011 Compstick 2012 Compstick 2013 Compstick 2014 Compstick
Bar PartsKiteboarding Accessories

Slingshot Kite Leash

The Slingshot Push Quick Release leash features the new push away release system, which makes it easier to engage the release system. The bungee stretches from 33" to 45". Clips...
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Slingshot Sentry Short Kite Leash

New short leash from Slingshot Houston Kiteboarding Thoughts:Huge upgrade from Slingshot's other leashes.  In my opinion the length is just right if you're looking for a shorter leash.  The release...
$73.32 $29.95
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Slingshot Half Strap Shim Set

Slingshot Half Strap Shim Set Adjust the angle of your Slingshot Half Strap for a tighter fit. Allows customization to accommodate different foot sizes, usw tih or without booties and desired...
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Slingshot Sentinel Medium Chicken Loop

Medium chicken loop replacement for Sentinel (above-the-bar) safety system.medium size measures 12"